10 minutes and 10 seconds more happiness

Many psychological counselors will have this experience: after you have worked hard to explain, explain, and educate the visitor, he timidly returned to you: “I understand everything you said.” In fact, the visitor What the person wants is not reason, but the way to solve the problem. It is important to understand the principle of mutual respect and love for a well-managed marriage, but specific measures are essential. Therefore, we recommend “Eight Tens” to everyone, and hope that these good habits can help couples to increase their feelings and have a happy marriage.

Hug for 10 seconds. Husbands and wives must embrace each other when they meet and separate each other. Some people may say that the husband and wife do not have that passion. But even for couples of many years, hugging should become an emotional ritual and habit. This kind of ritual implies you: who is your lover, who is your lover. Some people are worried that the husband and wife will be seen badly by their children and they may be precocious. As everyone knows, parents’ love-showing habits are realistic education for children’s love.

After 10 minutes of communication, many husbands and wives will feel that they have nothing to say. In fact, if the couple does not communicate, it is unknown; if it is unknown, it will be out of control; if it is out of control, it will be insecure; if it is insecure, it will be suspicious; Therefore, communication is an important connotation of emotion. Only communication can bring the two hearts closer together.

Wait for 10 seconds. If you do not understand, agree with, or add to your spouse’s words during the communication, please wait for 10 seconds for the other person to finish talking. This is not only a conversation etiquette, but also a reflection of personal self-cultivation. More importantly, it is the care of the couple’s communication channels.

Calmness for 10 minutes In all marriages in the world, the root causes of all kinds of contradictions can be classified into two categories: differences between men and women and differences in personality. If there is a quarrel, it is recommended that you stop the war for 10 minutes and calm down-the husband gives the wife 10 minutes to listen to her and let her vent her bad emotions; the wife gives the husband 10 minutes to let him be alone and meditate, thinking about solving problems method. This is very helpful to resolve the contradiction between husband and wife and harmonize the emotion of husband and wife.

It is not easy to appreciate life in 10 seconds. Some people among all living beings are willing to accompany you, help you, and face the difficulties of life with you. This is worthy of our gratitude and appreciation. In this day and age, don’t try to force the other party based on marriage, because marriage and divorce certificates are easy to obtain. What makes you intimate is not rope, but love.

Accompanying the child for 10 minutes is the crystallization of the couple’s love and the bond of marriage. The growth of children is inseparable from the nourishment of fatherly love and motherly love. No matter how busy the couple is, they have to spend 10 minutes every day to accompany their children-caring about his learning, sharing his happiness, listening to his troubles, and solving his problems.

In addition to temperament, the 10-minute marriage of housework also includes cooperation in life affairs. Chai Miyou salt, eating and drinking Lhasa, care for the elderly, relatives and friends, these matters need to spend time and care to deal with. Today’s marriage is different from that of 100 years ago. The marriage model of “outside the male lead, inside the female lead” has gradually become non-mainstream. The improvement of women’s ability to make money at work means that men need to gradually take on more family affairs. Whether you are busy with business, academic papers, or game chats, you have to stop and take 10 minutes to do some housework within your ability. You may not be able to solve many problems, but at least it shows your positive attitude to participate in family affairs. Of course, in a few more minutes, the relationship between husband and wife will be more harmonious.

Sex 10 minutes Sex is very important. It is not only the union of the mind and body of the couple, but also an indicator of the good or bad relationship of the couple, or a “magic cure” for the pain of marriage. The 10 minutes here mainly refer to foreplay and afterplay. Foreplay is to do this time well; after-play is to do well next time. In the post-play, the partners actively communicate, express their feelings, and express their expectations, so that the next sex life will become more harmonious.

A good marriage requires the husband and wife to operate together. Develop good habits, pay a little bit, happiness is not far away.