Perfect second venture, ingenuity and creation to lead the trend of domestic products

“After this epidemic, the offline economy accelerated online, and health needs have become one of the most urgent and important needs of the people. Although the current situation still seems to be difficult, we have also seen a lot of new opportunities. “The words of Gu Runjin, the chairman of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. (“Perfect Company” for short), sounds full of high spirits, “2020 is the first year of Perfect Start of Second Entrepreneurship, the company will be more proactive, Integrate into the overall situation of national development, seize the development opportunities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and intensify efforts to innovate and develop, including technologies and models, to give more support to partners.”

On April 18, a “Cloud Signing” ceremony was held simultaneously in Zhongshan, Beijing and Guangzhou. Perfect Life Health Technology Research Institute, China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, China Daily Chemical Industry Research Institute and Jinan University jointly announced strategic cooperation matters.

Let’s take a look at the time node and background of this contract.

On March 13th, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 23 departments issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting Consumption Expansion and Quality Improvement and Accelerating the Formation of a Strong Domestic Market”, optimizing and improving the supply of the domestic market, and continuously improving quality and upgrading of consumption has become a trend.

A bird’s eye view of the perfect South China base.

After that, the Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Guangdong Province held a city-wide conference to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. The conference emphasized that we must firmly grasp the “fixed astrolabe” of the manufacturing industry, fight every big battle and hard battle to revive the manufacturing industry, and highlight the encirclement, the Phoenix Nirvana, and the rebirth of the fire in the development of urban competition and cooperation in the Greater Bay Area. .

The relevant person in charge of Perfect Company said on the occasion of “cloud contract”: “We must use the national platform to realize the seamless connection between technology and industry. We will step up efforts to promote scientific research and innovation, through cooperation with well-known scientific research institutes, academicians and experts Carry out cooperation, introduce core technologies and innovative resources, promote the incubation and rapid transformation of cutting-edge technological achievements in the health industry, jointly build a cutting-edge industry-university-research integrated cooperative research system, provide consumers with better products and services, and provide partners with greater Platform.”

Perfect South China Base Intelligent Manufacturing Center.

The second venture, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, fully entering the big health industry, striving for the new trend of domestic products, perfection in action…

Focus on smart manufacturing
There is a product, no matter how the domestic consumer market changes and upgrades, there is no shortage of “fans” competing to plant grass, this is the perfect aloe vera glue produced by Perfect Company and popular for more than 20 years. Gurunjin believes that the perfect selling of perfect aloe vera glue is behind the perfect company’s persistent adherence to quality and emphasis on service.

Looking back on the history of perfect entrepreneurship, dedication and re-entry, many are related to aloe vera gel.

“Not all aloe vera gel is perfect aloe vera gel”, this is a sentence that some perfect “fans” often hang on their lips. After Perfect Aloe Vera became a star product, many fake and shoddy products under the banner of “Perfect Aloe Vera” appeared on the market, which not only harmed the interests of Perfect Company, but also violated the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, “counterfeiting” has become an important task for the perfect company to maintain the quality mark. Since 2012, the company has set up a special anti-counterfeiting and rights protection team. It has also launched online and offline crackdowns on counterfeiting and counterfeiting, cracking down on more than 800 cases of counterfeiting in physical stores and more than 900 cases of counterfeiting online, and successfully deleted the e-commerce platform Thousands of infringing information. The perfect aloe vera plastic packaging box also adds anti-counterfeiting marks, and adopts “local nuclear micropore technology” and “printing ink partial shedding technology” and other multiple anti-counterfeiting technology guarantees, which also creates a safety consumption barrier for consumers.

The same perfect aloe vera gel, produced more than 20 years ago and produced today, is naturally refined in quality, but there is no essential difference. However, after more than 20 years, this aloe vera has a different birth process. Compared with the perfect aloe vera gel more than 20 years ago, today’s products are born with a higher technology.

Entering the daily chemical workshop of the perfect company’s South China base, the unmanned car is carrying the goods in an orderly manner. You can see that the aloe glue is distributed by AGV handling robots for outsourcing materials throughout the entire process. This kind of production line is not for the sense of science and technology-AGV robots have greatly liberated the labor force.

Entering the perfect health food workshop in Yangzhou, you can also feel the full sense of technology. For example, the infrared thermal sensor can achieve the function-if the aluminum foil is not sealed, the production line system will automatically remove it, which solves the problem of poor sealing from the root cause; and for example, robot spider hand equipment, which can automatically release deoxidizer and dry. Agent, while ensuring rapid production, it can also ensure the pass rate; at the same time, new automatic packaging equipment has been added, which greatly improves efficiency. The ubiquitous “black technology” makes perfect quality more reliable.

In the perfect company Zhongshan headquarters and Yangzhou Perfect, tens of millions of funds are invested to purchase international advanced testing equipment and build an intelligent testing center. The testing centers in both places have passed CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) accreditation, which can detect such items as genetically modified, dioxane, nitrite, melamine, heavy metals and so on. The laboratory of Zhongshan Headquarters Inspection Center passed 503 CNAS accredited projects, and the number of Yangzhou Perfect Inspection Center passed 497 CNAS accredited projects. Independent, reliable and authoritative test results provide a solid technical support for the safety and quality of perfect products.

How to ensure that every product produced meets quality assurance? In addition to intensive work in manufacturing, Perfect Company also gave each product produced an “identity number” for traceability. From the production workshop to the hands of consumers, each perfect product is covered with four different two-dimensional (barcode) codes. The first barcode is the barcode of the product (plastic or tin can) itself, the second is the QR code of the product carton packaging, the third is the barcode on the card board in the storage system, and the fourth is the sales link Barcode. These four two-dimensional (barcode) codes contain key information such as the production date, batch number and place of origin of the product, which can effectively realize the forward and backward traceability of the product, ensuring that each product has its beginning and end. The traceability system is designed to create safety and quality The product quality builds a firewall.

The perfect manufacturing workshop is becoming more and more intelligent.

Perfect Company strictly controls the quality, not only implements the relevant national standards, but also formulates stricter internal control standards, and participates in the formulation of many national standards and standards. Up to now, there are 29 national standards, 17 line standards, and 4 group logos that Perfect Company has participated in the formulation/revision. Currently, 17 national standards, 5 line standards, and 4 group standards have been announced and implemented.

This year is the 26th anniversary of Perfect Company. As a foreign-funded enterprise rooted in China, Perfect Company has set up 34 branches, 6 offices, and more than 10,000 service centers in provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China. At the same time, it has expanded product sales and services to Hong Kong and Taiwan. And Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries. At present, the company has invested over 7 billion yuan in China.

At the same time, Perfect Company has made frequent moves in smart manufacturing in recent years: actively responding to the call of “Digital China”, continuously deepening reform and innovation, and exploring the integrated development of “Internet +”; by integrating multiple resources, contributing to a healthy China; The South China Base is the perfect “strategic formation” for the “Assault Ship”. Early planning and early layout, starting from automation, strive to move towards the direction of intelligence and digitization, and the perfect company’s second entrepreneurial road is gradually moving away.

At Perfect Company, not only the production line is gradually being fully automated, but also intelligent equipment is integrated into every aspect of perfect production. At the perfect intelligent warehousing center in the South China base, the “skyscrapers” with a full sense of technology are in sight. This is a “Chinese five-star warehouse”. It introduces the world-renowned automated logistics system, WMS warehouse management system, two-dimensional code full tracking, four German stacking robots, and the entire area of ​​the warehouse is automated. It realizes unmanned management and paperless.化 Assignment. The raw material warehouse realizes the intelligent operation of computer scanning code such as “receiving, sending, storing” and other functions. With reference to domestic advanced logistics storage systems such as Taobao and, all the warehouses are sent and received by robots, and the air-rail shuttle is used between the finished product warehouse and the plant. Docking.

In the future, Perfect Company will continue to actively implement the “Healthy China” action to allow consumers to share health.

If the black technology improves the quality and efficiency of the perfect company’s intelligent manufacturing, then the 100,000-level clean and fully enclosed workshop will increase the quality assurance of the perfect company. In the perfect production workshop, you can see through the glass wall. In the fully enclosed workshop with 100,000 cleanliness, ingredients, sub-packing, metering… Each link is completed by intelligent equipment such as robotic arms and conveyor belts. The floor of the production workshop uses epoxy flooring, and different clean areas are distinguished by different colors. The production equipment realizes the material closed pipeline transportation to avoid unnecessary contact with the outside world. Perfect Company has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of manufacturing. Plant design, hardware equipment, quality management, etc. all use pharmaceutical factory standards for production and operation. The ingredients and sub-packing areas are 100,000 clean areas. At the same time, the company has designed a “visual” visit channel for the entire production process, and implemented the management concept of transparent factories and transparent production, so that consumers can feel at ease and feel at ease.

Health and 24/7 service
In recent years, my country’s large health industry has shown a vigorous development trend. Gurunjin believes that as a new bright spot in China’s economy, the big health industry has great potential for development. The next ten years will be the golden decade of the great health industry. Perfect companies need to gain the upper hand and embrace trends and changes in order to embrace the future.

In 2016, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the “Outline of “Healthy China 2030″” to promote the health of the whole people. Perfect Company, as a foreign-funded enterprise engaged in the health science and technology industry, has been actively implementing the “Healthy China Action” And start a multi-party layout. Perfect Company integrates multiple resources and establishes the “Life Health Science and Technology Research Institute”, United Nations scientific research institutions, scientific and technological innovation platforms, well-known universities at home and abroad, and industry associations and other high-quality resources, focusing on bioactive peptides, natural plants, traditional Chinese medicine, micro-ecology In four major areas, establish an innovation platform, joint laboratories and industrial investment funds, and promote the development of a large health industry based on the three goals of technological innovation, achievement transformation and product transformation.

It is understood that the Perfect Life Health Technology Research Institute is committed to carrying out cutting-edge basic research, connecting with world-class technology, solving bottleneck technologies in the industrialization of the industry, creating world-class health products, and fulfilling “providing consumers with better quality and safety “Products and perfect service” promise to provide the public with more healthy choices and promote high-quality development of industries and enterprises. Independent innovative development and listing of the perfect YishengshengTM solid beverage, the perfect meal brand peptide algae nutrition powder, the perfect brand fructooligosaccharide sea buckthorn tea, Zhencuishu composite dietary fiber powder, the perfect brand aloe royal jelly mineral powder, nutritious meal, living Brand Yisheng Sugar and other products are well received by the market.

Gu Runjin said that satisfying consumers’ longing for a better life is the goal of the perfect company’s tireless pursuit. As a big health technology industry company, perfection must do its own food safety work and be a smart maker of health products. . In the future, Perfect Company will continue to actively implement the “Healthy China” action to allow consumers to share health.

Checking only at the manufacturing end does not guarantee that the products are of high quality and reliability to consumers. Perfect Company uses “Perfect Service” to maintain the final level of quality. “24-hour response, understand the needs of customers in the shortest time”, Perfection not only has strict quality management and operating specifications, but also has a professional service concept and five-star service standards to provide consumers with quality services. In the development process of the enterprise, Perfect Company has always carried out the service concept of “sincerity and sincerity”, constantly optimizing services, reforming and innovating, and striving to “not only satisfy consumers but also move consumers”.

It is worth mentioning that, as an important part of after-sales service, the logistics service of Perfect Company has never stopped moving forward. In order to meet the market’s urgent need for health food during the epidemic prevention and control period, from January 26, Perfect Company dispatched resources urgently and customized the logistics and transportation plan during the epidemic. From January 28th, the transfer personnel did not fear the difficulties and returned to the warehouse in advance to coordinate on-site shipment. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Perfect Company encourages customers to place orders online, and the products are delivered directly to the home by Jingdong Express, which is safer and faster. At the same time, from warehouses, containers to trucks, every place where goods pass through is fully disinfected, and safety measures are comprehensively increased to protect consumers’ health.

Twenty-six years old is the age of Fenghua Zhengmao, and so is the perfect company. In the future, Perfect Company will seize the opportunity, continue to improve the level of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, realize the automation, intelligence and informationization of manufacturing, and strive to become an excellent provider of all human health and beauty services.