See depression as a leap in development

The more severe the depression, the more clenching your teeth, perseverance, and a positive and cheerful attitude to deal with the difficult situation. On this basis, it is important to realize that “depression is an opportunity for growth.” Companies should seek greater development through such adversity as depression.

Kyocera has not experienced an annual loss since its establishment, and has achieved the goal of smooth growth and development of the company. But looking back at the company’s half-century history, we have experienced many severe economic depressions, such as the oil crisis in the 1970s, the yen appreciation crisis in the 1980s, the bubble burst crisis in the 1990s, the IT bubble burst crisis in the 2000s, and Lehman. Financial crisis, etc.

In order to overcome the depression, we have made unremitting efforts, and every time we go through the depression period, the scale of Kyocera will double or double. From these experiences, I have strengthened the belief that depression should be regarded as an opportunity for growth.

Regarding depression as an opportunity, it is important to build a high-profit business physique on weekdays. High-yield is the best strategy to prevent depression.

Because high-yield is a kind of “resistance”, so that companies can still gain a foothold in a depressed situation. At the same time, high-yield is also a kind of “endurance”. High-yield enterprises have accumulated rich internal retention for many years. Even if the depression period is very long, the enterprise has not been able to make profits for a long time, it can still bear it.

But when the turmoil of depression really swept through, how should leaders take the helm of business?

Countermeasure 1: All staff marketing

During the depression, all employees should become salesmen. Employees usually have different positions, usually have good ideas, ideas, ideas, these things can not be put in use during the depression, you can get them from customers to evoke their potential needs, all employees must do this.

Countermeasure 2: Fully develop new products

It is very important to develop new products during the depression. Products that are usually busy and have no time to take care of, and products that have no time to fully listen to customer opinions, must be actively developed. Not only the technology development department, marketing, production, market research and other departments actively participate, the entire company must unite and develop together.

Strategy 3: Cut costs completely

Seize the opportunity of depression, and work hard with employees to thoroughly promote various cost-cutting measures, such as “the lights in the corridor are only half-turned” “the lights in the toilet are not turned on often, and the habit of turning off the lights easily”, Continuously take practical measures. It may seem like a trivial matter, but together with employees, step by step, and actual reduction of funds, it is precisely this kind of effort is the most effective way to build a high-yield enterprise.

Strategy 4: Maintain high productivity

It is important to maintain high productivity during the depression. During the oil crisis, I reduced the number of manufacturing staff to 1/3, and the remaining 2/3 of the staff were engaged in environmental sorting work that I usually had no time to take care of, and carried out philosophy learning activities in a unified organizational direction, which will become a boost to make the enterprise leap again. force. Of course, if some people do not produce, they must maintain the enterprise. The enterprise must have sufficient internal retention. It is not to be forgotten to build a high-yield physique of an enterprise and ensure sufficient internal retention to respond to the crisis.

Strategy 5: Build a good interpersonal relationship

Under the difficult situation, the interpersonal relationship between the workplace and the enterprise has been tested. Whether the interpersonal relationship between the common and the painful has really been established, the atmosphere of the workplace and the enterprise have been tested from the front. Therefore, depression is an excellent opportunity to adjust and rebuild good interpersonal relationships in enterprises. It is very important to take advantage of this opportunity to strive to create a better corporate culture.

The current world economic situation can be described as chaotic and foggy. I don’t know when the world depression will hit again. However, the more uncertain the prospects, the more it is necessary to return to the above-mentioned business principles and principles and work hard to practice.