When I was very young, I was passionate about thinking about the world in bed. The bed is like a strong magician, capable of changing all kinds of dreams. I like myself in my dreams, he always brings me surprises, not as busy as in my daytime. Seriously speaking, I am a child who pretends to sleep, and I find various reasons for staying in bed. My grandmother said that I was dormant, and she only saw the surface of the problem.

Every bed is covered with a thick secret. This is the aphorism I used to sleep with my body. If I am a bun, the bed is a drawer, which makes me feel warm and makes my body hot. My first thoughts about the world and my understanding of the night were formed in bed. It is no exaggeration to say that if I were a king who gave orders, then the bed was my most vast land.

So, when my mother mobilized me to transfer, I only asked a question, do I have a bed?

My question caused a family of laughter, I do not understand why they should laugh at me. At least grandma understands what I mean, I don’t want to sleep with others, I need a bed of my own.

Why are there no beds, little fool? My mom laughed and shivered. I must admit that my mother’s smile is different. Later I knew that she often performed on stage and trained various laughs. Because her smile was just right, it was hard to refuse, I chose to believe her.

I was fooled and my mother’s well-trained laugh deceived me.

From grandma’s house to parents’ side, everything has to be adapted from scratch. I am naturally slow to react and have an instinctive fear of the strange environment. The most unacceptable thing is that my brother Wu Jing and I squeezed into a bed, but my mother gave me no explanation. I am helpless when people are under the eaves. She is organizing a literary show in the county and has been away from home all day. My elder sister cooks rice and cooks, and my brother sweeps the floor to wash dishes. Since everyone treats me as a guest, how can a guest choose one out of three?

If the thought is understood, it does not mean that the problem of the body is solved. As soon as I got into the bed, I felt uncomfortable. My brother had no intention of touching me, I would goose bumps. This is a pain that is difficult for others to understand. I am stuck in an inexplicable fear. I can only cling tightly to the wall, maintaining a numb side sleeping posture. I try to compress my space as much as possible, just hate that I cannot turn it into a piece of paper and paste it on the wall with paste.

When the night is quiet, I can hear the sound from far away. The town of Chengguan where I am located belongs to the old city and few cars pass by. The most active voice is the barking of the popcorn shop opposite. The most regular voice is the footsteps of women workers in the hemp spinning factory. They usually have three to four people, and one of them is particularly lively. Her hoarse laughter will always spread far away, as if every day encountered a big happy event.

In a trance, I will follow their steps, and as the footsteps drift away, I will have a strange illusion. I believe that if you go further, you will find your way back to your grandma’s house.

But I always go nowhere. I am not familiar with this unfamiliar place, and I have lost the bamboo horse I used to ride. Standing at a crossroad that may lead to any place, or stray into an alley blocked by a wall, the helpless coldness will slowly flow through my cheeks. I was suddenly scared, and I was afraid to think like that, and one day I would become a lunatic.

Uneasy, the school starts soon. Will the new semester make the depressed days clear?

Following my sister’s first visit to the new school, I was stunned. Where is this elementary school, its solemn look is like the tomb of Zhongshan! The whole school is majesticly built on a huge slope, with countless steps like Zhongshan Mausoleum. Stepping up one level, one grade occupies a flat of different heights. The first grade is at the lowest level and the fifth grade is at the highest level.

My sister and I walked up the stairs, and we were followed by many people. This has nothing to do with me, everyone pays attention to my sister. At first I walked side by side with her, but no one cared about my existence. I unknowingly slowed down, looking up at her back behind my sister. She is slender and tall, and her body is like a spring tree, full of vitality. Where she stood, there would be a spectacle of dense foliage.

Wu Hu is here! Look, why did Wu Hu come to our class? !

My new class is twittering, full of bird-like cries. Everyone was talking about my sister, as if the freshman who was in the class was her instead of me. I am used to this kind of indifference. My sister stands out from the crowd, and my brother performs well. As their younger brother, my biggest role is to make a failed textbook.

I am accustomed to accepting such arrangements. On the first day of class, I played the role of a loser.

In the applause that welcomed the new classmates, I stood in front of the class. According to the request of teacher Bai, I want to introduce myself to my classmates. My surname is Wu, my name is Wu Mo, and I play hard. Unexpectedly, the opening caused a ridicule from everyone. I know that they laugh at me and talk to me, just as I am not used to them.

While I became a joke, another new classmate stood up.

My name is Jin Mingchun and I am from Urumqi, Xinjiang. He stunned the whole class with a single mouthful of standard Mandarin. His skin is very white and his eyes are big and bright. He wore a bright sky blue sports outfit, two striking white bars on his pants, and a lotus-like appearance. The students were stunned, like a prince in the class.

After class, many students gathered around Jin Mingchun and wanted to get his attention first. I thank him silently on the side, because of his appearance, I temporarily escaped the ridicule of everyone. I looked away and watched the window silently, but their conversation reached my ears from time to time.

How far is Xinjiang and how long does it take to take the train?

What, three days and four nights? !

A female voice screamed and everyone was silent.

It’s a jolly ride in such a long car. Yeah, I’ve never sat. Is it Urumqi University or Nanjing University? Does Jiangsu have Xinjiang University?

The last sentence made me laugh, and they looked at me strangely. Do you know? No one believes that I know Xinjiang. I didn’t want to ignore them, but when I saw the expectations in Jin Mingchun’s eyes, I answered.

How big is Xinjiang, it accounts for one sixth of China. I am proud to say that three Frances are comparable to one Xinjiang.

Regarding Xinjiang, the students know nothing but a stranger. I am different. I already have a geography textbook. When I was still at my grandmother’s house, my father sent it to me. In our class, there is no bragging to say that I am the one who knows China best.

My words won the favor of Jin Mingchun. He often looks for me after class, and we also go home after school.

The weather was fine on this day, and the sky was as blue as washed. We unknowingly moved forward and crossed the satellite bridge together. Evening glow is the side of the river covered with his grandmother’s house.

I accepted his invitation, and I was the first classmate to come to his house. The door of his house is not big, there is an interesting couplet at the door. Shanglian is “reading Mao Xuan not sickly”, and Xilian is “unwilling to learn geology”. Is there a patient in his family? I didn’t ask, and I was puzzled. It was written by my uncle, Jin Mingchun said. He is on vacation at home and is a geological engineer.

This is a very interesting family, there are nephews from Xinjiang, and there is a geological uncle! I entered the door as if stepping into a secret. I was even more surprised by the engineer himself than seeing an engineer wearing glasses. Big! This home is really big! It was unbelievable that there were two courtyards in front of his house, and there was a persimmon tree full of fruits.

Jin Mingchun’s house is the same. The first impression it gives is that it is wide and open. Jin Mingchun lay on the ground as soon as he entered the room, and he got into the belly of the bed. My attention is not under the bed, but on the wide bed. This is a bed with dark green sheets, which is unique to Jin Mingchun. It looks like a broad grass field in my eyes, and I am like I’m rolling on it.

Jin Mingchun’s head stretched out, and he raised a rice crochet braided in front of me. I lifted the lid and looked at it, all filled with red persimmons. The persimmons were obviously ripe and temptingly red. At his urging, I tore the skin and tasted it. Sweet and sour, cool and silky, I experience a smooth texture like silk. I only tasted one, and I stopped eating it.

Why not eat it? Jin Mingchun felt strange.

It’s cool, I said. Grandma said that it is cool.

Oh, Jin Mingchun no longer insists, but the meaning is still not enough. He was turning over the boxes and looking for his special Xinjiang products. He found a bag of raisins and generously grabbed a lot of them for me. This is a third-grade one. There are many three grades of purple, unlike the first grade, all are green. After talking, he lifted a green box like a magic, you see, this is the first level! There is a foreign language on it, it is an export.

He did not want to open it, but solemnly handed it to my hands. I don’t want to receive it. I have a more urgent desire than accepting this precious gift. I’m vomiting and vomiting, I’m not embarrassed to say it. Jin Mingchun is anxious, just say what you have to say, don’t just halve like peeing.

I want to sleep in your bed. Finally, I summoned up the courage to say.


No matter how good someone else’s bed is, they cannot fulfill their dreams.

Almost every night, I will be troubled by a bad sleep. In the daytime, I was more anxious to doze off in class. Because to make up for the night’s sleep, the classroom during the day becomes the main battlefield for sleeping. I started to support from the morning until the third class in the morning, the words on the blackboard would be blurred in front of my eyes. Like holding on to my position, I tried to hold my head down with my hands. But under the extremely powerful drowsiness attack, my defense was vulnerable.

My repeated teachings irritated Teacher Bai and she took me to the office. She crumpled my inspection and threw it hard at the wire basket. She didn’t throw it in, she could not shoot music, she was the instructor of the school’s propaganda team. The paper ball rolled to my feet and I picked it up. I can no longer give it to the teacher, but glanced at the paper basket. No need to aim, my finger flicked gently, and the paper ball fell off the net.

stop! Stand honestly for me! Teacher Bai patted the table. She didn’t dare to work hard. There was a beautiful glass plate on the table. But she was very angry, her high breasts fell together. I know she is not satisfied with my examination, and I feel guilty. But I can’t help her because no one can help me. I need a bed, a bed of my own, which is the reason I wrote it a hundred times in my inspection. Without it, I would not sleep well at night, and I would sleep in class.

My bad performance in school spread to the house, and my father was very ignorant. He is a teacher in middle school and a teaching director. In the minds of ordinary people, the children who cannot accept Teacher Wu will become a laggard. But he was angry, but he didn’t fight me. After all, he graduated from college and knew how to do education.

He asked me, are you sure of your performance in school because of a bed?

I nodded without hesitation.

Mom couldn’t help but interrupt, but what happened to the bed? Two people can’t sleep together, many people still have three or four people squeezed in a bed!

I ignored her, she lied to me. I think, what makes a liar right?

This evening my mother made a compromise, she put two bedspreads on the bed. Drilling into my own quilt, I have no joy of victory. This kind of perfunctory is far from the expected goal. I am a serious person. After turning off the lights, I stared at the dark roof with my eyes open, and I watched hard, wanting my eyes to penetrate it. I want to see the future at a glance, so that I can know when the days without a bed will end.

In a daze, the road to the future is blocked by a big river. This river is very similar to the river passing through the city, but there is no bridge. I ran along the river. There are five bridges on the river. I don’t believe they can be hidden. I don’t know how long I ran, I still got nothing. At this time, the sky slowly lighted up, and the east exposed fish white. I accidentally discovered that the water in the river was clear and shallow, and I was afraid that even the squirrel would be able to wade past.

I was so excited that I took off my pants and immediately went into the water, and soon I walked through most of them. Seeing that it was about to reach the shore, my advancing feet suddenly stepped into the air, and my body was immediately sucked into the water. When I shouted, a warm current rushed out of me!

The whole family was awakened by me. light is on. I’m bedwetting.

How old are you and wetting the bed? My mom doesn’t hit me anywhere, so I’ll screw my ears up. My elder sister guarded me and said calmly, Mom, what use do you have to beat him?

If you pee, you should keep a memory. You see, the newly changed quilts are all wet, don’t you want to sleep today! My mother fiercely murdered me.

This night, my sister took me in.

This night was the best time I slept when I came home.

When I showed up in the classroom the next day, Jin Mingchun was stupid, his eyes wide like a cow. Unprecedented, I did not doze off in class this day. What shocked the students even more was that the questions raised by Mr. Bai were not answered by others, but I got it right. In the Chinese homework book sent out in the afternoon, Teacher Bai gave me a big “good” word.

Good flowers don’t come often, and my abnormal performance is short-lived.

I was still drowsy during the day, and my sleeping position gradually became a scene in the classroom. I was able to lift the textbook with both hands, block the teacher’s sight, and cover myself to sleep. Slowly, I can even sit and sleep in my dreams. It is difficult for others to judge whether I am asleep or awake, and many times I don’t even know myself.

Days that seem to be sleeping but not sleeping are passing day by day, and the birds singing outside the classroom are gradually sparse. The leaves dyed with autumn colors are humming in the wind, and the campus is already golden. My sleeping skills in the classroom are all made of steel, and I am even more proficient.

After the midterm exam, everyone waits to announce the results. Teacher Bai stepped on the harp and cleverly struck the keyboard with both hands. The sound of the piano echoed unrestrainedly in the class, which was the prelude to the mystery. The classmates sat one by one in danger, unable to conceal their inner excitement and curiosity. Everyone’s eyes looked at each other, and they stared at a few top students, guessing who would win the total score first.

I motionlessly pretended to look at the blackboard without a word on it. I feel that many classmates are looking at me, they are not good intentions. Another expectation of them lies on me, they want to see a joke of sleepy insects. They scored me in their hearts and even thought I might get zero points and eat a duck egg. If a student who sleeps all day has no duck eggs, does it mean that he has forgiven a bad person?

At the end of the song, Teacher Bai stood solemnly on the podium. She has an outstanding voice and announces her results in a melodious tone. After a while, she remembered my name and her voice stopped. She might not have imagined it, and many classmates would not have thought that my grades were above average. Among the fifty-six classmates, I ranked 22nd, and the result made the whole class sigh.

The classroom was quiet, and I let many classmates down.

One exam changed the impression of the whole class on me. From sleeping weird to sleeping weird, classmates no longer simply treat me like a joke. They observed my various performances after falling asleep, and talked about my secretive ability to sleep instead of sleeping. Some classmates thought that I was a big-tailed wolf pretending to be a sleeper, and a little liar who was completely down and left so many people in the dark.

Regarding my argument, I uploaded it from the class to the campus, and then from the campus to the home. My family members are not satisfied with my mid-term results, especially my mother. She is a person who often stands in the center of the stage, a person who is accustomed to the applause of others, and a person who is used to the top of her sister and brother. How can she endure the humiliation and shame brought by me.

You are still not a child at home, so take this score and feel sorry to go home?

I don’t squeak.

Don’t think you are losing your face alone, you are losing your family’s face! After saying this, she glanced at all the people on the table.

No one squeaked.

I can’t eat this meal! Mom pushed the rice bowl forward and angered Dad with dissatisfaction. You still work as a teacher, regardless of him, he is your Wu family anyway!

Bed, or because of the bed? Dad asked me.

I nodded.

Our two houses have been separated into four small rooms, can’t we separate any more, right?

Yes, I said. I have never had any resistance to my father’s words, he is reasonable.

What’s the use of saying this? Mother said angrily. I don’t believe that if two people sleep together, they will fail the exam. How did Wu Jing take the test?

Should you come? Dad took her army. Seeing that she picked up the bowl, she continued to tell me that there was one way, but it was a bit troublesome.

I’m not afraid! I didn’t know that Dad was trying to make a fuss and immediately hit him.

Just don’t be afraid. He nodded in satisfaction, and drank the wine from the glass.


Dad arranged a bed for me, a bed that belongs to me alone.

It stands to reason that I should thank Dad, after all, he took the idea. But I am not happy, this solution is a little bit nonsense after all. I think the situation at this time is like dumb eating Huanglian. I can’t tell the pain, I don’t know how to introduce this bed to the good students. I can’t always say to Jin Mingchun, I have a bed, and it’s in the shoe repair shop. It’s really fun, it’s an activity bed, which is torn down at night.

Through the arrangement of the bed, I basically realized that his father was a clever trick.

He is a typical gentleman who does not speak, and he makes a careful division of labor among our three younger brothers. He encouraged us to be self-reliant and not expect our parents to intervene. In the morning and evening, my brother and I take care of the bed every day, and our sister takes care of the rolls. Although this is troublesome, and although I sleep in the weird smell of shoe repair shops, I cannot say anything against it. Dad had a vaccination for a long time and said that he would learn from Du Xiang and exercise himself in a difficult environment.

Du Xiang is the son adopted by the Men Du family, I call him Xiang Zi brother. From the first day I came here, I saw him make temporary paving every day. His family is small, and he can only put one bed. He’s all in the first grade, he can’t squeeze in the same bed with his adoptive parents. As I joined, his days were no longer alone. Our two beds were in tandem, and he and I were in the same dream. It is a shoe repair shop during the day and it becomes our bedroom at night.

From the preparation of the bench and the bed board to the position of the bed, Dad had long been confident. It was only later that I wanted to understand that he had kept such a hand. He was just waiting for a suitable time to make me sleep well and take it orally. While he gave me the right to choose, he also taught me the truth-the pursuit of what you want, even if it is an essential bed, must pay the due price.

Sleeping outside my door, this is the result of my own search. I declined my brother’s politeness and humility, and I would not agree to let him sleep in the hall. Although I am not the squad leader, I cannot show too low awareness. I want to treat all this optimistically like Xiangzi. I want to fall asleep with a smile, I hope good mood can accompany me to the dawn.

Since my bed and Du Xiang’s bed were put together, our common destiny has connected our two together. Around the housing, a battle without smoke is quietly going on. My family and Du family jointly launched this protracted war. The two chattering women, my mother and Du Xiang’s mother, started an intimate cooperation.

Du Xiang’s mother’s surname is Su. I usually call her mother Su. Others in the background call her “a bite of crisp”.

As long as you live in Chengguan Town, you can’t get around a bite. She doesn’t sell pastries, she sells fish. In the only fish shop in Lao Cai, she has the supremacy of control. Whether you buy fish or sell fish, you have to pass her. She lifted the scale in her right hand, and moved the hanging wire of the scale with her left hand. The whole movement was flowing in one go. The most important thing is the quotation. She never reads the price, but directly quotes the price.

The price is always in her mouth, no one can challenge her authority. If anyone dared to question, she immediately poured the fish into the fish basket, and then shouted loudly, come, next!

If Ms. Su dominates the scene of life, then my mother is active on the high stage. My mother’s most popular image is A Qingsao, who often plays the woman who opened the tea house on stage. Many people know that she is A Qingsao, and not many people know that her real name is Zhou Yuying.

One is a bite crisp that dominates the fish shop, and the other is A Qingsao who opened the tea house. Two unusual women formed a battle alliance for the same goal. Their purpose is only one, to drive out the master of the shoemaker’s shop.

In this special battle, Dad has been hiding in the dark. A Qingsao’s task is to support the Eight Immortals table and build momentum with one mouth. A crunchy weapon is inseparable from a scale, using fish to attract real power. My dad never shows his head, it seems to me that he is making plans. As long as there is wind and grass, A Qingsao will report back to Diao Deyi when she returns.

Don’t look at A Qingsao’s raging wind and fire, Diao Deyi takes the idea. I found the clue among them. Before getting into the quilt, I proudly gave my opinion to Brother Xiangzi.

Brother Xiangzi was washing his face, he asked with a wet face, who is my mother?

I didn’t think about this problem. In short, she and my mother are together.

Hard work pays off. The efforts of the two of us were not in vain, and someone finally came home. As soon as the shoe repair shop opened that day, two people came to the door. What disappointed the masters was that they did not come to repair shoes. What makes me and Xiangzi happy is that they were sent by the housekeeper. They are family members, holding a tape measure box larger than the discus in their hands, and also holding a form in the bag.

I found Xuefeng brand cigarettes from home, and Brother Xiangzi made tea for them. The two of us are fart, like two pugs around them. They are not strange, and they look around in public places. The older man told the younger that this house is a bit strange. Grandpa Yang, a leatherworker, interjected and said that there is nothing strange about the house itself.

His words resembled small awls, which sounded a bit harsh. Grandpa Yang patted his legs and stood up from Mazar. He walked to the street, pointing at the four rooms of Du’s house, shoe shop, and my house, like an old man in history explaining the ins and outs. The four houses were originally all in one, all of them were facade houses. The place where my family lives is two shops, the one of Du family is the account room. The shoe shop connecting the two sides originally had two functions. When the back door is closed, it will be a guest. When the back door is opened, it is a passage to the backyard.

In this way, I finally understood why my home is so weird. Both our family and Du family, the newcomers generally can’t touch the door. Why, because the door of our two is not open to the street. The gates are not facing south, and all are opened in the shoe repair shop. The shoemaker’s shop is like two common halls with two families hidden inside. No wonder my dad said that if it was before liberation, my family would be the best place to be a secret contact point, just like A Qingsao’s teahouse.

After the truth was revealed, I looked at Grandpa Yang differently. The more I look, the more he feels that he is not simple, unlike an ordinary shoemaker.

On weekdays, he is friendly to people and never relies on old and old. He does not smoke and drinks tea. In his spare time, he held a purple teapot and took a sip from time to time. His pot is pocket-sized and easy to hold, and matches his figure very well. After years of friction, the pot gives a delicate luster. His eyes are also shiny, not muddy because of old age.

Most of the work that Grandpa Yang does every day is to nail the soles of the shoes and change the soles. But he loves to study, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, and care about the national affairs. I slowly approached him, I like to brag with him. When returning home from school in the evening, there were no customers in the shoe store. Grandpa Yang usually sits under the tree opposite the shoe shop and reads the newspaper he just got.

A teapot and a newspaper constituted the most pleasant spare time of his day. There is no doubt that he has “Reference News” in his hand. For the entire shoe repair shop, he alone read the newspaper. Whenever this happens, I will move forward, either watching with him, or arguing wildly.

We, the young and the old, sat on the small Piza to promote our knees, and soon became a street scene.

Seriously, Grandpa Yang is not my first choice for talking. My initial choices were my father and his friends. This is a conversation circle made up of all teachers, and sometimes I will meet at my house. When the conversation goes deep, they will whisper some gossip. At this time, I can choose to listen silently on one side, and once I can’t help cutting in, it will cause scolding or laughing.

In contrast, Grandpa Yang is a perfect interlocutor. He has enough patience to listen to my expression and communicate with me calmly. Although the difference in age between us is sixty years old, it does not affect us. At first, the topic was caused by a major event in the newspaper. Talking about it would fall to the house under the eyes.

The house has been measured for several weeks and there is no sound at all. I couldn’t hold my breath and asked Grandpa Yang again and again, did the shoe shop mean to move?

We also want to move, and no one wants to delay the two of you. Grandpa Yang smiled bitterly, there was a bad debt, and it was useless to find us. The houses are owned by the public and they can’t be moved. Only the housekeeper has the final say.

Can that house management office help us?

He is unreasonable and owes your two old houses. Grandpa Yang lowered his voice. Now that there is a policy, the houses occupied by the public will either be paid or made up. As long as you stare tightly, you are not afraid that he will not let go.

As soon as Grandpa Yang and I talked about the house, Brother Xiangzi would come together in ten or nine. His ears were raised like a donkey, and he didn’t let go of any clues. He certainly cares more about the progress of the house than I do, and he has no escape route. I know that what he is afraid of is not trouble, but chicken flying eggs. The two of us have reached a gentleman’s agreement and the house will be half back. For both of us, this means that we will have our own bed!

The tree is quiet and the wind is constant. In the late autumn when leaves were scattered, the house management office finally had a move. It’s just not the shoe shop, but the backyard. This time the room adjustment finally let me see a glimmer of light. My mother was also happy and hummed the aria of “Shajiabang” at home for several days—-

Base up a seven-star stove and cook three rivers in a copper pot. Open the Eight Immortals table and entertain 16 parties…


Driving on the road in late autumn, I did not expect a special bed to be waiting for me.

Sitting in the back seat of the bicycle, the car quickly left the county. This is my first “diplomatic” event after I return to my family. I’m going to the big cousin’s wedding. The eldest cousin is the eldest son of the eldest aunt. Among the siblings of his peers, his wedding shot the first shot. Of course my parents cannot be absent, they decided to take me with them. My mother replaced me with a brand new coat and a jacket with a zipper.

I came to the station with my parents and met with my second aunt. I saw Cousin Gu Jialiang from afar, he was riding on a bicycle, and a pair of big white baskets on his feet were very eye-catching. He is the main force of the middle school basketball team and often plays games on the light court. I’ve seen his performances on the court, and no one can overshadow his ability to shoot. I usually want to play with him, but he is too big. At this time he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I was overjoyed and climbed up the bicycle beam.

As the car drove out of the county, the two sides of the road suddenly widened. There was no one in the grey, bare field. The wind blew through my face chillily, and I obviously felt a little cold. Liang Zi stopped the car and asked me to sit in the back seat. I tried a few times but couldn’t jump, I was shy about it. He picked me up and let me ride in the back seat. I hugged his waist and felt much warmer.

There are thirty miles from the county to the aunt’s house. Liang Zi asked a lot of things. I like to talk to him, he can ask ideas when he asks. We unknowingly talked about the bed, and my words became more pronounced. I never fell asleep until I fell asleep in the shoe shop. Except for the bedwetting, I said nothing else. Accompanied by a bunch of nonsense, we entered the country road. When the aunt’s village appeared in front of me, Brother Liangzi solemnly told me that I would arrange a task for you at night, and you must be mentally prepared.

When I arrived, I ate, and there were several tables in a big room. Our little child belongs to the horse lantern, and we will replace it with a new one after eating. Before and after meals, I saw many relatives, aunts, uncles, aunts, cousins, cousins, cousins ​​and cousins. Of all my relatives, I am the youngest and a new face. Everyone calls me to just be happy.

In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, it rained. The adults looked seriously and discussed whether tomorrow’s wedding rain will stop. Uncle holding a pocket radio, listen to the weather forecast intently. Dad instructed his brothers to put bricks and stones on the gate. I followed my cousin to the cottage in the village head to see a cow eating grass. I asked my cousin how to sleep, whether standing or sleeping, and then, where is the cow’s sleeping place, is the bed on the ground?

Grandpa Yang told me that in the past we lived in large households. The four facades facing the street lead to the back yard. On both sides of the yard are box rooms, and there is a main room behind. The residents in the back had to go to the street and walked across the shoe shop to lift their feet. If you go from the back street, you have to walk an extra ten minutes.

As the saying goes, it’s easy to learn good and hard to learn. Before the thin monkeys came, everyone would rather detour when they came home late, and would not choose to hit the door most of the night. One is to consider Du Xiang, and the other is not willing to offend a bite. After all, you still have to eat fish in life. But after the thin monkey had a bad head, other people’s thoughts also revived. So that at night, the door rang ping-pong. Even if Brother Xiangzi could bear it, she would not be a loser.

After the ceremony, she found my dad. She said Mr. Wu, you have to write an Anmin notice.

There was a small blackboard at home. Dad picked up the chalk and wrote a sentence-the time was about 9:30, and he walked through the back door after hours. Taking advantage of the large number of people in the street, Suzu hung out the blackboard himself. Put a word to the people on the street, distant relatives are not as good as neighbors. My surname is Su, please help me. After 9:30 in the evening, please raise your hand! Xiangzi, although he was brought by me, wouldn’t it make him sleep well?

The sign hanged for a few days, and no one really did nothing wrong. It was still a biteful, even my mother gave her a thumbs up secretly. Unexpectedly, after we relaxed our vigilance, a knock on the door appeared again that night. Although the voice is not loud, there is patience.

The thin monkey came again, and Xiangzi and I whispered, how come this dog thing came so late? Brother Xiangzi didn’t dare to open the door privately, because she had an explanation and she would face the thin monkey in the future.

The light in the back room came on, and a crisp sound came out. She had fluffy hair and an empty coat over her underwear. I saw her face slowly walked to the door with anger, suddenly opened the door. With the cold wind blowing, people outside and inside were a little surprised. The coming person is not a skinny monkey, but a strange young woman.

A bit of a crisp tiger asked, “What time is it, didn’t you see the words on the blackboard?”

Seeing that, the woman answered timidly. If there is no blackboard, I’m really afraid of typing the wrong person.

What kind of thing is this, my brother Xiangzi is puzzled, what is this strange woman talking about?

Huh, with a sneer, I underestimated the skinny monkey. She removed the blackboard from the door, and we gathered together to see that someone had changed the notice of An Min. The words are very well-written, and they are also very smooth. It is called “repairing clocks, repairing watches and glasses, and it is cheaper to come home at midnight.”

The cleverness of the thin monkey soon ushered in a cruel relentless counterattack. One night, when he repeated the old tricks and knocked on the door again, a pot of footwash was poured over his head. Brother Xiangzi and I knew that a bit of crisp foot wash had been prepared for several days in a row, and I was afraid that the thin monkey would not come to the door.

The skinny monkey yelled angrily, and made another replenishment with a bite of crispness but no restlessness.

Remember, she said. Next time, you are greeted by the toilet.

A crisp and decisive shot hit the thin monkey’s sloppy wind and evil spirits, and aroused applause among the two of us. In recognition of her heroic behavior, my mother asked her to buy a tight-fitting Zhongshan watch. This watch was worn on a crunchy wrist and quickly became a highlight of the fish shop. Her vision is sharper, her movements more sharp, and her reputation for price is even more shining.

The thin monkey was not willing to fail, and his troubles continued. Although he didn’t dare to blatantly go against it, he hid behind him and made some sneaky little movements. The shoe shop during the day is as usual, but it can’t stop outside the gate at night. Sometimes the child knocked on the door to make trouble, and sometimes a puppy was attached to the door, making a homeless mournful cry. The open gun is easy to hide from the dark arrows and difficult to defend, and it is impossible to fight back with a bite.

That night someone knocked on the door again, three times lighter. The secret code matched, and I knew that my sister was back. I have washed my face and soaked my feet, but I have not gone to bed. She went to school to rehearse the program at night, and I have been waiting for her to come back. She entered the door with air conditioning and stood in front of my bed for a while. Then I patted my head and said that I would come to me after a while.

I don’t know what she is looking for, but I still check my homework. I found the workbook and opened the door curtain of the back room. Sister really sat at the table, frowning under the lights. I handed in my workbook timidly and stood aside, lowering my eyebrows. She said that I don’t look at your homework today, I want to ask you something. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, so I dare not take a breath. She asked me to sit down, and I hesitated for a while before my ass fell on the edge of the bed. Her bed is very neat and tidy, and she is usually never touched by others.

When I attended the wedding, I heard that you and your cousin slept together. How did you sleep? She asked.


I remember, you used to sleep well with your aunt and cousin, why can’t you sleep with Wu Jing?

I do not know either.

How did you sleep on my bed last time?

I slept well. I answered honestly.

Of course you slept well and snored. My sister laughed. I now find that your problem is that you just can’t sleep with the boy. As long as you sleep with the woman, you have nothing to do.

My sister’s words reminded me that it seems that I really have this problem. Still my sister is smart, she can see it, but I am still confused.

Starting today, you sleep with me. The elder sister smiled and said that you can stay here until you have your own bed. How about it?

The reason for her smile was unclear, which made me wary. Is there such a good thing? I’m wondering if she is talking nonsense. I can’t guess her mind, nor speak, in short, can’t provoke her. My sister was very satisfied with my embarrassment. She stood up and scraped my nose, then spread two quilts on the bed swiftly.

You sleep inside, leaning against the wall. she says.

I was agitated in my heart and was about to undress, but she was stopped.

Don’t worry, you have to promise me three things. she says.

She pushed me the paper and pen. You have to do the following three. One is washing before going to bed, the other is not allowed to wet the bed, and the third is not allowed to be naughty at school. If you promise to do it, sign your name. Remember, I did not force you, you are voluntary. If there is one that cannot be done, hum, you know what the result is.

Without hesitation, I wrote the guarantee and gave it to my sister.

My sister took a look at it, and she was very fulfilled. She pinned it to the wall with a thumbtack and lined it under the course schedule.

Compared with her first-hand Juanxiu words, my words are as ugly as a spider. At this point I feel inferior, although we are sisters, but she is like the most striking flower in school, and I am basically a pile of shit. At this moment, even if she and I were lying on a bed, it was equivalent to a flower blooming beside shit.


Sleeping with my sister made me find my root cause. I don’t have to dominate a bed, but I can’t sleep with a man. My sister took me in, it was tantamount to medicine.

I think the sister who loves cleanliness can help me in this way and let me sleep in her bed so tolerantly, mainly because she is strong. She performed so well and never accepted the word mediocre. She studies well, understands literature and art, and can also do housework, like 18-year martial arts.

With her, I discovered another secret. She often held the radio, followed by gruntingly learning foreign languages. I was surprised at this, and I dare not tell anyone. I’m afraid she wants to be a spy, but she’s not as sexy as the female spy in the movie. She was born to be a person who loves to learn, I tell myself this way. She arranged me by her side because she didn’t want her brother to be a pig intestine.

Since I learned that I am more stupid than others, I love learning. Now that sleep is guaranteed, I’m absorbed in listening to the class. I have one hundred reasons to perform well, and no reason to be a poor student. When I opened my eyes in the morning and closed my eyes in the evening, I could see the letter of guarantee I wrote. I am a member of a teacher’s family, and my father is a college student. I might be stupid than my sister and brother, and that stupid bird should fly well.

My efforts and progress can be seen by both teachers and classmates. Although I am not as eye-catching as Jin Mingchun, Teacher Bai said I have a stamina. Jin Mingchun was very happy that I was chasing him. He wanted to know why. I support me, I don’t want to say that I’m sleeping in my sister’s bed now. I didn’t want to hide it from him, so I said I knew the secret of sleeping.

I am very satisfied with my strategy, both keeping the secret and not deceiving my friends.

Jin Mingchun and I have more and more contacts, and they are inseparable. He became a class cadre, and I also became the team leader. We often enter the field of vision of Teacher Bai in pairs. Once I handed over my homework, Teacher Bai left us on a whim. She asked if Jin Mingchun would dance Xinjiang dance. Jin Mingchun immediately turned his head and waved his hands. Teacher Bai said it was you, and I was still worried.

In a word from Teacher Bai, Jin Mingchun was selected into the school propaganda team. Seeing me standing on the side silly, her love broke out, saying Wu Mo, you come too, I can’t find a suitable place for you if I don’t believe it.

Jin Mingchun and I both entered the propaganda team. He is the protagonist and I am the supporting role. The show he participated in was “Train Running to Shaoshan”, where he sang and danced. I participated in a pure dance called “pick cotton dance”. The cotton picking in the dance was very fancy, after bending the waist very low for a while and extending the hand far. I can’t jump well. Everyone says that my movements are uncoordinated and I can’t jump with others.

I was replaced, and Teacher Bai told me not to be discouraged. I accepted this result with tears in my eyes. The teachers did not have the heart to let me leave, they said that I am very serious after all. They just couldn’t understand why my mother’s literary and artistic cells were given to Wu Hu but they weren’t evened out to me. Could it be that women are not men?

I thought I could see my sister in the propaganda team, but we did not practice together. My sister ate a small stove. She didn’t need to select the programs she participated in. She directly participated in the county’s concerts, and maybe even went to the city. Sleeping in bed at night, I asked what my sister played. Sister said that when you perform on New Year’s Day, you can see it.

I finally waited until the New Year’s Day performance, I was arranged to do chores in the background. I do nothing, basically a superfluous person. Through the curtain, I saw the students in the audience black and white. The backstage was busy, and the classmates who were about to play were all dressed up colorfully. I saw Jin Mingchun painted with two pairs of mustaches, and he completely became a Uighur lad. In the crowd looking around, I did not see what sister Wu Hu looked like.

The show is about to start, and my brother Wu Jing called me out. The bed is coming! He told me an exciting news.

Without hesitation, we ran to the house with our legs. From afar, I saw a tricycle parked at the door of the house, and my cousin Gu Jialiang entered my eyes at the same time. My cousin sent me my bed, a double bed with bunk beds. There were two tall companions beside him, wearing big white baskets like his cousin. They unloaded a few iron racks from the car, and put the bed up after three, five, and two.

The bed is not very new, but very sturdy. Cousin shook vigorously, it was as steady as a pine on the top of Mount Tai. I was excited to sleep on the bunk, my brother did not agree, saying you were too young, climb up and down, what should I do if I fell down? I said it was impossible, and I was very alert when I was sleeping. My cousin said, don’t quarrel, whoever gets a good grade will sleep on the bunk.

Once settled, the brother slept in the upper bunk. Nevertheless, I am not unhappy. I finally have my own bed. I can tell Jin Mingchun aloud that I have my own bed. This night I slept in my bed and ushered in New Year’s Day to start the new year. The only regret is that my sister and I missed the performance.

The new bed brought good luck to me and my whole family.

Teacher Bai knows good people and has arranged a new role for me in the propaganda team. In the new single-play series, I was asked to play a little naughty who loves to sleep. After receiving this task, I was very confident. I couldn’t do anything else. I would be able to perform well in class. I didn’t need to teach much and quickly entered the role. I can perform all kinds of sleeping gestures perfectly, and my performance won the praise of “Grandma” and “Brother”.

The name of my “grandma” is Ni Yun, who is almost as famous as her sister at school. Everyone in the propaganda team said that she was very picky. Also said that fortunately, Wu Hu pressed her head, otherwise her tail would be lifted up to the sky. I didn’t see her tail, I only saw her acting very seriously. She looks like an old lady after makeup, walking and talking. Sometimes, she will give me the illusion of being with my grandmother.

Another piece of good news is that the shoe shop is definitely going to move to South Street. The vacated hall house, the house management office decided that we both had half. My mother and a bite were a complete victory, and Xiangzi was so happy that she couldn’t keep her mouth closed all day long. My family also closed the door to have a small celebration, and my mother took the initiative to pour wine for my father. Dad took a sip and said it was too early to celebrate the victory.

We were all stunned, not knowing what medicine he sold in the gourd. Dad went on to say that only the day when the house really came into hand was the calculation.

Mom said, you should make it clear, don’t be eccentric like Diao Deyi.

Dad smiled and said, don’t forget, there is a monkey living behind. The county is so big, so many residents who have nothing to do with it, can they watch the road be blocked?

What should I do? We all stopped chopsticks.

How to do? Dad’s clouds are light and windy, as the ancients said, it’s better to look at the scenery.

Facts have proved that Dad is worthy of being an old fox. Basically, the shoe shop that was moved before the Spring Festival is still open as usual. After a bit of a bite, the housekeeper encountered troubles, and the following residents jointly wrote a letter from the people. She found my mother and said, gritted her teeth, that was caused by the thin monkey, which caused us to ride a tiger now.

The plan did not change quickly, and there was a new statement about the allocation of the house soon. The proposal for housing management’s opinion was unfortunately stated by my father. On the 31st and 31st, the shoe repair shop is divided into three: one channel is left in the middle, and the two sides belong to two. It’s about asking for advice, but it’s actually an ultimatum. The house management staff said that as long as everyone signed the paintings, everything was ready before the Spring Festival.

If not? The elder sister tilted her head and asked.

No, my mother said. It is written in black and white on the paper, “If there is any objection, please keep it as it is”

What does this mean temporarily, one month or one year? I found my dad in a bite and said that you have a high level of teacher Wu and explained to us. My dad shook his hand and said it had nothing to do with the water bottle teacup. This is not an explanation question, it is a multiple choice question. It’s like a duck. We were originally half. Now, another person came to share. If you agree to divide, you will feel wronged. If you disagree, you may not even drink soup.

As you say, I disagree, can this cooked duck still fly?

It depends on whether the duck is cooked or not.

Teacher Wu, don’t play a dumb puzzle with me. I will ask you a word, is there any other way. A bitter rush.

There is no way out. Dad’s answer made all people raise their hearts to their throats. It depends on whether we can make up our minds.

can! Everyone almost unanimously.

The passage let him stay. This house, we don’t want it, all belong to your house!

Dad’s decisive words, like a big rock, smashed into the calm water.

Dad stunned all four, but one bite was incoherent. She hastily argued, Teacher Wu, I didn’t mean it at all.

Then tell me the truth, would you like it?

I, I… sipped for a while and nodded decisively.

Then do you want to sacrifice? Dad is step by step.

After a bit of thought, he nodded again.

That’s good, you give up the fish shop, it is my old house. Dad finally showed his cards.


The winter vacation was off, and Jin Mingchun and I took the transcript together. He took the first place in the class, and I happened to be the tenth. Teacher Bai praised us in the class, saying that he has been studying solidly, saying that I have made progress. Let’s follow our teacher fartly and clean the class cleanly. Until the door was locked, we handed the key to the teacher.

We came to Jin Mingchun’s house together, and his uncle opened the door. I feel his looks are good and his mood is good. His illness is basically cured, he said that he can return to the team in the spring. He took a look at both of our transcripts, said it was not bad and gave it back to us.

I said that Jin Mingchun took the first place in the class, and I reminded him loudly. His uncle smiled and said that the key to reading is to understand, not necessarily competing for the first and second.

I was not convinced by his uncle’s words. I think he is not very motivated. He didn’t explain to me, and took us to his house to see the stone. The large and small stones are oddly shaped and are arranged neatly in a bookcase. Some of them glowed with golden light, and some looked like a sword straight into the sky. There is also a blue hemisphere with blue glass in it, which makes me burst into praise.

Jin Mingchun smiled and said it was not glass, but crystal.

Donghai Dragon King lives in this crystal palace, right? I think of “Journey to the West”.

Have you seen “Journey to the West”? His uncle asked me.

I nodded, and I saw that his uncle was very happy. I didn’t say that I only read one, and it was still incomplete.

Then you talk about, what are these stones? He seemed interested in me.

I asked Jin Mingchun for help with my eyes, who wouldn’t ignore me at all. I thought about it and replied daringly that they must be unusual stones, and that they are excellent people among the stones.

His uncle nodded and said, you mean right. These are ores, they are the essence of the rock. They have been buried underground for tens of millions of years. If you compare the earth to a book, they are the most beautiful words in the book. For us to engage in geology, you must not only know different rocks, but also be good at finding the most valuable clues from inside. Only in this way can they be excavated from thousands of stones.

This morning, we spoke to a group of stones. I heard many stories of stones, and I seem to understand. With admiration for the geologic engineer, I left Jin Mingchun’s house. I carry two gifts with me. Two boxes of first-grade raisins just sent from Xinjiang, and a purple crystal stone.

After returning home, I gave the crystal stone to my sister and handed over all the raisins to my home. My sister took the crystal stone and rubbed it with a piece of silk cloth. She looked at the sun again and took a careful photo for a long time. I stared at it, and I was excited for my sister’s joy. I saw that my sister opened an empty bottle of cream and put it carefully into it.

After doing all this, her elder sister stretched out her arms for a long time. She opened her body like dancing and looked intoxicated. Her posture is beautiful, and her intoxication has infected me. Just as I closed my eyes, my sister hugged me tightly and kissed my face vigorously, saying, Wu Mo, how good you are! In the afternoon, I will take you to Ergu’s house.

My elder sister took me into the county committee compound, and we moved into Ergu’s house together.

Ergu’s family is in Xincheng District. I like it here. It is large and quiet, with a yard and running water. The second aunt has two sons and no daughter. The husband likes her sister very much. A cousin in the family went to work as a soldier, and the vacant house was kept for the sister for a long time. Liangzi is usually at home, and every time he takes me to the court. There is a brand new basketball at home, I can hold it alone and shoot it on the court. My sister likes to feed goldfish. She gave each fish a name.

At dinner, grandma asked how the old house was. Uncle said that I heard that it was almost the same, and I could move in after the Spring Festival. Grandma was very satisfied, poured a glass of wine and said, your county grandfather, finally implemented the policy for the family. Uncle smiled and said that this was done by your son. I dare not be greedy.

Back in the room, neither my sister nor I wanted to sleep. We talked about the house excitedly, looking forward to a new life.

Seeing that victory is in sight, we revisited the shoe shop competition. I said that my father said no house at the time, I really thought there was a live Lei Feng inside the house. My sister said that I knew there was something in his words, but I didn’t know that he would take a bite of it. You say me a word, we recall the scene of father’s shot. The elder sister said at last that she was in charge of the fish in a town, but she didn’t expect to be like a fish and got hooked by her father.

When we returned to the home of Chengguan Township from the county committee compound, we were surprised to find that the shoe repair shop had actually moved away.

The vacant wide lobby house surrounded the cheerful two people. Only Brother Xiangzi was working with a pair of frostbite and swollen hands. He sprinkled the water neatly, and everyone looked at him like a landlord watching long labor. I didn’t want to be the landlord’s little boy, picked up the iron rod and the hoop and went out, and joined the rolling hoop game on the street. I was absent this afternoon. I felt like I was moving out of a shoe repair house, and my body was a bit empty.

Facing the twilight of the river, I and the Iron Ring left the team together. The rolling iron ring rolled over Weidong Bridge and took me to South Street. The iron ring got off the bridge and rolled quickly towards East Yanhe Street. I did not keep up, but let it slowly fall on the concrete floor.

My footsteps stopped on the arched stone bridge, looking at the most striking building, standing in the attic in the middle of the old house.

Wisps of pale blue cooking smoke are rising from all around it, and will soon be blown away by the wind once it exceeds its height. The inside of the window was dark, like a hideout for ancient people. Ever since I knew it was my hometown, I often watched it from afar. But this time, there was an impulse in my heart.

I moved slowly, walking towards the attic. Along the way, most of them are women who wash rice and wash vegetables. In the footsteps, they bring the fulfillment and hesitation of the neighboring festivals. In front of the stores along the street, I saw a familiar figure. He sat at the door as usual, reading the newspaper quietly, as if the noise at the door had nothing to do with him.

The appearance of Grandpa Yang made me think that this should be a new location for shoe repair shops. Although the room was a bit chaotic, Grandpa Yang was as quiet as a stone carving, which made the entire doorway serene. I walked past him, I did not break this rare calm. My old house is next to it, which makes me feel as usual. I walked lightly over to continue my secret mission.

The door of Yuxing was concealed, and I slowly pushed it open. There was a fishy smell, and I like its taste. I love the wind on the river, they are mixed with the fresh breath of fish. I know that a bite of crunch is standing in the empty hall, like a general reviewing the battlefield of victory. I am a scout, and I have come to the forefront. Once I pass this level, I can stand at the highest point of a street.

A man and a woman are talking in the room, their voice is very low. I heard the laughter of men eating and whispering with women in embarrassment. I didn’t pay attention to the adult’s game, I walked through the empty house. As soon as I entered the courtyard, I saw a wooden staircase, and I climbed up quietly.

As I climbed upstairs, I felt a slight breathing sound. I was stunned at the staircase of the black hole, and I didn’t expect there would be anyone on it. I don’t know what kind of situation will be waiting for me, and my heart is beating. Subconsciously, I was about to run away, but I was a little bit unwilling. I am recalling the plot of the movie, what happens if the scout encounters this situation. After a while I found the answer, they might observe the enemy.

I sneaked my head out sneakily, and slowly glanced across the floor. I saw a silhouette against the dusk in front of the window. One of her hands was flipping, making a variety of beautiful movements, like a bird flying and a wave moving. I lowered my mind and walked up slowly. I don’t want to alarm her, but I am curious. I want to know what she saw, how could she not help herself?

Oh, it turned out to be the river.

My voice startled my sister, and she scratched my nose fiercely. She said why are you like a cat with no sound at all? She can compare a scout to a cat. I can accept it. A cat is always better than a ghost. I stood on tiptoe and stood beside her quietly like a cat, we silently looked at the world outside the window.

For the first time, I discovered that the river in winter is very thin, and it seems that I can’t sleep well. I don’t like it like this, I hope the water will rise. When Dad is busy, my brother and I often go to the river to carry water. There are many steps to walk in winter, which makes me feel that the bucket is heavy. Brother is behind, his shoulders must be heavier than me. People in our town rely on this river, and only a few units and factories have their own high water towers.

I wish I could move in now, my sister said. You can see this river as long as you wake up and stand here every morning. It flows right in front of your eyes, all the way to the Yangtze River. My sister said more and more excited, even I was very excited.

Can I live here? I can’t help but blurt out.

My sister looked at me strangely and said that you don’t understand. This loft was used by young ladies in the past.

My elder sister knows a lot, no matter how good people are, I can’t argue with her. For so many years, except for my own bed, I have long been accustomed to fighting without grabbing at home. There was only this loft along the river, and if I lived, it would not be worthy. But my sister can. If you mobilize the whole school to vote for who will live, you must end up with your sister.

My sister looked at me without talking and smiled instead. She said you can live for a while, of course, don’t you live with me often?

I laughed too, we left the window and started looking at the attic. My sister measured it with her steps, and then said it was much larger than my current room. I can see that, it is really big. We began to discuss how to arrange this room. The most important bed, its location must be good, others are easy to handle. I don’t need to use my brains anymore. My sister is here. I only applaud her decision if it is passed unanimously.

We stood in front of the window again, and we didn’t expect it to be completely dark. The dim street lamp outlined the curved river. Why is the time in the attic so fast? I asked my sister. She laughed, and from her smile I realized that my problem was stupid. My sister took my hand, and we went downstairs while touching it. The door was already locked from the outside, and we stood in the fishy smell.

How to do? I am a little flustered.

Dad can guess we are here, my sister said calmly.


On February 2nd, Long looked up and my family moved into the old house. For my residence, Dad gave two options. One is a side room on the side of the yard, and the other is a facade room facing the street. I did not hesitate, of course I chose to live in the facade room. It’s near the attic, and you can climb the stairs as soon as you turn your ass. Dad shook his head and said, you are stupid to say you are stupid. The fish shop in front is next door. There was a lot of noise early in the morning, and there was still a fishy smell.

I held my head and said, I’m not afraid!

You are stubborn! Mom said, you are not a cat.

Of course I am not a cat, I am a dragon. I have read “Journey to the West”, and the fish, turtles, shrimps, soldiers and crabs will all be led by the dragon. Since I am the leader of the fish, why should I dislike it? Just like to learn from my sister, she never dislikes me. She supported my choice. She said it was Wu Mo’s own choice, so let him stay and try.

The whole family took their places, and we settled quickly. Everyone was very happy, as if we had fought a great victory together.

The new home has everything, not only a loft, but also a large courtyard. The big yard is covered with a small yard, which is larger than that of Jin Mingchun’s family. An old well has been cleaned up, and the days when my brother and I went to carry water in the river are gone. Next to the well, Dad has found someone to build a kitchen. It is our separate kitchen with a small table. Our family can eat at a small table, and formal meals can be eaten at a large table in the house.

Mom loves cleanliness and takes us to continue cleaning in the yard. We are engaged in a patriotic health campaign, and only Dad is motionless. My mother was dissatisfied. She said with her arms akimbo, you are not the wounded of the New Fourth Army, so why not stretch your hand. Dad ignored her, he was immersed in the memories of the past.

He pointed to the yard and said that there was a tall Lamei. In the past, at this time, the courtyard was full of fragrance, and it was said that there was a Tianzhu plant here and there was a row of bamboo plants. With his fingers, he led us to a world of flowers and plants. Sister was said to be emotional, so let’s plant some more. Dad asked quietly, do you all have this idea?

We raised our hands to support, and I raised my hands. Brother laughed at me, do you agree or surrender? Dad sees our enthusiasm as high as we did, and started a specific division of labor as we did homework. Brother and I used the remaining bricks and soil to build two large flower beds. The whole family went together, digging pits and planting trees together.

My mother objected immediately, saying that the county show was about to start, and Wu Hu could not move. How would she dance if her hand broke. Dad solicited our opinion and said that our male will be responsible? The brother promised that he was the squad leader who always endured hardship. I am also willing and willing to do things for my sister.

When I grew up, I realized that Dad was actually a master of mobilization. He often shows no traces and leads you into his trap. He is good at mobilizing our enthusiasm for a better life, and inadvertently realizes his long-planned plan. Everyone said that my mother would perform, but in fact this is totally an illusion. My mother’s intellectual battle was learned from the script. Dad didn’t need a script, but he turned us around again and again.

This early spring, an ambitious garden project is being carried out in the courtyard of the home. Participating in this ambitious project for the first time made me feel that I almost became an important member of my family. In order to show the value of my existence, I proposed to my brother that I was responsible for a flower bed. My brother didn’t sarcasm me, he agreed happily. But he kept on painting and painted on the ground in a pretentious manner. And I was already wearing stars and wearing moons, and I was too busy.

My flower bed was covered with bricks, but it looked crooked. The difference of my brother, although only one or two layers are paved, it is straight. I found that his trick was to use a rope as a reference, nailing the wall with a nail at one end and sticking it in the ground with a wooden stick at the other end. I really don’t know, I kicked my ugly flower bed directly.

I lie on the bed and hate that iron is not steel, I think I can’t even count iron. Don’t look at my tenth place, the gap between me and my brother is at least 108,000 miles. He is a veteran of brains, and everyone praises him for his ability to be discerning. But I’m a pig brain, even a few bricks are not correct.

Just when my project encountered technical bottlenecks, Jin Mingchun extended his hand of friendship. I wonder that he is like a god soldier, but I don’t know that he is the helper my brother secretly found for me. We restart the stove and start from the basic work. Learn how your brother looks, draw lines, draw ropes, align, and build bricks. I have a lot of energy and I am not afraid to contribute. His mind is flexible and good at summarizing. We learn from each other’s strengths, and quietly started a competition with our brother.

Between the work of bricklayers, we often climbed into the attic. The elder sister’s attic is generally not allowed to be close, Jin Mingchun is an exception. His hands are sweet, and his sister screams like fish and water, as if Wu Hu is his sister. Besides, others are full of enthusiasm, so everyone in the family likes him. As long as we stand in front of the attic window, there will be endless words facing the big river.

Jin Mingchun said that this river represents the spirit of the old city. In the past, the eight sceneries and four sceneries of the city were born from the river. I pointed to Weidong Bridge and said that I heard this bridge was just a scene called “Long Bridge Half Moon”. We haven’t seen what it looks like, except that one day of the year at midnight, the river on both sides of the bridge will reflect half the moon at the same time. We started a discussion about what day it was. We reached out and reached an agreement that we wouldn’t look like a puppy.

In our gaze, the willow trees on the riverside began to sprout, and the thin branches swayed in front of the window. The flower bed in the yard has been completed, and early spring rain remains in the tree pit. One Sunday morning, a group of middle school students flooded into my yard. They carried a shovel and escorted upright saplings and various flowers and plants. They worked vigorously to push the tree planting project of my family to a climax.

When the spring breeze blows, the county’s literary and artistic performances kicked off. This is an important holiday for my family. There are three people on the stage in a family. The performance was held in the county movie theater. My mother was the first to shoot, or A Qingsao. I have some regrets. I can only see her back and silhouette in the background. I couldn’t see her expression, I was curious what she would look like when she faced the real Diao. Then my sister was about to play, and I slipped quietly to the stage.

“One mountain after another comes with water…”, the sister’s voice rang. The elder sister hasn’t gotten on stage yet, and the sound has been echoed in the theater. The actors on the stage pose and greet their sister. Sister is the lead singer, she came to the center of the stage wearing a white veil. On the stage, the stars arched the moon, singing and dancing around her sister. The elder sister danced lightly and sang, “One shot of the red flag and one shot…”

I looked at my sister excitedly under the stage. I stretched my head long and I wanted my sister to find me. I feel that my sister’s eyes have swept me, she smiles with enthusiasm. Sister always smiled, she faced all the audience. I just stared at one of her audience, my applause drowned in applause.

My palms were red and I returned to the background. “Grandma” Ni Yun pulled her face down when she saw me. Are you a pig brain, still running around now? She reprimanded me mercilessly. I was a little bit dissatisfied. Although I knew I was a pig brain, I didn’t need her to speak. Even her sister didn’t say that. Why did she really regard herself as a grandma. I came into the game with emotions, and my attitude was a little bit stern.

Unexpectedly, I was playing right, my emotions are in line with Xiao Naughty’s position. The audience broke out from time to time, expressing affirmation of me. I never imagined that I could act so energetic. It was simply super level. I came to the background in a round of applause, and the always proud teacher Bai actually kissed me fiercely. I knew that I wouldn’t read the wrong person! She commended and praised her fiercely.

At the time when my little naughty reputation was rumored, the competition between my sister and the “grandmother” had come to an end. The classmates all spread, saying that the foreign language school is going to recruit someone in our school. Now that the overall situation is set, Wu Hu and Ni Yun will choose one from the other. Jin Ming said happily to me, how can Ni Yun compare with his sister. My sister speaks foreign languages, and as long as she opens her mouth, Ni Yunbi gets down.

Don’t call me so nice, she is my sister! I said angrily.

I am not angry with Jin Mingchun, I am angry with my sister. Everyone knows that even Ni Yun has made me unable to step down, but I have no idea. Even if others treat me like a fool, does my sister treat me like an idiot? The more I thought about it, the more I went home and went to the attic. I really can’t swallow this breath, I must let my sister make it clear to me.


No one thought that his sister gave up the opportunity at his fingertips. Without defeating herself, she took the initiative to raise the white flag.

Ni Yun became the only candidate, and her voice at school suddenly surpassed her sister. She walked on the steps of the campus and was escorted by envious eyes all the way. Jin Mingchun and I were also watching her. We stood among the trees on the slope. She looked like she was walking towards the United Nations. We speak of her bad words to express our inner grievances. Ni Yun also saw us, she smiled at me from afar, she came towards us with a smile.

She came to us and looked at me with her kind-hearted eyes. She took out a brand new stationery box from her schoolbag and stuffed it into my hand. I felt like she wanted to buy me up and didn’t want to take it over. Take it, obedient! She didn’t have a loud voice, but she had an undoubted tone of elders. I dare not fight her, she still exudes the “grandma” dignity.

So why are you giving me something? I wanted to say that you should give my sister, but I can’t be the sister’s master.

I should give it to you. Although I didn’t say anything, I thought about it carefully, how could I hide her. Ni Yuncan smiled and turned and left. After a few steps, she stopped under a cedar tree. She waved and let me go alone. I guess she can only tell me if she has a secret. Sure enough, she asked me, do you know why Wu Hu gave up? My eyes are empty, I don’t know what she means.

Ni Yun’s mouth leaned towards my ear, and she said a word. Her voice was so low that it was estimated that she could not hear herself. But she must have said that the heat she exhaled remained on my ears. Her heat is very comfortable, it makes me feel itchy. She gave me a meaningful look before breaking up, as if to remind me again.

In the afternoon when the weather became gloomy, I stayed alone in class. I basically restored Ni Yun’s words, her words were only five words-she is for you! This sentence buzzed in my head, like hundreds of wasps around me. Why did my sister give up for me, I do not quite understand, but not know nothing. I thought of another question. In this family, can I leave my sister?

The blackboard I faced was like a curtain covering secrets. I looked at it blankly, with the name of the little hero Yulai written on it. The teacher asked, “Why is he for the devil’s muzzle?” I raised my hand involuntarily, and I stood up in a trance. I heard my answer, he is for me!

The classmates smiled for a while, and stopped laughing quickly again. They are not used to joking about me now, they are thinking about the deep meaning in my words. Fortunately, the teacher understood, he said that your answer also makes sense, it can be regarded as his own reality. In fact, every hero’s contribution is for our happy life today.

After we finished this lesson, the rain really came. After school, I did not walk with Jin Mingchun, but I was alone in the rain of Muchun. This rain fell for me, it made my heart cold like water. The rain blurred my vision from the forehead, but it didn’t blur my mind. It made me see that I was a heavy stone, blocking my sister’s way forward.

I stood on Weidong Bridge in the rain, looking at Yanhe Street across the rain curtain. Under the eaves stood a few people watching the rain, who stood in front of a row of old houses. They stood under the sister’s attic, as if standing for a long time. There was a skinny grandpa Yang in the middle. He didn’t read the newspaper today. He was observing the rain in the evening. His earnest gaze made me suddenly speed up. I quickly returned home and pulled out an umbrella.

Holding an umbrella, I came to the shoe shop, and I insisted on sending Grandpa Yang home. Grandpa Yang refused to agree, he said you were soaked, and quickly went home to change clothes. We old and young are deadlocked, and no one can convince each other. At this time, Grandma Yang sent an umbrella, and I have no reason to walk with Grandpa Yang in the rain.

With a wish that fell through, I stood at the intersection in the rain. I don’t want to leave here, I am waiting for pedestrians who need an umbrella. I look for opportunities in the rain, an opportunity to help others. In my stubborn waiting, the rain slowly subsided. The sudden stop of the rain made my idea of ​​helping others completely fall through. No one was holding an umbrella on the street anymore. I had to put away the umbrella and reclaim an empty wish.

The sky soon cleared, but I was still shrouded in a rainy atmosphere. For several days, I failed to get out of the gloomy emotions. I became lazy, too lazy to talk, and too lazy to move. I felt powerless and lay down on the bed as soon as I came home from school. The meals at home were all ready, and my brother called me several times. I don’t want to get up and have no appetite.

Mom couldn’t sit still, and I heard her shoot up. This is a common problem, and I have to invite three people and four people for a meal. I also feel embarrassed, ready to get up and get up. Sister came in. Was she not comfortable? I said nothing, but I felt a little sore. Where is it sour, on your hands or on your legs? I smiled bitterly, I really said badly. My sister doesn’t blame me. She reached out and pinched on my lap.

So, do you feel more comfortable? She asked. I nodded, my sister’s concern made me embarrassed. I can’t let her pinch again, I must get out of bed immediately.

do not move! My sister cried suddenly. Come on, Wu Mo’s legs seem to be swollen!

Dad took care of himself, and replaced a large 100-watt light bulb in the house, illuminating our family. We all looked at Dad, he was looking at me. He first confronted me and observed my face carefully. Then I pressed my finger on my leg and quickly removed it. I know he knows a little medicine, and he often reads “The Barefoot Doctor Handbook”. He ended the observation, but did not announce the diagnosis to me, but said to his mother, you will take him to the hospital for a urine test tomorrow.

In fact, Dad already knows, he asked his sister to fry me a dish. No salt was added to the dish, and a little sugar was added. I have a strange sweet taste and I don’t know what kind of disease sugar can cure. With this question, I waited for the results of the test sheet. Dad’s judgment is not wrong, I got nephritis, acute nephritis. The doctor told my mother a lot about my diet. I only know that I should drink less water and no salt.

An unpredictable illness broke into my life in the early summer season. Fortunately, I have always been brave and able to withstand all kinds of tests. The body was swollen and the limbs were weak, and I endured it. Can’t eat salt, I endured it. But going to the hospital to fight penicillin every day really makes me feel scared.

There are two types of penicillin injection, one is an emulsion and the other is called a liquid. After the emulsion was injected, nothing happened. The most terrible liquid medicine, a shot, it is a pain that will be remembered for life. All children as old as me were beaten to cry and howl. Only I did not shout, I bit my lip. After one shot, I had already burst into tears, and my blood was bitten on my lips.

What is more terrible than injection is the deliberate alienation of my classmates. They all hide far away, they don’t want to be with me. Although Jin Mingchun shouted loudly that nephritis would not spread, no one ignored him. Everyone believes in what he has, rather than believes in nothing. Some people eloquently refuted Jin Mingchun, you are not Bethune, what guarantee do you take? Others said ecstatically that Bethune could not guarantee that he himself was infected.

The doctor told me to rest in bed and I insisted on going to school. But in the class, I have influenced others. My deskmate was on leave, and the front and rear seats were also crowded into other seats. They are afraid of infection, they are terrified of death. It was spread among the classmates, and I got this disease. Men cannot get married, women can not have children. Although it is still early to get married and have children, everyone does not want to ruin their own tomorrow.

I have no courage to rely on in the class and can only go home in vain. This is my most frustrating day. I love learning so much, but I am ruthlessly isolated from the classroom. My sister comforted me and said that you can learn at home, and I am responsible for teaching you. Jin Mingchun patted me on the chest, and promised to hand in my homework in time. In fact, I am not worried about leaving the course. I am uneasy about leaving the campus.

The elder sister moved out of the young lady’s attic and gave me precious space. The brother secretly found a wooden box and tucked it under the bed with difficulty. This is a book sealed by my father. He quietly told me not to let the adults know. I know what they mean, and they worry that I’m going to collapse. They let me be in the high loft and see the vivid life at a glance. They accompany me with the best things, I hope I will not live like a new year.

I dragged my swollen body back and forth up and down. There are seven steps from bed to window, and seven steps from window to bed. You can see two rows of trees in front of the window, one row willows and the other row willows. I face the continuous rainy days, this is the longest rainy season I have experienced. In the sound of wind and rain, I imagined the sound of reading in class.

In order to pass the boring days, I opened the box. There are books I have never heard of before, exuding a mild musty smell. I don’t like the smell. I spread them locally on the floor in front of the window. Then I sat on the bed and observed the books from afar. I felt embarrassed, so many books appeared at once, and I didn’t know which one to choose. I closed my eyes and touched slowly.

I got one of them in my hand. I did not expect that a book would affect my life.


A distant village appeared before my eyes. It was different from the village I was familiar with. I never knew that the attic could be seen so far.

There is a rich woman in this village, she is a widow. She was living with her daughters in the manor. Her family is a daughter country, and she has strict discipline with her daughter. Her eldest daughter is 18 years old, but rarely sees outsiders. That day my eldest daughter was sick, so I invited a village doctor.