Do only one thing in a lifetime

  ”I only do one thing in my life”, this is a summary of his life by virologist Gu Fangzhou. One thing mentioned here refers to the “polio sugar pill vaccine” he developed. It was this little sugar pill that kept millions of children from polio in the country.
  When he was a child, Gu Fangzhou’s family was not very good. In his early years he lost his father. In order to feed a group of children, the strong mother went to Hangzhou to study midwife. His mother’s indomitable spirit of fate deeply influenced Gu Fangzhou, so he set up the vocation of studying medicine from an early age. In 1944, he entered the Peking University School of Medicine. In 1951, he enrolled at the Institute of Virology of the Soviet Academy of Medical Sciences. Four years later, he obtained a doctorate in medicine and returned to his country.
  Not long after Gu Fangzhou returned home, a very terrible thing happened. More than a thousand people (mostly children) in Nantong, Jiangsu were suddenly paralyzed, and even some people died. The epidemic quickly spread throughout the country, and similar situations have occurred in many places. After receiving reports from the masses, the local governments immediately organized technical personnel to investigate, and quickly found out the cause. This is an epidemic called poliomyelitis, most of which occurs in children and children. If you die, you will die.
  In 1957, Gu Fangzhou was ordered in critical condition and began the research work of polio. In the face of pressure and doubt, he did not succumb, but led the team to start a difficult research work. Just one year later, Gu Fangzhou successfully isolated the “polio” virus. After the separation is successful, it is necessary to study what method should be used to eliminate the virus. Gu Fangzhou suggested using live vaccine technology. Although this proposal was questioned by many people, he finally convinced everyone. It didn’t take long for Gu Fangzhou to successfully develop a live vaccine. However, in the clinical trial stage, no one dared to try the new vaccine, the reason is very simple, but this is to risk paralysis. Gu Fangzhou didn’t think much, so he took a step forward and said: “Since I have led everyone to develop the vaccine, I will be a pioneer.”
  In the eyes of everyone, Gu Fangzhou took a small bottle of vaccine solution and drank it. After a week of observation, his body did not show any reaction, that is to say, the vaccine is safe. But the test that follows is that the vaccine is safe for adults, so is it equally safe for children?
  For this problem, Gu Fangzhou once again made an amazing decision: let his son who just had a full moon take the vaccine. All this was done without the lover. Later, this matter was known by the lover. She did not have a word of reproach to support her husband’s career. It was under the guidance of Gu Fangzhou that colleagues gave their children a vaccine. As a result, once again proved that the vaccine is safe, this group of children taking the vaccine are all safe and sound.
  Every time he recalled this matter, Gu Fangzhou would seriously say: “We do what we do, we don’t believe what we produce, how can others believe it?”
  In December 1960, the first batch of 5 million vaccines were successfully produced , Promoted in 11 cities across the country. The vaccine solution is very inconvenient in terms of transportation and storage. Over the next year, Gu Fangzhou also developed the “polio sugar pill vaccine.” To children, this sugar pill not only looks tempting and delicious, but also can be kept at room temperature for many days.
  Since then, with the popularization of “polio sugar pill vaccine” in rural areas of the country, the incidence of polio has dropped significantly.
  In 2000, Gu Fangzhou, who was more than a year old, signed his name at the “Signing Ceremony of China’s Verification Report on Polio Eradication” as a representative of China. After the signing ceremony, the World Health Organization declared China polio-free. Seeing this news, Gu Fangzhou smiled comfortably.
  On January 2, 2019, Gu Fangzhou passed away due to illness, and his last words to his children were “to be honest and to do things” Such words are not only the creed of his life, but also the portrayal of his sincerity.