My Written Words and Chinese Listening Journey

  My hometown is a dirty town in the south. The book resources in a small place are extremely scarce. When I was a child, the economy was very limited. It was impossible to spend money to buy books for me, so I had to steal books everywhere. The books I loved when I was little were basically stolen.
  If it were not for these stolen books, my entire life might show a completely different trajectory. Maybe I was supposed to be a neurotic, serious and old-fashioned science student, but now I am a young literary writer. I am ashamed that my entire life was stolen, but I can only justify myself like Kong Yiji: “How can a bookman’s business be stolen?”
  Because I am immersed in the world of books every day, I often live in real life I ’m acting like an idiot, and my IQ is approaching zero. For example, when I was cooking, I used to put diesel oil, and fell into a pit when I walked. I have n’t been in love for seven years in college. The only “girlfriend” is a book. I can tell a book that no one has seen. A very uncommon comment, but I don’t know what the three rings and four rings often mentioned by students mean.
  I am a low-energy child in real life, a “omnipotent general” in the literary world. The poems, new poems and novels I created won the first place in all literary awards of Peking University, and nothing was missed. And because I memorized a lot of poems, a friend gave me a nickname called “Reciting Poem Machine”.
  Long-term reading of ancient poems and books has laid a solid foundation for Chinese characters. After graduation, I went to work in the “Poetry” magazine of the Chinese Writers Association. One of the things I often do in my six-year editing career is proofreading. Common error-prone words have a deep memory. So, when I came to the fourth scene of the Chinese Character Dictation Conference by chance, all of my reserves were able to accumulate. These things have long been the skills of the Dragon Slaughter in ordinary life. There is no use for them, but they can bloom in this game.
  In the process of answering the questions, I was particularly impressed with the topics: Puluo, from Du Fu’s “Five Hundred Words from Beijing to Fengxian County Wing Huai”, “It’s actually Puluo, Baishou Gancikuo”. This word is not common among poems, and it would be difficult to write if it was not Du Fu ’s poem. However, although “Five Hundred Words from Beijing to Fengxian County Yonghuai” is Du Fu’s famous article, many of the anthologies have been selected, but it is difficult for ordinary people to bite down, so they often only know “Zhumen wine is smelly and the road has frozen bones.” “. And I happen to be an old Du fan. After hearing this question, I was ecstatic and wrote it out quickly, and the correct rate on the field I remember is very low.
  Dianying, the interpretation of the word seems to refer to the elegant Gao Jie. Originally, these two words were not difficult, but this interpretation derived from the original meaning did not provide any clues to the source of the allusions, and it became a difficult question. At the beginning, I had no clue, but I suddenly thought of “The Fall of Chao Mulan and the Fall of Xi Ju Qiu” in “Lisao”, and I tried to write it up. I didn’t expect to get it right. That’s the question, and it suddenly made me distance from other people, and my personal ranking on the screen jumped to the top.
  In order to participate in this competition, the small players on the first scene often memorized several dictionaries and dictionaries a year or half a year in advance. I was drawn by Hu Tao, the editor-in-chief of Phoenix Culture. In my free time, I did some targeted reviews and questions. What is particularly interesting is that I have bet on several words. For example, garlic sprouts, stuns, lameness, inferiority, frustration …
  Sometimes the characters of the exam are too biased, it is difficult to answer through the reserve, so I have to “make characters” based on pronunciation and interpretation. As mentioned earlier, the small players on the first scene basically have undergone a long and targeted review, while the 100 adult dictators on the fourth scene are basically shirtless. After raging through a lot of difficult problems, everyone finally realized that the reserves alone would not be enough, so they started to use their brains to make words on the spot. Often the host read a very long ancient text, basically did not understand what was said, and waited for the final explanation of the meaning of the word to be tested, and then began to figure out what form and sound to use. The words created in this way are like a sky and a sky, and they often do not know themselves. What is particularly interesting is that I tested a “bird”, which is a kind of water bird in ancient books. I can distinguish the sound by listening to the sound. It must be a sound next to the word of the bird. The latter, but who is the left and right of the “bird” and the “autumn”? Quail, partridge, cormorant, wagtail are all birds on the right, so put “bird” on the right! Who would have thought that as soon as the answer came out, the “bird” was not on the left or the right, but below the “autumn” … the eagle, the hawk, the heron, and the mandarin duck all laughed …
  and there were quite a few right. For example, I took a “醠”, which means sake. First of all, this pronunciation is relatively rare, and the voice can basically be locked as “Ang”. Then, since it is wine, it should be from “Yu”. The answer comes out, as expected, it is “醠”.
  In addition, because it is dictation, the information that hearing can provide is very limited. Our fourth scene cannot ask our own questions like the small players on the first scene. Some words are not understood well. For example, Mulu, the host ’s explanation was short wooden piles. I thought of “wood” as “mesh” and “short wooden piles” as “short eyewear”. I thought it was a kind of thing. Special costumes, and the two little players actually understood at first hearing, without asking any questions, leaving me puzzled. Later, as soon as the answer came out, I suddenly realized. This word is not difficult, and the correct rate of the audience is also very high, but I can’t write it because I heard the wrong direction.
  Participating in the Chinese Character Dictation Conference is really a journey of warmth and mixed feelings. It is no exaggeration to say that what I have learned in my life has been tested by blood and fire between the square inches. Time and time again, the younger players under the age of 14 easily wrote the correct answer, but after a lot of thought and hard work, I still wrote the wrong answer. This kind of helplessness of the front wave dying on the beach makes people want to roll back immediately. Read tens of thousands of books and come out to meet people. But then I thought about it, my generation is old, these young players on the stage who are young and old, but are not the guardians of our ancient Chinese rising from day to day? Tonghua Wanli Danshan Road, Qingfeng Qing Yu Laofengsheng. It should be good.