The wind blows wormwood full of Longxiang

  The willow shoots haven’t spit green yet, the plum branches are filled with red clouds, and the dead branches are in the eyes, and the demon wind is raging. Only Mei Rui’s stars are quietly revealing the spring. It’s easy to evoke homesickness when the weather is cold and warm.
  Hometown Zhanjiang is a county town in western Guangdong. It has a hot and humid climate, a long coastline, and rich products. Especially in terms of eating, the most famous hometown is seafood. At this time, I only want to eat one kind of pastry, Tian Aimi, which is a dark brown, sticky and sweet snack with a strong taste, which made me dream this spring.
  There are two types of wormwood, one is big wormwood, the leaves and stems are slender and green, and the smell is strong. It is generally used for boiled water in the Dragon Boat Festival or used as smoked wormwood; White, light odor, white velvety flowers, after harvesting rice in October, small clumps grow in the field, flourishing in winter and spring. “Food Materia Medica” records: Tian Ai has the effect of removing dampness, warming the stomach and clearing the intestines. People in western Guangdong often use it to make cakes, called Tian Aimi, which has a sticky and sweet taste and sweet aroma. It is used for sacrifices and gifts during the New Year.
  I remember having a poetic and leisure time when I was a kid. It was a brilliant spring in March. When Yan returned to Yingyu, I brought a little woven basket, took a few sisters next door, and walked across the ridges, while gathering flowers and butterflies, while looking for plush in the fields that have not yet begun to plow. The source of gray-green fragrance. Pick the most tender part of the top and put it gently in the basket. I like the momentary touch of pinching off the tender stem. Its unique sponge-like texture, like Hong Yu brushing the fingertips. As the sun became thinner, the basket became fuller, and the nail gap was infiltrated with dark green juice, and then stepped back home under the shadow of the sunset, waiting for the sun to dry out on a very good day.
  At that time, my grandmother would sit on a wooden sofa chair, and at noon in the sun, she would get up and turn over Tian Ai so that it would be evenly cooked. The wind is gentle, the weather is subdued, and the intoxicating fragrance is enough for a few nights of dreams.
  The production of Miji is very complicated. Peanuts are stir-fried in oil, then wear gloves to rub the red peanuts in hot clothes, diced for spare; dried shrimps, ham, radishes and diced, sautéed with oil and salt, then mix well with diced peanuts and shredded coconut. The popular savory stuffed heart is ready. Peanuts are crisp, sea rice is fragrant, ham is rich, carrots are greasy, and coconut shreds are sweet. The perfect fusion of these ingredients, the taste is rich and not greasy, it is simply a taste of the world.
  The next step is to make dough. Adjust the rice flour and glutinous rice flour according to a certain proportion, take out the dried Tian Ai, cook and chop it into a velvety shape, rubbing it with freshly squeezed peanut oil, sugar and salt, and vigorously knead it. This process is time-consuming and laborious. It takes a few people to take turns. It takes enough effort to make the dough smooth and soft.
  In my hometown, every household has one or several family impressions. The three of our family were uploaded from grandma and grandpa. The more the impression is used, the better it is. Among the three impressions, the one with the longest age is better. The touch is smooth and heavy. The printed appearance is also very full. Pull a ball of dough, squeeze it into a teacup shape, scoop a large spoonful of stuffing into it, and slowly knead and gently ball until the ball forms a ball, then press it into the impression, and knock on the corner of the table “With a bang, the perfect Tian Aimi’s shape came out.
  The spacious courtyard is swaying with plants and trees, and the elders sit around the big round table, making homework while making it quickly. The grass-green balls were placed on the dustpan circle after circle, and finally the red juice was added to make it complete. After that, it is ready to be served.
  In the evening, a strong and sweet aroma hit, it is rice cooked. At this time, the happiest thing for me was that I was holding a warm, soft Tian Aimi, chewing, and my limbs and bones were everywhere.
  Every year, my childhood memories gradually fade away, but the smell of care is getting clearer and clearer, and only this light and gentle fragrance makes me find my way back home at midnight. Footsteps may go through thousands of waters and mountains, and the taste may taste all the flavors in the world, but when I return to my hometown and stand in Tianlong, I seem to be the child who is looking for wormwood in the field.
  Who will come from his hometown in other days, and should know his hometown affairs, ask each other, “Wormwood?”