Between people, it is called a world

  I will take you through the jungle to the home of a 69-year-old man in Japan. This is a house that has been isolated from the sun because it has been sick for too long. Like being abandoned outside the world, it has been sick for a long time but cannot be cured. I pushed open the dark door, as if pushing the observation room in the late stage of serious illness. Tons of rubbish on the ground have long been oxidized to dark brown, green onions and natto exude a cheap breath at the bottom of the food chain, and the air that has been dusty for many years is soaked in an infectious disease called “gnawing”, and the elderly are lazy Lying in the decaying garbage, facing the camera of TV TOKYO safely.
  The old man was named Maeda Maeda. After graduating from high school, he did not enter college and suffered from pancreatic lesions after many years of drinking. He resigned after two and a half years of work and lived on his parents ’legacy. He ridiculed himself as the “grandfather of the old world”. For more than 40 years, he used life-saving methods to calculate and redeem tickets to another world.
  Across the distance of thousands of miles, people looked at this kind of life in amazement and sarcasm on the other side of the screen, discussing whether this way of life still made sense, and throwing countless questions to the elderly: “The remaining heritage Can afford a few years, “Why never clean the room in 20 years”, “Do you have any relatives, do you want to set up a family again”, etc. This series of questions came one after another, but after the old man’s long and silent rhetorical question, like an infusion bottle that was instantly blocked by the ventilator, it surprisingly quietly ticked the meaning of life in his thinking.
  The old man asked the camera: “If everyone you know is dead, does it make sense to be alive?” The
  atmosphere instantly turned from a discussion of unsavory scorn to a heavy one. During these forty years, the old man’s parents, younger sister and everyone he knew were extinguished in his life like a match. He seemed to be a matchbox that was gradually hollowed out, with red paper wipes on the sides that could no longer cause friction and fetters with people. In the years of loneliness, the sense of group slowly fell off. He lost almost all the meaning of supporting life, and lost everyone who could be in contact with it. He said: “I am already a person who has been excluded from the world, but you are different, you should still form a family. A person will be lonely, with a family, life will make sense.”
  Out of goodwill, the Japanese TV station prepared a New Year’s gift for the elderly at the end of the year-funding to clean his house for him. So again, I will take you through this jungle to the home of the 69-year-old man. After the cleaning company used two large trucks to clean up about 1 ton of garbage, this house was the first to face the disease of years of stagnation. After professional and warm treatment, it walked out of the critical observation room against the sun The creases disappeared from the top, and fresh greenery was applied again. The old man also had a lot of unexpected gains. Although they have been extinguished, the beautiful ashes that remain-a group photo of four, a diary from elementary school, the cabinet of the Tokyo Olympics that my mother bought at the bazaar, and a childhood photo album. These objects with decades of history exude the vitality of the year. The kind of vigour that only belongs to the human being advances on the camera, so that the elderly who have long understood life can’t help but burst into tears.
  At the end of the show, the cameraman asked the old man: “Do you have anything you want to do now?” The old man’s wish is simple, because he misses the feeling of someone, he wants to go to a prosperous place, squeeze into the noisy, hot world Thus forgetting loneliness.
  The last time I took you through the jungle familiarly, we stared at this house that will eventually disappear in the world, and accidentally fell into the trap of the “low desire society” in the lost era. The so-called low-desire society refers to the excessive delay of satisfaction caused by many pressures and worries in the new generation of society, unwilling to pay for material life, losing material desires, desires for success, and desires for communication, thus choosing to stay away from traditional lifestyles. Since then, the world has become a blind medicine. Desolation is more and more immersed in the decadent and desperate “mourning culture” and extremely low happiness. The heat is to actively enter the “house culture” and dilute and alienate the interpersonal groups around. This hot medicine, which was originally used to cure loneliness, suddenly became cold and hot in people’s more and more distant relationships, dissolved instantly, and lost its effectiveness.
  The so-called human world must first be between people. We are still the matchbox. We put important people in order according to the time of the memories. Every time there is a connection with one of them, it is that when the match passes through the red phosphorus, the burning flame is this world. Give us the most precious memories. The old Maeda in the story was forced to lose contact with people in the world, and was forced to lose all his memories. The lush family forest that had originally been owned was already cut down to a barren area, leaving only the lonely other station. In the past, accompanying the history that was piled up but dared not turn it over, which also caused the old man to nibble at the old life for many years.
  When the crowds of noisy communication are thrown away to promote a Buddhist life, it is not known that such a clear-hearted Buddhist system has already misinterpreted the positive health of nature and reduced it to a negative and pessimistic escape from the status quo.
  In the final analysis, the world is a gentle container. What kind of young generation you put in and what kind of personal responsibility you put in will produce positive or negative shape changes. If the relationship between people is stripped away and the lonely individual is thrown into the society alone, the society will have a depressed river of pain. If the distance between the emotions is reduced and the groups are cast into close groups, the society will become sweet. world. All of this is because, between people, it is called a world.