Make a circle of friends

Lili and Xiaohua rent a house together and are a pair of inseparable good friends.

Xiaohua has the habit of keeping a diary. One day, Xiaohua left her diary on the table. It happened that Lili was resting at home that day. She accidentally opened the diary and found that Xiaohua wrote many words of jealousy. It turned out that Lili had a boyfriend named Aqiang, and Xiaohua even secretly liked Aqiang.

Lili is getting angry. Xiaohua is back. She sees Lili holding her diary in her hand and blushes suddenly. She said in embarrassment: “Lili, I’m sorry. I just want to record my mood. I Won’t bother you…”

Lili was in a rage. She threw her diary to Xiaohua and dropped a sentence: “Let’s not be friends in the future!” and left angrily.

Soon, Lili moved away from the house she shared with Xiaohua, and since then the two have been disconnected and have never said a word.

After another period of time, Lili came home from get off work that day, when passing a national highway, she suddenly smelled a strong smell of eggs. She walked along the taste and saw a red small truck overturned in the woods beside the road. The eggs pulled from the car were all scattered to the ground, and the egg liquid flowed to the ground.

Oops, it was a car accident! It seems quite serious. The small truck crashed into the side slope wall abruptly, the front part of the car crashed completely, and the cab was severely deformed. Lili walked boldly and glanced over. The male driver in the red cab in the cab hung his head down, motionless, his entire face pressed against the steering wheel…

This terrifying scene makes Lili feel a little irritated while scared. Lili usually likes to send a circle of friends. She immediately thought of taking a few photos of the scene of the accident and posting it to the circle of friends. After posting, Lili also added a comment: “This driver looks quite young, and his family is estimated to cry tonight.” After posting, she went home while brushing her circle of friends to see everyone’s reaction.

The circle of friends really responded strongly. Some asked Lili what happened, some asked where the car accident happened… Lili responded to these comments all night. These days, Lili’s boyfriend A Qiang went on a business trip, and she was alone at home. She felt bored every night, and today this circle of friends kept her busy until late at night.

Not long after falling asleep, Lili was suddenly woken up by a rapid phone ring. She took her mobile phone sleepily and looked at the number. Her boyfriend A Qiang called her. Lili answered the phone and was about to blame. On the other end of the phone, a strange voice came: “Hello, here is the traffic police team. We were at the scene of the car accident. The deceased’s mobile phone is marked with your number as’Female Friends, come and see, the location is…”

Upon hearing this, Lili’s head suddenly grew, and she trembled to write down the location of the car accident. Oh, why is this location so familiar? Lili remembered, wasn’t this the place where he sent his circle of friends? How is this possible, A Qiang is clearly working as a business driver for a big boss, how could he drive a truck?

Lili hurried to the scene of the car accident and looked at it. The last hope was shattered. The dead man on the red minivan was really A Qiang! He has an ID in the wallet he carries with him.

Later, Lili realized that the company where A Qiang worked for half a year ago went bankrupt. He rented a small truck and ran for transportation. A Qiang has a good face, these things did not tell Lili. In the past two days, he took the job and went to a farm in the field to pull a cart of eggs into the city. Unexpectedly, a car accident occurred.

Knowing everything, Lili regrets her sadness. The scene of the boyfriend’s car accident was taken by himself to expose the circle of friends. What a stupid person can do it!

Afterwards, Lili deleted the accident photos in her friend circle and mobile phone for the first time.

In the next few days, Lili thought about Ah Qiang’s affairs. A Qiang’s parents also came from their rural hometown. Lili was very touched when they saw that they were crying. To make matters worse, Ah Qiang’s parents still face the problem of compensation. When Ah Qiang rented a truck, he only bought the compulsory insurance in order to save money. That is to say, although Qiang died, he had to pay for the van that had basically been scrapped and the eggs of that truck.

The traffic police who handled the accident sympathized with Aqiang’s parents. He told Lili: “Analyzing from the brake traces, what the truck that Aqiang drove was to avoid. After the emergency braking, the vehicle was out of control and caused a traffic accident.” If you can Finding out what Aqiang wants to avoid, maybe not only do not need compensation, but also get a compensation from the responsible party. This is undoubtedly of great significance to Aqiang’s parents living in remote rural areas.

But the bad news is: there is no monitoring at the scene of the accident, and it is impossible to know what Ah Qiang is trying to avoid.

During that time, Lili asked for leave and started an “investigation” with all her heart. She couldn’t eat well or sleep well and was so tired that she lost a few pounds, but the result disappointed her so much that she found no clue. Fortunately, with the help of the traffic police department, the owner of the small truck and the owner of the egg also gave in. They asked Ah Qiang’s parents to write the debt and said that they would wait until they had the money to return it. In the end, A Qiang’s parents returned to their hometown with regret.

After the incident came to an end, Lili also resumed her normal life. After this incident, she felt that she had grown a lot at once. She also found that the friends around her were all pretty good. Almost no one made fun of her because of the circle of friends. When they were with her, friends always avoided talking about Aqiang.

Tonight, Lili turned her circle of friends, but rarely saw Xiaohua update. She clicked into it and couldn’t help but get angry: Xiaohua had taken a screenshot of the scene of the car accident scene in the circle of friends. She was “showing” in the circle of friends now! Xiaohua is obviously mocking herself!

Lili was so angry that she immediately left a message under the circle of friends and asked Xiaohua: “What do you mean?” Unexpectedly, Xiaohua returned immediately: “Look at the red circle I painted on the photo, there There is something strange.”

When Lili took a look, the picture was circled with a red pen. The picture is a panoramic view of the small truck, and the red circle is a vacant lot not far from the car. If you look closely, there is a naked foot!

what happened? A Qiang had a car accident, but his limbs were complete. How could there be a foot there? If this is not A Qiang’s foot, who will it be?

As if Lili had discovered the New World, she immediately reflected the situation to the traffic police team. The traffic police found Xiaohua and studied the photo carefully to confirm that the photo was indeed a human foot. But the traffic police did not find out during the investigation. Was a person still dead at the scene and was taken away before the police arrived? Was Qiang just to avoid this man’s car accident?

About a kilometer away from the scene of the car accident, there is a roundabout intersection where there is surveillance.

After the traffic police went back, they studied the surveillance carefully. Suddenly, the video lighted up and called the video: “The reason is found!” The video was frozen on a convertible truck.

After investigation, the truth was finally revealed. It turned out that the convertible van was walking in front of Ah Qiang’s van. It was pulled by a plastic model used to sell clothes in the mall. This thing was light, and because it was not tied, it fell off the car. It was a turning intersection. A Qiang couldn’t see the car in front. After the model landed on the ground, A Qiang’s car arrived. He thought he was lying there personally, so he took emergency avoidance measures. The plastic mannequin was also hit by the car into the open space. When Lili arrived, her attention was all on the small truck, and she didn’t see the plastic model, but when she took the photo, she just took a shot of the model’s foot, which is the foot that Xiaohua specially circled. The driver of the truck was aware of it and later came back to see the scene of the accident, when Lili just left. In fear of taking responsibility, the driver fled after picking up the plastic model, which is why the traffic police did not find the plastic model.

After the truth was revealed, the escaped driver was punished due, and Ah Qiang’s parents finally no longer have to pay compensation.

At this time, Lili’s mood was much happier. She sent a message in the circle of friends: “Thank you for the circle of friends!” This is obviously sent to Xiaohua, Lili sincerely hopes that they can return to good.