“The kidnappers are here”: making the game feel full of getting up

Before the age of 4 years old, like many mothers, I opened my eyes every morning and thought of pulling up the children who were in bed, I felt deeply gray in life. When I couldn’t bear it, I grabbed the baby for a while…and then the whole morning, the baby cried and the family jumped. Because of my frustration in my heart, I even suspected that my baby was a natural reptile. I was terribly worried. Is there a way to make the baby get up initiatively and happily?

One day, the baby watched Paige, the pig in the cartoon, searching for treasure, and said, “If we can also play the treasure hunt game.” I remembered a sentence in the book “Game Power”: “Children need Games are like food and water.” Suddenly the inspiration flashed and I had a brilliant idea.

The next morning, I went to wake the baby to get up. The baby wrapped her quilt as usual and moaned: “I’m so tired, let me sleep for a while.” I pretended to mysteriously, “Get up soon, I found our house Enter the kidnappers!” Wa Yilu turned over and opened his eyes wide to ask what was going on. So she saw the “blackmail letter” on the mosquito net and asked me to read it to her:


good Morning! I am the kidnapper, and I regret to tell you that when you fell asleep, I tied up your favorite doll. If I don’t get up and find her in twenty minutes, I will tear the ticket! So, hurry up, change your clothes, and find the second clue, that stuff is under the pillow of your workaholic.


Although it was just written with a piece of waste paper, it did not affect the baby’s entry status at all. She immediately shouted in surprise: “How did this kidnapper armor break into our house? No, I’m going to see if the doll is still there.” When the doll was found to be gone, she didn’t ask me to urge it, and she immediately asked : “Use the fastest speed! I have to find clue two quickly.”

As a result, the little guy changed his lazy problems and unprecedented enthusiasm into this “save the doll” action. She changed her clothes neatly and cleanly, then woke up her father and found a second clue under his pillow: the third clue was obtained after the bed was tidyed up.

When Dad saw baby for the first time like a bunny, he ran and rushed to make the bed instead of being persuaded, urged, and hurried by me, but he was shocked to think he was still in a dream. Soon, the baby completed the task again and found a third clue: only the person who finished washing could find the next clue in the kitchen. Even if it was about to win, the little guy did not dare to relax, and quickly completed the difficult task of brushing his teeth, and then turned to find the clue four:


This is the last red warning! When the time limit is exceeded, you don’t want to see your doll again, it won’t work for a second! However, if you have successfully completed all the work of getting up and washing, then you can naturally retrieve the doll on the side of the sofa, good luck!


The world was completely broken, and the baby completed all the work in just 10 minutes, which greatly exceeded my expectations. During the entire breakfast time, the baby was talking about the kidnappers in the room and told me with anticipation: “Mom, I still want to play this game with the kidnappers tomorrow.” , Maybe the kidnappers like to play with the children who get up early.”

From this day on, we play the game of “kidnapper” almost every day. I was originally worried that the baby would lose interest in this game in the same way as before, but I soon found out that this game can be fully tapped because various patterns can be added. For example: adding a riddle is not only interesting, but also allows the baby to use his brain. I also made a password box, and even set up some small detective games and so on.

Now, getting up has become the happiest thing for her daughter. In order to prevent the kidnappers from stealing all kinds of babies, she always turned over to get up as soon as possible. While guessing what was hidden today, she rushed to finish getting up. I don’t know when she will guess the true identity of this kidnapper, but I believe that when she grows up, she will think of this game of childhood, and she will also feel heartfelt joy and happiness.

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