Over the island

  Far away from the land, there is an island, which seems to separate the day from the night, and is divided into two by a huge cliff. On one side of the island, the ecological environment is harsh, water resources are scarce, desert is everywhere, and wild animals are swarming; on the other side, on the contrary, the river is surrounded by abundant products, forests, and various birds. Unfortunately, the Mokoc tribe has lived in a bad environment for generations and lived a very difficult and tragic life.
  According to legend, several ancestors of the Moka tribe once jumped to the other side of the island with the help of a small rod. The problem is that for many years, no tree has grown up on this side of the island and can do such a firm jump. Therefore, no one believes this legend. The Mococa people are used to hardships and obedience to fate. They just endure hunger day after day, dreaming that they will not become a beast’s dinner.
  However, nature is incredibly magical. On the cliff that divides the island into two parts, a delicate tree grows gradually. It is strong enough to be made into two small rods that cross the cliff. The expectations of the entire tribe are growing, but members of the group agree on who should use the stick-non-chiefs and witch doctors.
  However, it is interesting that when the chief and the witch doctor were given the opportunity to cross the cliff, they were frightened to fight back. “Will the small rods break?” “Are they long enough?” “What if we missed one when we jumped?” The two were so worried that they finally gave up. But they knew that this would become a handle, which was mocked and ridiculed by tribe members. To prevent this, the chief and the witch doctor fabricated some legends and stories about jumping to the other side of the island. They spread the fabricated story widely and told it countless times. Finally, regardless of the age of men, women, and children, all Moka people know that it is a very reckless and stupid act to jump to the island.
  Many years later, two unusual children were born in the tribe-Naru and Ariji. As they grow older, these young people are more and more eager for a different life. The young heart was inspired by the power of dreams, and one day they decided to pick up the small rod. No one stopped them, but everyone tried to discourage them, and people tried hard to convince them with hundreds of explanations.
  ”What if they say so?” Little Naru began to doubt.
  ”Don’t worry. Why do they say so much about a jump they have never done? I’m a little scared, but it doesn’t look too difficult!” Aliqui replied decisively.
  ”But if something goes wrong, the result is miserable.” Naru hesitated.
  ”Maybe the result of this jump is not good, or it may be the opposite. But I’m sure, it will never be better to stay forever. Have you ever seen a person here who does not die from beasts and hunger? The result of staying here is also terrible, although It seems to be far away from us.”
  ”Right, Ariji! The longer we wait, the less courage to jump… Tomorrow, let’s do it!” The
  next day, Naru and Ariji picked up the small Pole, walk towards the cliff, leap forward. Fear prevented them from breathing. When they flew into the air, they felt helpless when they were helpless. This time it was dead! But soon, they landed safely on the other side of the island. The two young men hugged together in excitement, it turned out that skipping was really not bad!
  They ran to find a new life, and there was a voice behind them: “It’s just lucky.” “Well, maybe tomorrow…” “What a terrible jump! If it’s not on that pole…”
  At this time, Na Lu and Aliji understood why no one skipped over, because on the bad side of the ecological environment, all the people who heard no dreams listened to the fatal voice, they were full of fear and despair, they would never pick up the pole and gently Jump…
  Indeed, fear and despair are best shown to us by people who have no lofty ambitions, and who can live by. Only by fearing these rumors and actively practicing, can our dreams become a reality and life can be improved.

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