Kill the monkey


The rain was getting bigger and bigger, accompanied by thunder, and bursting on the roof, every time it seemed to collapse the house; two windows banged in the wind, one heavier and one fierce. Since the window lock was broken, I could only use my hands to lift it. The two windows are four or five meters apart, and I hold one, and the other continues to bang. The third uncle was sleeping, and he could not wake up. I was sweating anxiously, and ran back and forth between the two windows until the two new glasses broke in the wind one after another, and the wind blew through the window with raindrops.

The bed legs of the third uncle were gradually submerged by the rain, and the whole figure floated on the water. The monkey on the beam of the house couldn’t sit still anymore, walked around on it, scratching his ears.

On the morning a week ago, the master who changed the glass said that he could exchange a new pair of locks for another ten yuan. I turned my trouser pockets out like two crumpled pig ears, tucked on either side of my hip bones. He shook his head, and then mouthed his uncle Nunu who was lying on the bed.

When Uncle San went out to play the monkey and just came back, he made money, but besides dealing with our stomachs, he has always been hairless in other things.

I sighed and sat back to the master decorator, sitting on a brick in the courtyard. The monkey came over and squatted across from me. It looked innocent, as if it had done something wrong. I reached out and touched the top of his head. It stepped on my thigh and wanted to touch my head. I deliberately leaned on my neck to prevent it from touching and screaming in anger.

The newly-changed glass is bright, and white light is reflected in the sunlight. Through the glass, things in the room looked unreal, overlapping the scene in the courtyard. I found a rag and I was going to wipe the soil on the glass.

When the third uncle woke up, he saw water around him, and furniture and debris were floating on the water. When he stretched his waist, a mouse just swam to the front, so he squeezed the mouse’s neck, soaked it in the water, and lifted it up again, like a playful kid who found a new toy, and repeated it several times. Finally, the mouse flew out of his hand, leaving a blood spot on the wall, falling on the water and whirling, gradually sinking to the bottom.

“The new glass is broken!” I cried.

My uncle Bai glanced at me and said that it is already very nice to live in a house. What do you feel distressed about the glass? With that said, he grabbed a broom from the water and went for the pair of blue sandals that had been worn for two years and the heels had already been worn.

“Go, eat dumplings!” He put on his shoes, jumped out of bed, walked to the door under the water, and turned back to remind me to be careful not to get caught in the glass.

Silhouetted on the stone road after the rain, the air is sticky, and the rolling hills around Baihe Town resemble surging green waves.

Holding the monkey, I followed behind the third uncle and walked towards the dumpling house in Dongtou, Baihe Town.

Uncle San is indifferent to many things, but never sloppy on the issue of eating.

After the death of my parents, I lived with my third uncle, and it has been six years since I knew it.

In the past six years, there hasn’t been any smoke in the kitchen. My uncle Dunton and I went to the restaurant every time. We brought the monkey at home every time. What did we eat? For this reason, the people in Baihe Town chewed their tongues in the back, saying that my third uncle treated the monkey better than his father.

The third uncle also did not refute.

When it’s okay, I like to play with the monkey. But when Uncle saw it, he always said with a straight face, “Tap your hands, don’t hurt the monkey, it was left to me when your grandfather was dying!”

Every time, I rolled my eyes to my uncle. I quarreled with monkeys, and I had counts in my heart. Besides, he didn’t allow others to hurt the monkeys, but when he was in a bad mood, or when the monkeys were disobedient, he kicked at the monkeys, or pumped it with a whip. Scream.

Whenever the third uncle hit the monkey, I red-eyed, picked up the monkey, walked out of the house, and spent the day in the forest or on the tree. It wasn’t until dark that my third uncle’s cry rang in the night, and I quietly slipped home. Let him find him alone in the middle of the night.

Uncle San came back in the night and saw that the monkey and I were sitting and playing in the hall. He was not annoyed. He came over and threw a pack of instant noodles at me and the monkey, letting us nibble to sleep.

Living with the third uncle, he has never beaten me. Even so, I often wonder whether he loves me or not. Say no to it. He took me to the restaurant suddenly. When he was almost out of money at home, he went out to play monkeys alone to make money. He left me the little money left, and he didn’t take his penny. But if he loves me, it seems inaccurate, because apart from eating and drinking, he is so indifferent to everything in my life. For example, when I asked him for money for glass, he said it hundreds of times, and he pretended to be deaf and dumb. Once, he was probably annoyed by me and said:

“Change the glass, don’t bring death to death!”

“Winter is coming, cold.”

“Many quilts!”

We have several quilts, but it is dirty because no one has taken it off for a long time. In winter, the quilt is hard like a piece of iron. It is not warm at all, and there is no glass on the window. At night, I hold the monkey and warm each other, but it is useless. It often freezes me and the monkey.

No matter what I call the monkey, the third uncle can snore. He can fall asleep at any time. I heard people say that when my grandfather died, the third uncle was in the shed, his head tilted and he snoreed, causing a crowd of people to stare. After the funeral, my father ignored him for a long time.

The uncle’s delicious laziness is famous in Baihe Town. When his grandfather was alive, he ate his grandfather. When my grandfather died, he still worried about the livelihood of his third uncle. In the evening, my grandfather called his third uncle to the bed, gave him the monkey he had raised, and told him:

“Nobody will take care of you when I leave. With your brother’s temper, he won’t control your life and death. When I leave, I really worry about your future livelihood. If you really don’t want to grow, you will play monkeys in the future. You can also mix a round belly.”

The grandfather handed the rope to the third uncle.

At the funeral, Uncle San had been holding the monkey in and out, seemingly uncoordinated. My father reprimanded him, and he tied the monkey to the neem tree in the yard, and then stood at the door, wondering what he should do.

The cold wind shouted into the house.

Sometimes I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I woke the third uncle and told him I was cold. The third uncle was like a tortoise, and slowly extended his head from the bed, asking, “Is it freezing you?”

I pointed to the trembling frozen monkey on the bed and said, still frozen monkey! Uncle San’s eyes turned for a long time in his orbit, supporting his upper body with his arms, looking at me, and asked seriously, “Under the same roof, why don’t you freeze me?”

Uncle San asked me, but stopped me. He asked me to go back to bed and think about the problem. I thought for a long time, my head hurt terribly.

I lay in the bed and heard the wind blowing in through the window, and cold air was flowing through the room. I wiped the tears of grievances with the quilt, and made up my mind to save my money and install the glass.

But when the third uncle went out to play monkeys, he left me money at home, and the food was still tight, not easy to save. I also thought about eating one less meal a day, so that I could save some more, but following the third uncle for many years, my stomach was also spoiled, and I was exhausted and dizzy without eating.

When summer came, I was crazy about picking up plastic bottles in Baihe Town under the scorching sun. Although I had suffered a lot, fortunately, at the end of the summer vacation, I used the money I earned from selling the bottles to pack the glass. But what I did not expect was that in addition to the glass money, the decoration master also charged me an installation fee of 20 yuan.

After the glass was installed, I was penniless, and the decorator also said that I would pay another ten dollars to replace the two old locks on the window that had been scrapped.

I turned my back to the master decorator and thought about it later when I was rich. What I regret is that on the seventh day after the glass was installed, the whole Baihe Town had a strong wind and a heavy rain.

Since there was no lock, the two windows were damaged, and the new glass was shattered in the wind.

After the incident happened, I was full of hatred towards the third uncle while regretting. If it’s raining, he wouldn’t lie there and sleep. When I called him, he could get up and use his hands. We both stood against a window, and the glass was not broken!

At that moment I looked at the uncle who had just woken up, shaking with anger. Uncle San saw my anger, but he didn’t even say a word of comfort.

After jumping off the bed, he said to take me to eat dumplings.

I was going to ignore him one day, but dumplings are too tempting to me. In order to eat dumplings, I had to put down my anger and dissatisfaction, followed him obediently, and walked towards the dumpling restaurant in the town.

When passing by my field, I saw that the grass there grew more lush than around the Qingshuitan underneath the mountain. It is estimated that the adults would not stand out. Everyone in Baihe Town said that the grass in my house was about to become fine, and called my third uncle to clean it up. My third uncle ignored it.

Three years ago, Lord Scar looked at our wild land and wanted to rent it for one acre of land for fifty yuan a year. This price is obviously lower than the market price, but the third uncle agreed on the spot. Lord Scar was worried about the uncle’s repentance, and asked the uncle to sign at his house at 8 a.m. the next morning and press the fingerprint.

Uncle San remarked that there was no problem. As a result, he fell asleep at 1:30 in the next day, and then opened his eyes.

Scarred looked up and looked at his uncle, his uncle with messy hair, did not speak. Uncle said, sign it, Scarf?

Lord Scar was silent for a while, without raising his head, he said, go back and go to sleep!

The land was not rented out, and the third uncle did not feel anything. In many cases, I don’t understand the world view of Uncle San. As long as he exerts a little effort, the crops in my field will certainly not grow worse than others. But he just didn’t care about that, and put the fat field there quietly growing grass, what can I do?

While I was looking at the memories of the field, the uncle walking in front urged me to go quickly.

The uncle led me and the monkey into the dumpling house in Baihe Town.

There are not many people in the dumpling restaurant, only a few of them. In Baihe Town, not many people can stand in the restaurant.

Three dumplings were served. The third uncle took my chopsticks while enlightening my life. For me and the monkey, this has already become a required course for each of us before eating.

The third uncle said that the world is full of flowers, fame, fortune, fame, fortune, life, death, and death, and only the things in the belly are genuine. When he finished, his throat knot rolled, and a gummy dumpling swallowed into his belly.

Thirty-two large dumplings were eaten in less than five minutes.

When we walked out of the dumpling house, we met Scarlett head-on.

Scarred has a beard on his face, and his eyes are cold when he doesn’t speak, which makes people shudder. After my uncle and I walked by him, I heard Lord Scar shouting his name. We stopped and looked back.

This is the first time in three years that Lord Scar has spoken with his uncle because renting land is a bit unpleasant.

Mr. Scar said that the day of inviting mountain gods is coming this year. Now the loudspeakers and singing and dancing are no longer popular, and no one watches them. For the excitement, I would like to invite you to go out to the mountains and play monkeys for everyone.

“I heard that you are playing the monkey outside and the response is good. Both adults and children are happy to watch it.” Lord Ye came and shot three times on the uncle’s left shoulder.

Scar Master’s hand is very strong, every time, the uncle’s body must be a few centimeters shorter.

“Scary Lord lifted it up. I’m relying on this mixed meal, where is it not a show? There will be a discount.”

When Lord Scar heard the uncle’s discount, his face was immediately covered with gray. He froze for a moment, and said quickly, “It’s said to act for people, but it’s actually for the mountain gods. You’re ready What discount do you give the mountain god? I will talk back to the mountain god and let it hit the money directly on your bank card?”

The third uncle was completely stunned.

Every year when the mountain god is invited, on both sides of the main road in Baihe Town, small vendors are one by one, and according to the size of the stall, Scar Lord will charge a part of the management fee. Although each household does not collect much, but the whole street comes down, and there is always some income of two or three thousand dollars.

The third uncle played a monkey, and it was more than one hundred dollars. This is why Master Scar didn’t want to come out! Not to mention the third uncle, I can’t stand it anymore.

I snorted, hugged the monkey, and turned away. When I walked out a few steps, I found that the third uncle stood still in front of Scarf. “I can drink wind drink with my nephew for a few days.” There was a wry smile on the uncle’s face.

“I can’t let you work hard. On the day of the show, the wine and meat are full!” After all, Scar Lord plunged into the dumpling house.

On the way back, I asked the uncle why he promised to scare him and give them a white show. The third uncle did not speak, and when he walked up to a stone bridge, he stopped, “I don’t seek food in Baihe Town, but after my death, I can’t guarantee that you won’t. In the town of Baihe Town, Lord Scar is a horn.”

The word “death” from the mouth of Sanshu gave me a blow. In an instant, I felt tight all over my body, and a chill came across me.

Through tears, I saw many years ago, both father and mother lay motionless in the crystal coffin after being hit by a car. I was only three years old at the time, and I didn’t know what happened. I just remember that a lot of people came from my house that day. I ran around in the crowd and was blamed by my neighbor Wang Auntie.

Later, two black coffins were pulled into the yard. Several people lifted my father and mother out of the crystal coffin and put them in a black coffin that also smelled of paint. After putting it away, Aunt Wang took my arm around my waist and lifted me up, “Child, look again, your parents are leaving.”

I saw a piece of yellow paper on my dad’s and mom’s faces. Their clothes were wide and gorgeous, and they looked very fun. When I couldn’t help but want to laugh, I felt that my abdomen was awkward by my aunt Wang. I struggled to break her hand and kicked the coffin in random legs, but she just refused to let go.

I burst into tears.

At the moment when the cries sounded, an old but thick voice suddenly shouted: The filial son backed away and covered the coffin!

Aunt Wang put me on the ground, and I saw the crowd crowded around the coffin, winding along the mountain road towards the hillside north of Baihe Town. The yard was empty all at once, and paper money and ashes fluttered in the wind. I ran to catch it and had a great time.

After burying my father and mother, the third uncle came back from the mountain. He wore a filial pie and took my hand and walked to his house.

We walked along the streets of Baihe Town, the weather was hot, and the stone slabs crackled slightly due to the sun.

I asked where my uncle and father went, and he said bluntly, “Dead.”

“What’s dead?” I stopped on the stone bridge and asked my uncle with my face raised.

“Just never come back again.” The uncle looked calm.

At that time, during the dry season, the riverbed was covered with stones of various sizes. I froze there.


The day the mountain god was invited, Uncle San took the monkey to the square in the center of Baihe Town, and the performance had not yet begun. There were people all around, and everyone tried to stretch their necks and squeeze forward. The third uncle is within a range of less than three meters in diameter, surrounded by a rope around the circle. Someone got into the gap between the ropes and was quickly thrown into the crowd by the big tiger and the two tiger brothers, pinching their necks.

The performance of the day was very good, and Lord Scar was very satisfied. But after the show, the third uncle did not stay for dinner, which was very firm. He didn’t explain the reason to me, and I didn’t dare to ask more.

After that day, people from Baihe Town kept coming to my house and wanted to invite the third uncle to play the monkey. There were both red and white things. But when it comes to performance costs, the comer will be yin and yang, and knocking on the side reminds me that the third uncle asked the god of the mountain to perform the day without receiving money from Lord Scar.

Uncle San said bluntly, one hundred and eighty yuan for a game, not going to miss one point!

As a result, the person was so faceless. When he left angrily, he would throw the door thunderously without exception, the dust on the roof would fall, and I would cough with my uncle.

Unconsciously, the year of the sheep is nearing its end.

The sound of firecrackers crackled on the stone road in Baihe Town, and the sound intermittently echoed across the valley. I was walking on the street, where the firecrackers exploded, covered with red confetti, and looked from afar, like a pool of solidified blood.

A group of friends put firecrackers not far away, and I wanted to go too, but the third uncle refused, and he said that the firecrackers would kill people.

I don’t know how a small firecracker would kill people, but I didn’t dare to disobey the third uncle’s words, so during that time around the time, I often wandered around Baihe Town and watched others put firecrackers from afar. They are in groups of three and five, and the laughter is loud. I also want to join their team, but I don’t want to talk about the third uncle, and their parents are not allowed, because my third uncle is famous in Baihe Town. The lazy man, coupled with his alienation over the years, has offended many people invisible.

Their parents don’t let them play with the lazy nephew.

I sat on the railing of the stone bridge in Baihe Town, and my legs were pulled down, swinging back and forth, like shaking the void water under my feet. At this time, several people panicked, ran past me, and yelled while running. I saw more people join in their ranks.

I hurriedly jumped off the bridge railing and followed the crowd to the west mountain.

I saw Ran Xiaotie also among the running crowd, so I gathered up and asked him what had happened.

“The big tiger is dead! In the morning he took a few children to the bottom of the valley to fry fish with firecrackers. On the way back, he was hit in the head by a fist-sized stone rolling down from the top of the mountain. “Ran Xiaotie raised a hand above his head and jumped hard, attempting to raise the blood column shot from the tiger’s head higher than it was drawn.

When I followed the crowd, I saw the tiger lying on the ground, his head like a cracked firecracker.

It was the second day of the year of the monkey. The fat tiger who had always been fat suddenly died. This incident brought me a lot of psychological shock. Especially seeing him lying on the mountain road motionless, hitting him The stone on his head was covered with blood, like a dazzling ruby ​​under the sunlight.

Since the death of Tiger, I have never gone out to see others put firecrackers. The cracked paper scraps of firecrackers always remind me of the blood of the tiger.

The river in Baihe Town is still flowing, the grass and trees in the mountain are gradually recovering, and the people in Baihe Town are still living as usual. At that time, I never thought that the disaster was coming quietly towards my head and my uncle.

In the next month, two people in Baihe Town died abnormally. For a time, people were panicked and there were few people in the whole town. In contrast, the mountain temples are crowded. People burn incense there to worship Buddha and pray for the blessing of the mountain god. Even the long deer who didn’t believe in God on weekdays led a young man up the mountain. He was pious in front of the mountain temple, kneeling and incense were clumsy, but he banged his head on the stone slab. The sound attracted everyone’s attention.

Regarding worshipping the mountain god, the third uncle would not go, nor would I allow it. The three of us still sleep until midday every day. Several restaurants in Baihe Town are closed. The third uncle buys eight boxes of instant noodles and hangs them on the beams.

That day, the three of us were eating instant noodles in the hall. Lord Scar came in with a smile on his face, and said he would borrow our monkey and give his granddaughter Miaomiao a few days.

The third uncle did not speak. When Lord Scar went to lead the monkey, I rushed over and stopped in front of the monkey. Scarred smiled, took a lollipop from his pocket, and persuaded me to eat it while holding the candy. I didn’t answer, and Scar’s face gradually became colder.

He dropped the sugar in his hand on my chest, then looked back at the uncle and asked him if he could borrow it? The third uncle whispered his head, not borrowing.

“Youngest, you are hard, let’s go and see!” Scarf turned around and kicked the door out of a big hole.

There was a loud noise in my head at the same time, and the sky was dark immediately. The hole in the door was like an open coffin, which made people shudder.


There was no moonlight that night, and the mountains looked black and heavy. The third uncle held the monkey, and I followed two boxes of instant noodles behind him, and stumbled towards the back mountain. Along the way, the third uncle did not speak. I kept thinking about the hole kicked out by Scarf on the door, and I even thought about the death of my father and mother.

As I walked up the mountainside, I pulled the corner of my third uncle’s clothes and said timidly:

“Third Uncle, why don’t we lend the monkey to Scar Lord, we won’t mess with him.”

The third uncle stopped and sighed, stroking my head and saying:

“It’s all a matter of borrowing and not paying back. If he hadn’t seen the business opportunity, how could he…” The third uncle suddenly stopped halfway through, his mouth twitching, like a cow chewing hay. The uncle never said anything later.

He is always like this. Many words are half said, and he feels dull, and he suddenly stops. Over the years, the third uncle did not talk much. I lived with him for six years, but I still felt that there was an impenetrable wall between us.

That night, we tied the monkey to the second cave to the right of the huge pine tree on the cliff of Xishan. The rope was made as long as possible. Then I followed the instructions of my uncle and poured the instant noodles out of the carton. , Piled up in the cave. At the entrance of the cave, there is water flowing down from the mountain. Although the flow is not much, it is slow, but it does not stop all year round.

In the dark, I caressed the monkey with a sour nose, and asked how long the uncle monkey would stay here. The uncle didn’t answer. I hugged the monkey and grinned. The third uncle whispered angrily, “Stop it! Want someone to find out?”

I muttered and shed tears secretly, speeding up the process of building a grass nest for the monkey.

When everything was stopped, the third uncle took my hand and walked down the hill. My heart beat fast on the way, as if I were a thief.

That night, neither my uncle nor I slept.

We both lay side by side in the dark. I didn’t know what the third uncle was thinking. He never told me. Until the window glowed with white light, the third uncle turned his head and told me that no matter what happened next, don’t clash with them. “Monkey’s instant noodles are only enough for eight days. After eight days, you will have to give them food. There must be no loss, remember?”

I nodded heavily.


The next morning, my third uncle and I were squatting in the house for dinner. After the door was gently pushed open, a group of people immediately rushed in. Standing at the forefront was Scarf, who smiled and walked in front of the third uncle, asking Road:

“Recently Baihe Town is always dead, you know?”


“This thing makes people panic, you know?”


“We have invited God to be blind, do you know?”


“Don’t you know what God said blind man?”

“do not know.”

“Exactly, I’m here today to tell you what God said about the blind king.”

“What did you say?”

“He said that this year is the year of the monkey, and your family’s monkey has rushed with the people in Baihe Town.”

“and then?”

“It must be broken.”

“How to break?”

“Kill the monkey!”

The third uncle was surprised, his eyes widened, and he was speechless for a long time. Then, he slowly squatted down and continued to eat noodles. The two tigers led a few people through the house and then whispered to him. Scarred’s face changed greatly, looking down at the third uncle, and asked him where the monkey was?

The third uncle did not speak, and Lord Scar was annoyed. He took two steps backwards, followed by the family members of the two tigers and the other two deceased people, and threw his arms back.

At first, the third uncle still struggled, until Erhu banged his face twice with his knee, his nose and mouth suddenly bleed blood, he was honest.

Seeing that the third uncle was beaten, I quickly got under the bed and shivered. Through the holes in the door panel, I saw people pointing at the uncle’s nose to let him hand over the monkey, and some even spit saliva on his face, but the uncle always said nothing.

Finally, everyone tied the third uncle to the locust tree in the yard. The two tigers raised their sheep whips and pulled them hard against the third uncle. The crisp whip blew on him and floated across Baihe Town. After a while, the clothes of the third uncle were smashed, and the bluish whip marks were continuously superimposed on him, but he still clenched his teeth tightly without making a sound.

They asked the uncle to help in the past, but they were rejected by the uncle for various reasons. Now, they took turns in front of the third uncle, counted his various past events, and then yelled. What shocked me was that their memory was so good that even the little things of the third uncle’s childhood were turned over by them, which became the strong evidence of his moral corruption and misconduct.

I hid under the bed, watching the third uncle be beaten, but dared not go out to help him. I hate my cowardice, and while crying, I bite the back of my hand until the salty blood oozes out.

The third uncle has been beaten up, but still does not account for the whereabouts of the monkey. Scar Lord seemed to suddenly think of something, flicking his head into the room, the two tigers ran in, pinched my neck and dragged me under the bed. At that moment, I was like a pig with ears screamed. He held me in his arms and I grabbed his neck with my hand in an attempt to let him release me.

Erhu was caught in pain and threw me to the ground. He and the people around him made a wink, and the man somehow found a twine to tie my hands and feet, and they held me by the side and carried them out of the door. The house and the crowd tilted in my sight. The third uncle wanted to stop them, but he was still tied to the tree himself. Scarlet said that if the third uncle wanted to save me, he had to use a monkey for a change.

That day, I was tied to a big tree on Baihe Town East Street by the two tigers. The families of the two tigers and the other two families were angry. They threatened me with a stick and said that within two days, if my third uncle would not exchange for a monkey, they would give me blood.

It was getting dark, and I was full of fear. My arms and stomach were uncomfortably strangled by ropes, but I couldn’t move. I don’t think the third uncle will be here. Based on my understanding of him, he is such a ruthless person. But in the dim night, I suddenly saw Lord Scar coming up with his hands on his back, and the third uncle limped behind. I was surprised, but at the same time I had a very bad hunch.

Scarred nodded at the two tigers, and everyone was excited. The two tigers came behind me and fell with a knife. The rope suddenly broke and slipped onto his ankles. Uncle San came over, took my hand, said nothing, and led me towards the direction of going home.

The streets in the evening were empty, and there was not even a single figure. The noise of the running water is getting closer.

“Did you give them the monkey?” I took the third uncle’s hand, tears in my eyes.

The third uncle didn’t answer, and I felt his hand tremble slightly, gradually loosen, and suddenly clenched.

“Did you give them the monkey?” I asked, raising my voice.

“If you don’t bring it to life, you won’t bring it to death.” The three uncles said, and I started crying.

That road looks longer than usual. We walked for a long time, and I cried all the way. I suddenly got rid of the hand of the third uncle and wanted to go back and ask them for an explanation. I thought the third uncle would come up to stop me, but he didn’t. I took dozens of steps and thought that I was not their opponent at all. The third uncle rescued me, and I couldn’t trouble him any more. I had to turn around and walk towards the house again. While walking, I thumped my chest, and I felt very useless.

In the evening, the third uncle ate two bowls of instant noodles and fell to his head to sleep, as if nothing had happened.

Looking at the third uncle in front of me, I couldn’t connect him with the person who refused to be beaten by anyone during the day. I suddenly understood the third uncle, as if he was born with the ability to separate life at different moments. Or a change in life, has forged a lonely, hard and cold heart for him.

On the day of the monkey killing, I secretly ran out carrying my third uncle.

Through stupid tears, I saw the old neighborhood neighbors ecstatically ran towards the back mountain. They rushed into the cave and raised the monkey, and then tied it up to the square. The bound monkey opened his eyes in ignorance, and looked at the crowd in the square. It did not know what happened in this world, thinking that those enraged and irritated by the lies were looking forward to its next performance. .

[Brief introduction] Zhi Awei, born in 1991, a native of Zhoukou, Henan. Some novels have been published in periodicals such as “Mountain Flowers”, “The End of the World”, “Works”, “Young Writers”, “Literary and Art Newspaper”, “Guangzhou Literature and Art”, “Fiction Forest”, and “Dayi Literature”, the third series of “Yu”.

[Editor’s Postscript] The novel recommended in this issue of “Steps” is Zhi Ahwei’s “Monkey Killing”, which tells the story of a pair of uncles and nephews and a monkey. The existence of the third uncle is a bit like an outsider, but there are many things about Baihe Town. Asked not to participate, and offended some people. He didn’t do much. The only useful thing is that he would play the monkey. He seldom spoke, and the third uncle seemed to me like an impenetrable wall. The year of the monkey is coming, and everyone in the village died inexplicably. People blamed the advent of disaster on this monkey. When reading this novel, I was thinking, if the third uncle is not such a character, will the tragedy of killing monkeys eventually happen?