Step out of “pseudo-hybrid” and please the true self

  In ancient China, collectivism was once popular, and grouping often becomes the right choice to follow the crowd, and those who are not grouping are regarded as natural aliens.
  Gu Youzhi is a horse and has made all kinds of outrageous gangsterism leader Zhao Gao. Today there is the classic inspirational “Fashionable Devil” who resolutely left the magazine, left the fashion world, and recaptured the early gangliadism of the original newspaper reporter dream Patient Andy.
  Most of these two characters are a microcosm of the hearts of many people in reality. In real life, there are many people who live as lonely and anxious as they do. They dare not wear laces when they walk together. They dare not eat hot pot or watch movies alone. In order to integrate into the popular group, they often endure their hearts. I was impatient and tried my best to make myself gregarious, talking about movies, gossip topics, games that I didn’t like, and even had to rush to join the friendship on weekends, dealing with one or other trivial matters.
  Over time, the lifestyle of the leader of the small team became the lifestyle of a group of people who longed for success and were afraid of loneliness. They hand over themselves to the symptoms of gangs, trap themselves with others and the established track of society, and gradually fall into a strange circle: like to attend various bright places, work hard to shape the image of many friends, leave phones everywhere, ask for calls, and take photos with celebrities As a show-off capital.
  At the end of the day, they discovered that the emotional capacity of a person is not very large after all, knowing more people does not mean a wider network, and the basis of the network is your “utilized value.” For example, the time spent in the wine bureau can play an important role in occupying an important area of ​​your life. It will only make you constantly struggle with your inner desires, and gradually lose the ability to control and judge.
  Some people say: “In a bad environment, synonymous has a synonym-a waste of time.”
  I think this sentence is correct. Time is the fairest. When you are accommodated by others, you are not gregarious but assimilated by mediocrity. Once you succumb and give up yourself, you are destined to have less time alone, unable to come and go free, strong and independent, and unable to attract people with the same frequency who are interesting and genuinely connected. You are destined to become the defender of the mediocre group.
  Leo Tolstoy said of the difference between solitude and communication: “You have to adapt your reason to the whole, to all sources, not to the part, not to the crowd.” , We must try to find the inner boundary and peace, and reject the surface. Just like Tetsuya Saotome, the “God of Tempura” in Tokyo, Japan, in the fifty-six years, he stood alone and kept improving, and selected the gourmet art piece “Tempura” to cook with concentration.
  He is the exquisite in my eyes, the unity of knowledge and action, focusing on oil, battering, frying, and attracting thousands of people with his craftsmanship alone, living with dignity and dignity. Regardless of the wind and the moon, beauty is contemporary, it is a kind of nobleness and love for yourself.
  True grouping must rely on your heart, be clear about your true goals, and know what you want.
  True grouping must start with some small and beautiful habits.
  For example, buy a bottle of perfume. Rise and build a scent palace, rest in time, stretch your own lightness and lightness, and enjoy being alone; for example, fishing once. Qing Ruo Li, Green Huo Yi, find the place where the fishing rod is located, observe and devote yourself wholeheartedly, don’t be anxious; for example, raise a pot of green dogtail grass. Watching its fluffy tail, driven by the baptism of the sun and the breeze, slipped into the crown of another flower plant, flashing a variety of small but extraordinary light; for example, reading a paper book. Or go to the grocery market to buy food, watch a movie, listen to old songs, take a walk, feed animals, bake pastries, observe birds, sleep lazy… all these flexible things, you can try it.
  A good life is pleasing to everyone with regard to quality. Sometimes, you should start with a slow attitude and change from the details. Every slow experience, every slow feeling, and every accumulation of concentration will gradually fill your exquisite soul and become the inner part of normal life, freeing you from the reciprocating daily life, with rich extension and temperature.
  I believe that with the regular throwing away of unnecessary things, throwing away and perseverance, we will become more and more clear, what really cares about ourselves. Only in this way can we not live too tired in any group, enjoy true simplicity, and live life as we want.
  Our life is composed of every day, this is a time landslide process. No inner, no style. Life is not easy, please warm your soul with real group in time, please yourself, and let every ordinary everyday produce a different taste and touch.