Did you “pull the grass” for life?

When I swipe the phone, I see a moving picture on the recommendation page of a treasure. It is a white frosted bag like a warm water bag. Just put a certain amount of water and flour in it, rub it twice, and a smooth dough will be reconciled. . It turned out to be a simple version of the “dough making machine”. I laughed a little and thought that the business that made or sold this thing was simply too clever. Do people think that all people have zero IQ? Unless you are selling steamed buns and using a masculine dough mixer to increase efficiency and save energy, how can you use such a complicated life?

If it was placed 10 years ago, I am still quite interested in these creative products. I started a mini electric cooker today and a bean sprout machine tomorrow. But the tragic experience severely swollen my face: it is not easy to use it, but it is “not for your consultation” when it is cleaned up. It is not only a waste of time and energy, but also includes patience, interest, space, money, etc. . I was taught by them to be more rational.

The newly-married cousin wanted to buy a toaster for breakfast and said that he wanted to give me one too. I immediately protested and said, “If you don’t feel uncomfortable, you might as well invite me to have a cup of coffee. I would like to thank you first.” I have never owned any toaster, but I have used it at a friend’s house, and I saw the chassis There is no way to clean the bread crumbs that fall below, and it will inevitably attract cockroaches after a long time. Want to eat toasted bread slices is also very simple, throw it directly into a non-stick pan and bake it on low fire, although there is no effort in the toaster, it is more convenient; or bake in the oven for two minutes, where is the toaster Let’s kick in.

Of course, many people pay attention to feelings, thinking that having exquisite objects can lead an exquisite life, but that is an illusion. After her friend was sent to work for half a year, she was excited that she finally had single time again. Coupled with the enduring pursuit of petty bourgeoisie, she spent thousands of dollars to buy a cooking pot. But her work is very busy, and the taste of the food produced by the cooking pot is the same. She is stunned to watch the beautiful pot and go to the restaurant every day. Otherwise, she will cook white noodles and eat green vegetables. Finally, she hung the cooking pot on the idle fish. This also strengthens my “pulling grass” action. For those things that look good, I am just like watching a movie or watching an artwork. Isn’t there a saying that? “Good things don’t have to be owned,” because possession comes at a price, and those costs are bound to annihilate feelings.

My lover placed an order for a noodle machine on a platform without consulting with me. His reason was simple: our entire family loves noodles. But after the goods were delivered, I didn’t unpack them at all, and they returned them intact. I lost 20 yuan in logistics fees. But the loss of logistics costs is also more reliable than multiple home furnishings. I have a chopping board as big as a tabletop and a half-meter-long rolling pin. The noodles made with this original method are called a tendon, and since my daughter was born, I have been practicing it for more than ten years. Pulling noodles, ramen noodles, and cutting noodles are not a problem. In the process of making noodles, not only water and noodles were rubbed in, but also the love and gratitude to the whole family. Loving them gave me my emotions. I am grateful that they no longer leave me alone. This is cold. Can the chicken rib machine be replaced?

During the epidemic, Chinese people need to stay at home. For sports, the lover recommends buying a fitness blanket that can be connected to the video, and can also dance or play games. I searched the product reviews for the first time, and several of them attracted my attention. They said: The blanket is very thin, it doesn’t grab the ground, and it moves in the wrong position when you move. Don’t even think about running and dancing. I looked at the price and it cost three or four hundred yuan. I didn’t agree to buy it. At the same time, I downloaded a sports app, and followed the video steps above to lead the whole family to do various fitness exercises. A set of movements took less than ten minutes, and there was a little sweat on the back. After a few visits, my daughter said that she felt very relaxed. This kind of activity not only promoted family interaction and cooperation, but also saved money and space.

Modernity is an era of surplus products, the names of various products are not divided into the finest, only finer. If there is too much ingenuity in business, it will inevitably bring a burden to the people. As a public, although we cannot say that all creative products are tasteless, we need to keep our eyes clean and keep our senses. After all, we are living a life, not living us.

Let’s be the master of life. Try to pull out the “weeds”. We need to understand that it is not those creative products that can improve the quality of life, but a heart that loves life.

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