A documentary about heaven

Sitting alone in the car, I enjoyed the tranquility of the cold in the northeast, the cold in the northeast was sharp and sharp, and the Tahe had a temperature that was nearly twice lower than that of Harbin. I was not used to Harbin. The southerners couldn’t help shaking their hearts.

Overnight, the train arrived at Tahe very early. When I got up in the morning, I was sleepy, and I saw thick snow and ice in the carriage. As the car slowly slowed down, I took a deep breath of the heater and dragged my luggage out of the car. The temperature outside the car was not as cold as imagined. Maybe the body stayed in Harbin for a few days, and the body got used to it in advance.

The town government’s car came to the station early to wait to pick us up. We ate breakfast in a humble restaurant. Before we were familiar with this strange city, the car took us to our destination-Baiyinna.

Baiyinna’s township name comes from the name of Baiyinna Village, “Baiyinna” in Oroqen, meaning “wealthy”. Baiyinna Village is an Oroqen settlement established by the state in 1953 to accommodate the Oroqen people who have hunted for generations in old forests in deep mountains.

White, the first feeling this strange world gives me is white. So pure white, that kind of white quickly emptied my eyes, and then began to spread into my mind, filling my mind. This is Bai Yinna, like a wonderful first love, which made me suddenly soaked in a warm heart.

After getting off the bus, we stayed in a very simple hotel. Snow silently and quietly pressed the whole town to an extremely quiet, dusty heart, and then pulled out of the noisy city.

The research team held a small meeting in the room and assigned the two days of tasks and itineraries. I rushed out impatiently, like a flying bird freed from the cage, wanting to spread my wings in this pure world.

At the first stop, we went to the township government, and the mayor welcomed us warmly. This is also where we have eaten these days. The head of the township is a middle-aged woman of the Oroqen nationality, with a thin face full of softness.

In the office, I heard the head of the township talk about the culture of the E people and the history of the migration of the E people. It suddenly deepened my love for this land. I suddenly felt that this land is not only a kind of tranquility, but also Covered in tranquility, the rich culture and spiritual totem waiting for us to dig.

When I went out after eating lunch, I suddenly saw an old man not far away rushing a flock of sheep, and a hunting dog immediately followed the old man, and the three suddenly turned into white snow. Brother Liu and I rushed excitedly to capture the picture at this moment. At this time, the naughty hound began to rush to the old man’s arms, seemingly craving intimacy-this may be Bai Yinna’s photo without need of modification Right!

In the morning, I heard the mayor said that Bai Yinna had never committed a crime, and even if the door was not locked at night. The legend that I had just heard was actually showing me the innocence and goodness of humanity here, and suddenly I added a little bit of love to my heart.

The car drove forward. In front, two residential buildings appeared on the calm snow. Knocked on one of the doors, a short woman stood in front of me, and behind him was a child who looked exactly like her. She received us with kindness, and then we sat down and began to greet you. While taking pictures, I was recording the conversation. Finally, we asked the child’s future ideals. He smiled embarrassedly and didn’t know how to answer. But I can see that in those big flashing eyes, they are obviously desperate for the outside world.

When we arrived at the second house, we were welcomed by a mother with a good figure, but her child was very thin, but her personality was much quieter and shy than the child just now. When we finally talked about the topic of dreams, the child could no longer restrain the emotions in his heart and improvised an Oroqen song for us.

In his singing, we followed in his footsteps to the only school in Baiyinna, which is the northernmost ethnic school in China. Although the school is very remote, the school facilities are first-rate. At this time, our flow of people was divided into two parts. One part went to visit the ethnic museum on campus, and I followed Luo Dan, a graduate student, and she was going to give lectures to elementary school students in the afternoon.

Luo Dan’s sister was very nervous before the lecture and insisted that I stay for the second half of the lecture. She suddenly received the news that she was going to teach in elementary school, so she planned only one morning. However, when she stood in the lecture hall, I was suddenly shocked by her self-confidence and momentum. The words were so vivid, and the sentence-by-sentence explanation of Chinese classical culture was extremely thorough and wonderful. In her eyes, you can see the curiosity that was deeply aroused by her.

In one class, I felt an hour of wonderful interpretation of Chinese studies, and for these children, what I left behind was a seed deeply planted in their hearts for curiosity. The teachers at the scene also heard it fascinated. Finally, at the end of the lecture, the principal walked over to Luo Dan’s sister, and said to her meaningfully, “Our school still lacks teachers.”

When we left the campus, an uncle took us to visit the town’s ethnic museum, where many of the living utensils used by the Oroqen people were placed, all made of local birch bark and once-hunted animal skins. However, due to the protection of the government, hunting is now prohibited, so all this has become the last narrative of the E people.

The uncle began to tell us the stories that were deposited in each exhibit one by one, and in each story, I resurrected every exhibit that slept in time. This rooted in the vitality of the culture, once again the legend that happened in this ancient land began to burn in my heart again.

After dinner, have a meeting in the room. Tonight’s discussion is the division of tasks for each group of tomorrow: three groups of food, non-legacy and photography. I just heard the word gourmet and I can’t wait to say: “Where is the food group? I want to join!” The two girls beside me also shouted to join me in the food group. The three of us became a team To continue with the planned allocation for tomorrow.

At this time, the groups debated the purpose and core of this study tour. I just made a good listener, and our tutor, Mr. Liu Guofu, director of the Heilongjiang Women and Children Foundation suddenly said: “What you want to do is not something you should do at this age, what you have to do It’s just a word-play, why it’s play, because today I saw that the students here are going to go to the toilet in the cold outdoor toilet at minus 30 degrees. I saw whether there are people picking up and dropping off from school. Ann is not safe.”

In an instant, I was shocked by these two simple and profound words. I suddenly felt these two simple words, which contained the wisdom of Teacher Liu Guofu and the sincerity of public welfare. I immediately apologized to him.

So, play-we rushed out and started furiously grabbing the snow to fight the snowball fight. The old man in the hotel next door shouted: “If you want to play, just play with excitement, bury him on the snow.” For a time, the peaceful snow suddenly stirred up a group of young people’s laughter. I suddenly felt what youth is. It was the most intense and boiling color in the years, like the blossoming fireworks in the night sky, gorgeous.

This is the most pleasant and memorable night I have spent here, because of play, in which I blended so harmoniously with this town.

Waking up, the sun rises slowly on the quiet snow, gradually dyeing this pure world bright red. On the silent land, the poems written in blood were read by footsteps.

After breakfast, we proceeded according to our respective tasks. But before that, we are going to visit a grandmother of the Oroqen ethnic group to hear her tell the story of the E ethnic group’s settlement from the upper mountain to the lower mountain. As soon as I entered the door, I suddenly found a kind of commonality unique to the old man from the face of the grandmother, and always inadvertently revealed another kind of serenity, full of kind pleasure. And it is worth mentioning that the E people have eliminated illiteracy very early, so the education level of the elderly here is very high.

Before leaving, the grandmother showed us the clothes the E people wore when they were nomads. Among them, the roe deer suit has a great effect of keeping warm. I also laughed and wore a picture with my grandmother.

The team is temporarily separated here, our food team went to a handicraft shop. As soon as I opened the door, I saw an old lady who was immersed in the polishing of handicrafts, and saw that we were coming, not only did not have the sudden feeling of being disturbed by strangers, but received us very eagerly. I have always been touched by the elderly here, often exuding a kind of nature, perhaps because this land nurtures them with goodness, so they choose to use goodness to feed more people.

There are only two local handicrafts sold here, and only two old women aged 60 or 70 will do it, so the craft is close to being lost.

The handicrafts made by the grandmother are in short supply in the market, not only scarce, but also because each handicraft is made from natural materials, beautiful in style, and affordable, so it is very popular. The time cost of each item is also huge. It takes only one day to make small pieces, all of which are made from local birch bark, and the making tools are various discarded parts used by the grandmother.

There were many exquisite finished products on the counter of the room, and they took a closer look. Then, we squatted next to my grandmother and watched her carefully. I saw that she used the bones of the roe deer to knock out many uniform small holes in the birch bark, and then surrounded the parts of the crafts. Looking at it, the three of us couldn’t wait to try it. As a result, when I was holding the production tool, it was clumsy like nailing it, and it caused a burst of laughter.

After trying to make handicrafts, we only remembered our purpose of coming here. So, we asked grandma if there is a specialty here? After listening to it, the grandmother stood up enthusiastically, ran to the kitchen, moved out a large bottle of blueberry juice she had collected and poured a glass for each of us. That is the sweetness I have never tasted. At the tip of my tongue, there is a trembling taste originating from Daxinganling. Grandma was very happy to see that we were drinking, and then went to the kitchen to stir the refrigerator, turning out the frozen things one by one, and brought us a large package of red wild fruits and two large bottles of blueberry sauce for us to taste.

At the entrance of the blue sauce, I felt that the elves of Daxinganling danced at the tip of my tongue, and then wriggled my tongue gently, as if at the moment, I was sitting on the summer grass of Daxinganling, enjoying the sunshine through the dense forest. The warmth on my face. However, the taste became more bitter as I got into the mouth. I heard that I would be drunk after eating too much blueberry sauce. But I want to be so drunk, it must be the greatest beauty in life.

He went out to the handicraft shop and joined the big team. Afterwards, I walked to the exhibition hall of a local painter and visited her paintings that she used birch bark to resurrect her childhood memories. She told us the stories behind them one by one, those old memories in my mind, those old cultures of the E people, so quickly, they were revived at the moment outlined with birch bark.

Finally, she talked about her experience of going to Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. She didn’t like the college-style court painting method. Instead, she relied on the skills she had learned by herself to create her unique artistic creation style.

As night fell, Bai Yinna’s last night could never let me sleep again, and the sense of life was stretched infinitely on this day. As we approached farewell, I knew I had no power to let time stay, but all I could do was to gather up the courage to make a final fight. To stretch it, to stretch it endlessly, at least makes me feel like this.

After dinner, after the last meeting, everyone took turns to share the results of these days. But I just want to use my own way to make a special farewell ceremony for my unwillingness. To take off the heavy clothing, and ran madly in the music outdoors at minus thirty degrees, one hour, two hours, or even in the morning, at dawn.

At the end of the meeting, I can’t wait to start my practice and ran to the room excitedly. At ten o’clock, I looked at my phone, wrapped my clothes around my head, took off my thick coat, put on my headphones and put on the most intense song, and started running.

The silver na of the night was empty, and there was thick ice on the road, and the street lights on both sides lit up the silence of the night. Music, running, and only music and running can be together with silence and starry sky until dawn. Suddenly, when I ran to the door of a restaurant, the headphones ran out of power. I stopped immediately, took off my earmuffs, and suddenly shouted at the night sky: Time! Time! I want to fight you to the end!

Without an ensemble of music, Olunchun near the midnight was terribly quiet. Going back, the lights went out one by one, and occasionally the passing lights lit up the long road. I have never seen such a pure night sky. In Baiyin Na at midnight, only a few unbearable lights accompany me to tell the integrity of the last night. Until the heart is shredded into snowflakes, flying in the night sky.

I extremely want to use pain to retain the beauty and lengthen the night’s sense of time. Khan started to freeze and pierced the pores like a needle. I finally succumbed and walked back to the warm hotel. There is no gentle and crazy poetry in the hotel, only the snoring sound of people sleeping, trembling in the night sky like a pointer.

The mayor gave us a sumptuous dinner. The bus went forward, the sunset swept away the snowflakes hidden in the forest, a trace of sadness, inadvertently swept across my forehead. This is Bai Yinna, a documentary I wrote for heaven.