Easy to make money, it was an illusion for many people

Money is not as profitable as we think. Maybe we are used to seeing Li Jiaqi sell lipsticks worth several million yuan in a second, and see Weiya sell 860,000 catties of rice in 1 minute, and sell 814 houses in 20 minutes. Even Luo Yonghao, who became a monk halfway through the show, had sales of 110 million yuan in his live show, and Dong Mingzhu also handed over a report from 230,000 to 310 million. It seems that money is too easy to make.

But the truth? For example, Li Jiaqi, we often see Li Jiaqi dropping millions of lipsticks in a minute and second. But you don’t know that behind him, there is a huge team with 300 people around him.

Some people are in charge of selecting products, some are responsible for killing prices, preserving the lowest prices on the network, some are responsible for ordering contracts, and others are monitoring data in real time, recording sales orders, and ensuring inventory. To put it bluntly, before Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast, they have already done all the things well. In Li Jiaqi’s hand, it is only the last level, and he is only one step away.

Moreover, Li Jiaqi was not a single player in the beginning. He was born in the “BA RED” project launched by “US ONE” and L’Oreal in 2016. It has been plowing for several years.

Behind him, there are top resources and platforms in this circle. Li Jiaqi can achieve great success, of course, his credit, but the resources and platform behind him should not be underestimated.

Besides Weiya, the most talked about by Weiya is that she sells rockets, 40 million yuan a rocket, but within seconds, all five rockets on the shelf are sold out.

We think of it as a piece and have talked about it with others while thinking about it: Can anyone sell rockets with so many influencers? In addition to having a team and resources like Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya has many things beyond reach of ordinary people. In 2005, she participated in “Super Idol” and was already the champion of the women’s group. She also performed with Jackie Chan on the stage and filmed commercials with Lin Junjie. Wei Ya had been in the clothing business before she became famous. During the peak period, she opened ten stores in a row, and her daily turnover can reach 400,000 yuan. This is a resource and platform we cannot see behind them. In addition, personal efforts and hard work are also very important.

Remember that photo that swiped across the entire network? A few years ago, Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, at that time, they had not become famous, shrunk in a small lattice room, and used the most rudimentary equipment, trying to live broadcast to the camera.

Li Jiaqi set a Guinness record with the most lipstick applied. Ordinary people can say up to 250 words a minute, and Wei Ya can say 876 words. This is achieved through repeated efforts over and over again.

In this era of hard work and not necessarily results, hard work is the most basic. They have swallowed the pain that ordinary people can’t bear in places that others can’t see. Therefore, the birth of a phenomenon-level Internet celebrity must be indispensable to all people.

Therefore, neither Li Jiaqi nor Wei Ya can replicate their success.

How many people would listen to you talking nonsense, and obediently took the money out of their pockets? Asking others to pay is actually the most difficult thing in the world.

I often hear people talk about playing games that can make money, playing well can be a professional player, worth tens of millions, and playing poorly can also be a game anchor, making a lot of money, it sounds pretty good, no matter How about it, making money is easy.

But what is the fact? Let’s talk about professional players. At that time, our university held an e-sports competition, and a boy won the championship. However, such a person is really a scum in the professional player. The worst of the professional players must dump him ten. A few streets.

Money is not so profitable, watching others come quickly, but it does not mean that everyone can eat this bowl of rice. Make games as a profession to make money? Of course making money, but that’s just the best professional player. Do you make money as an anchor? Of course making money, but that’s just super popular anchor. In any field, it is only that small group of people who make money. You have to be top-notch and surpass a large number of people before you can make money, otherwise there are so many people who like to play games. Why would you be? There are so many people who like to be anchors. Why are you so popular? The mistake most of us make is that we only see 1% of the money we make, but we cannot see the remaining 99%. We are still struggling on the poverty line.

Survival is not easy, making money is difficult, this is the normal life.

I have a cousin who is honest and good-natured. He has been working outside for eight years and saved 300,000 yuan for saving money. Later, his friend told him that it is very profitable to open a munitions shop. Those military enthusiasts like to buy camouflage clothes, military backpacks, T-shirts, etc. There is a huge demand, and most of them make money. So he invested all the 300,000 yuan he earned, without any investigation or intention investigation, he joined a munitions shop.

He thought the money was very profitable and everyone else made money, but he didn’t expect to lose money.

First of all, he wouldn’t do business at all. The customers who come in will not be promoted. He can’t say a word for a long time, and naturally there is no single rate. Secondly, his location is not good, there is not much traffic, the signboard is not done well, and not many people enter the store.

Finally, and most importantly, the shop he joined was very piteous, expensive to buy, very old style, and customers did not like it, but the franchise fee was not cheap, which was actually doomed to his failure. Now he dared not tell his family that he was about to get married. The money was used for marriage, anxiously like an ant on a hot pot.

Just a few days ago, he sent me a message and asked if I could introduce him to work with quick money. He wanted to pay the debt. Of course, opening a munitions store makes money, but only a part of it makes money. When you see others making money, you invest money without any experience and investigation, and you will only lose money.

The mistakes he made are actually common problems among many young people. I haven’t made much money, but I think it’s easy to make money. Such people are the easiest to be harvested.

In fact, people who really make money have a clear understanding of money, people, and themselves. They experience it again and again, thinking again and again, and planning carefully.

In addition to that, we must add unremitting efforts and perseverance to achieve success. You have to do your best to look effortless.

The top celebrities make a lot of money. This is the A side that is easily seen by the public, but we should focus more on the B side of the extremely painful and ascetic. As Wang Xing, the boss of Meituan, said: There are not many people who are extremely eager for success, and fewer are willing to pay extraordinary prices.

“Every powerful person has lived through an unknown, struggling, and painful day. When it is over, this is your adult ceremony; if you can’t pass, beg for mercy, this is your bottomless hole.”