Smart people, don’t fight unprepared battles

  There was a single business deal last year, and there was a small twist in the middle. The project itself is relatively simple. After I understood the content, I found a target customer to discuss cooperation.
  At the beginning, the communication was very smooth. The other party was very interested in the cooperation framework proposed by me. After asking a few substantive questions, I could answer them one by one. Because it was a matter of mutual benefit, the other party was very happy, cooked Kung Fu tea, and talked to me about things outside of work.
  The atmosphere is very pleasant, and I secretly rejoice in being able to negotiate a business so quickly. Just when the two of us reached an oral agreement and needed to upload information, he asked me a trivial question. I couldn’t answer it at once, and quickly said, “I’ll call my colleagues, this is a small question, it doesn’t matter.” ”
  Unexpectedly, he immediately said to me as if he had changed personally: “What’s irrelevant? Please do your homework before talking about cooperation, and then talk about it.” Then I stood up and sent me a guest order with subtle movements.
  I am a little bit dissatisfied, a small problem, as for? But after calming down, it is not a trivial question. If any of the details in the business are not handled properly, it is possible to bury hidden dangers for cooperation. His prudence makes sense.
  Back in the office, I found out the relevant materials and did the study again. After making sure to grasp every detail, I went to him again. Because of the previous foreshadowing, we soon signed a cooperation agreement.
  A business that could have been successful once was done twice because of insufficient preparation, which wasted time and almost lost the single business. Since then, I have developed the habit of doing my homework beforehand. This change has saved me a lot of detours.
  Some time ago, to deal with a complaint with colleagues. On the way, my colleague told me that this problem is a bit complicated. I’m a bit guilty, but I made a plan in my heart in advance: I must solve the customer’s problem. If it can’t be solved, bring the problem back and be prepared to solve it.
  After arriving at the client unit, we did not rush to solve the problem, but sorted out the problems raised by her and promised to solve them. After returning, we discussed the solution together and made sufficient data preparation for all problems to ensure that the results were implemented and then handed over the plan to the business department for implementation.
  When she came home again, she recognized our work and signed a renewal agreement on the spot.
  When I received the word “thank you” in WeChat, I was very pleased. The problem is indeed more difficult than it looks. Fortunately, we have done enough homework to solve the problem at one time, otherwise we don’t know how many times we have to run back and forth, and it is not known whether the customer is disappointed with us.
  Opportunities favor people who are prepared. The more you want to do anything, the more you need to do it. If you are unprepared, the results will often be twists and turns. Smart people don’t fight unprepared battles.

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