Be a self-heated person

  A few years ago, Atian liked to tweet on Weibo and circled a lot of fans, often showing off vigorously in front of everyone, and became a popular figure in the company playing Weibo at that time.
  Watching the number of A Tian’s fans rise and fall, everyone asked him to explore the secrets. A Tian said triumphantly that the method is actually quite simple, that is to pay attention to the headlines and hot search every day, to see what places, events and characters are popular, just follow the likes and repost, plus write a short comment that is not short It’s just rubbing hot spots, what’s hot and what.
  ”One trick is fresh, eat all over the sky.” According to this routine, in less than half a year, A Tianquan has nearly 30,000 fans and has become a Weibo person in the company. But the good times didn’t last long, and I didn’t know what the reason was. The trick wasn’t working anymore. His Weibo started to lose followers, and his reading volume also dropped significantly.
  Later, A Tian fell in love with the WeChat circle of friends. Opening his circle of friends is all about sharing good information with the names of all walks of life. The day before yesterday, I had a cup with the chairman and president of a certain association, shook hands with the leaders of a certain bureau yesterday, and smiled today. After soaking in the celebrity heap for a long time, following the nobility, he feels that he has become a celebrity, attracting the envy and praise of the people around him, and once again ranks among the hottest people in the company. This feeling of being “hot”.
  Xiaoqing recently wanted to buy a new house, and was interested in a newly developed area. The subway entrance, business district, and the school district are still popular, but one room is hard to find and even the team can’t be ranked. While she was at a loss, a colleague reminded her that she could ask A Tian for help. It turned out that the first two days ago, A Tian posted photos of him drinking and chatting with the CEO of this real estate development company in his circle of friends. It looks quite intimate and should be close.
  Xiaoqing hurriedly found Atian, but he embarrassedly supported me for a long time, his face flushed and he didn’t dare to answer the call. It turned out that the new building was doing business warm-up before the opening day, with beer drinks and small snacks, as long as anyone passing by could taste it for free, and the CEO also came to the scene to help out. A Tian happened to pass by, how could this opportunity be let go? So he hurried to the past, took the wine glass, licked his face to find the boss, drank a glass of wine together, pulled a few words, and specially asked the real estate lady next to take a few photos for him. In this way, a WeChat circle of friends with pictures and texts was born.
  It turned out that Ah Tian’s circle of friends were all made like this. Colleagues felt ridiculous after knowing the origin of his circle of friends. For a time, he became a hot figure in the unit. Everyone talked about it openly, saying that he only played hot spots on Weibo, without his own original support, and it did not last long; that he played WeChat and circle of friends, deliberately showing off and acquainted with the great gods and people, but did not really think How to make yourself a “cowman” has completely lost yourself.
   A Tian’s embarrassment reminds me of a fire-fighting noun “self-heating”, which is “self-heating” in English, which means that the material generates an exothermic reaction of increasing temperature. A fire-fighting material needs to be self-heating, isn’t it the same for people?
  It is likely that when you contacted them, you borrowed more or less heat, but it was very weak, very short, and some even fleeting. Just like in a country movie, a simple and honest old farmer said to his son: “Borrowing a cotton coat can only keep you warm for a while. If you don’t want to get cold in winter, you have to grow cotton in summer and make cotton in winter.”
  Yes! Each of us needs heat, but we cannot rely solely on the light and heat of others to warm our lives. Enriching oneself, improving oneself, and making oneself warm up and warm up, can one truly possess the true and long-lasting heat energy from the inside out.
  Let’s be a self-heating person. Only in this way, you can only wear cotton clothes in the cold winter.