I like love and hate clearly

After pushing the chat topic on the WeChat public account: “Come and talk about the person you hate most”, a little girl’s reply was received in the background:

“Seriously, I don’t dare to say that I hate someone now. I obviously hate a person but I have to pretend to be very enthusiastic. I don’t like such a hypocritical self at all.”

When did we even pretend to be so careful about disgusting a person?

“The person you hate has more or less your own shadow. You think you hate others. In the final analysis, you hate yourself.” “Hate others, in fact, you are not enough.” In fact, this is the alarmist talk of the Chicken Soup Party.

Beautifying hypocrisy into tolerance, and understanding cowardice as kindness, treating two sides and three swords as mature and smooth, this is the biggest evil brought about by “cannot hate others”.

I once heard such a story from a girlfriend. Her department at that time airborne a young assistant director who returned from abroad. I thought it would be very pleasant to work with such a capable person who had met the world, but it didn’t take long. A few days ago, they discovered that Xiao Jiujiu in the assistant director’s heart was as much as an abacus.

She once said to me more than once: “I made a hard day and night PPT, he only changed the font color, and sent to the director that this was the idea he drove out after three nights.” “Don’t The project team did five days of copywriting, and he boasted in front of the director that Haikou said that our department could finish it in two days. Our group of people worked overtime every day and night to make progress. “” Girlfriend’s eyes are full of anger. “Don’t wait for me to catch the opportunity to retaliate against him.”

Not long after, I heard the news of my girlfriend’s departure. “Is it a shocking blow against Ge and then leaving?” I teased her.

Her smile was in the aroma of coffee, “I found a big omission in his work, but I didn’t make a big deal, but instead made up for the holes in others.” She smiled bitterly, “I I wrote the email to the director three times, hesitating whether to send it, and then thought that before he came, our colleagues in our department encountered the problem silently to solve it, no one pleased, no one asked for help, let alone Putting a black gun in the back. I really like the environment and myself at that time. So why not revenge him and make me a person who hates me.”

“Since I figured it out, why should I resign?”

She opened her eyes with a pair of deer eyes and looked at me seriously, “I figured out that not being such a person does not mean that I don’t hate him. When I invited guests, I invited the entire project team, but I didn’t notify him.” Sticking his tongue out to make a grimace, “When I think of working on such a face every day, I also want to have a good mood and live a few more years.”

Rather than promoting tolerance, calling for tolerance and being kind to people without principles, I prefer such a clear distinction between love and hatred. All your knowledge, experience and cultivation are not used to suppress your disgust and dislike, but to remind yourself at all times that you should never be a slave to this emotion.

To hate a person openly is as important as loving someone purely. Sometimes disgust is more powerful than love in that it allows you to recognize your bottom line again and again, so that you have confirmed before you have figured out what you need to be.