After a heavy rain, the weather was extremely sultry. Although it has already been established, the sun is so poisonous that human eyes are sore. Xiu Mei and her mother-in-law walked in tandem, all with oily sweat on their faces. Walking to an old sister’s vegetable stall, the mother-in-law squatted panting. My mother-in-law is really fat, and I have crushed a flower hen that I just bought.

Xiumi copied her hand and stood behind her mother-in-law, trying to laugh, but suddenly felt top-heavy. It’s been two or three months since she arrived at her mother’s house. This is the first time she went to the street. Her finger disability has not recovered, and shortly after her miscarriage, this body is not good.

The mother-in-law was chatting vigorously with the old sister, smiling forward and backward, and the gold necklace on her thick neck was about to jump. Sumei tolerated, and finally said in a throat, Mom, I’ll take a break first.

The mother-in-law frowned as soon as she heard it.

In the open-air vegetable market, the sewage is everywhere, and there is a smell of damp and sweet smell everywhere. Countless silly flies flew happily on the meat stalls and shuttled between the heads. One stopped on the beautiful face. Xiu Mei’s right hand waved it badly.

Xiu Mei speaks slowly and her thinking is slow, but she moves fast. At this time, if her husband, A Peng, sees her, she may pinch her with a smile, saying that you are a stupid woman, and she has nothing to do, and she will flies.


A Peng worked as a security captain in a shoe factory thirty miles away. He was eight years older than Xiumei, and had a sharp mouth in high school. In his words, the beautiful appearance is honest, there is no turning in the bones, what can’t be done.

Xiu Mei did not have the ability to make less money when she went to work, and three fingers were broken by the machine six months ago. It’s enough to break your finger, and even lost the fetus half a month ago. For her beautiful miscarriage, her mother-in-law patted her thighs, expressing her infinite regrets and grief: Isn’t the ancestor helping to serve a plate in the teahouse? How can you fall off in a good way?

It’s no wonder that when Xiu Mei became pregnant, her mother-in-law happily asked Mai Jianming, her son-in-law, to bring Xiu Mei to her side and said that she should take care of her. The mother-in-law believes in Buddha, and is known as Orchid Buddha. Lan Bodhisattva said to his daughter Aqin, Amitabha, the beautiful family is from the poor mountain ditch of other provinces, it is not easy to live here.

Aqin pouted and said, my brother would really count and throw me such a burden.

Lan Bodhisattva chuckled and said, “Sister, anyway, he is your dear brother. You are better than him. It should help him.” As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water, and compare your heart with your heart. You two jumped out of the same womb.

Aqin shrugged and stopped speaking. She was tall and thin, with fair skin and thin mouth, and her eyes turned very fast. Aqin was a capable person when she was a girl. She was handsome and had good clothes hangers. When she was selling fashion at the market, she could hear her shouting in Mantiao Street. The loud and aggressive woman dared to yell at her mom and dare to fight with her elder brother A Peng; life was also strong, and she was in love with Mai Jianming, the police officer of the Public Security Bureau. A foreign woman became a police sister-in-law and opened a tea house. Aqin, who opened the teahouse, had a wide range of social interactions, so Mai Jianming turned right soon. It’s just that such a Wangfu woman doesn’t prosper, and she hasn’t been able to have children after ten years of marriage. Aqin became very suspicious, and she didn’t believe anyone except her mom. Even the job of buying vegetables, arranged for her mom to do it.


At this moment, Lan Bodhisattva was complaining loudly to the old sister: I am just a hard laborer. My son can’t control me when he’s doing business abroad; his daughter does a good job, but often comes to command her old lady. When Lan Bodhisattva talked about the command, his fat face grinned. She has been widowed for many years, and the years when she first arrived in Pengcheng also made a living by selling vegetables. Today, I have relied on my daughter-in-law, who has a head and a face, and even if I get angry occasionally, I can be considered to be backed by a big tree, and I am blessed in old age.

Mentioned as a police officer Mai Jianming, Lan Bodhisattva’s confession turned into a tsunami: old, high blood pressure, and strenuous walking, today I still came by the police car driven by my son-in-law.

Is there such a big way to buy a dish? The old sister was half-confident and looked at Xiu Mei inquiringly. Xiu Mei nodded hurriedly, proving that this was indeed the case. Although her mother-in-law believes in Buddha, she always tells lies. But in this matter, she didn’t say anything.


In the morning when Xiumei went downstairs with her wife, Mai Jianming sat in the police car and waited. He is the same age as his uncle Apeng, but he is younger than Apeng. It’s just such a man in his prime, who can’t make sense without a child. The husband and wife are often awkward about this. But no matter what, in the eyes of Lan Bodhisattva, Jianming is still a good son-in-law who is hard to find with lanterns. He has a decent identity, is stubborn, and he is generous and generous.

Xiu Mei also thinks that Mai Jianming is a good person. Aqin spoke like choking gunpowder, and sometimes bullied a beautiful woman into tears. Mai Jianming will scold Aqin. Aqin smiled yin and yang strangely, saying that you love her so much, just accept her as a child. Mai Jianming said that rabbits do not eat nest edge grass! Dead bastard, you shouldn’t belittle a policeman’s personality. Bapo Aqin said, yo, you still have a personality? What are you, you know for yourself, do you want to have an illegitimate child in your dreams?

Women who can’t have children will inevitably be mean. Mai Jianming was too lazy to entangle with her, but really looked at Xiu Mei carefully. Beautiful and sincere, with a good temperament and a good look, she is better than Aqin. But what’s the use, even if the female wounded from a poor place is cured, after all, it is a goose.

The belly was unloaded, and the precious gold on Xiu Mei was gone. At the moment, she lost three fingers and seemed to lose her balance even when she walked. She crooked down the stairs, and when she was about to approach the door, Mai Jianming grinned, and a betel nut that chewed unrecognizablely fell on her feet.

Lan Bodhisattva brought the large plate to his face and smirked at his son-in-law, with an oily smell that made him shrink back. Mai Jianming ignored his wife and just called out “beauty”, aiming at him with a smile. After his sight, Xiu Mei quickly turned her face away.

The car was like a fish, wandering silently on the street. The compartment is very cool. Xiu Mei opened her mouth slightly and looked out the window dreamily. This street is a model street in the center of the city. The street lights on both sides are full of white roses, and the sidewalk is covered with colorful tiles. Whether it is a car or a person, walking on this road is like riding a happy auspicious cloud, and wondering what to do.

Jianming cleared his throat and wanted to sigh something, but was grabbed first by his mother-in-law. Lan Boss quacked, I wow, in the early years I took A Peng and A Qin to sell eggs on this side, which was often splashed by motorcycle mud. Beautiful, your life is good, as soon as you come, you can take a police car and enjoy the blessings.

Xiu Mei dropped her eyelids, smiled, and said nothing. Jianming suddenly slammed the steering wheel, startling the two women in the car. Jianming fiercely said, what blessings do you enjoy? Some people predict that 2012 is the end of the world!

Beautiful answered, oh. Lan Bodhisattva shook like a mother duck, put away her happy old wings, and widened her eyes.

All three fell silent.

When Jianming took her mother-in-law and Xiu Mei to the vegetable market, she suddenly stretched her head and spit out her tongue at Xiu Mei. The thick and pale tongue shocked the beauty.


Lan Bodhisattva is still boasting about her son-in-law, saying that although he looks a little bit fierce, he is flattering. Which one does not recognize him, the old lady and the elder sister. My son would not stay in Pengcheng if he was half spirited, you said yes.

The old sister responded again and again, that is, that is.

Lan Bodhisattva turned his face and asked his daughter-in-law beautiful, what do you think? She wanted to see how Ximei responded. As the saying goes, the child is the heart of the mother. The mother-in-law was scolded, but he couldn’t allow others to say half a sentence.

Xiu Mei lowered her head and said nothing, she could stand the test of her mother-in-law.

In fact, Xiu Mei still remembers Mai Jianming’s eyes: this person is all good, just when he looks at people, a big master, he still can’t move his tongue, making people feel uncomfortable. Think again, what is your husband A Peng busy now? At that time, the dispute was overwhelming for beautiful injuries. After the compensation was received, he said that he should consider doing a business. Xiumi asked what business do you do? A Peng is impatient, saying you don’t care so much, honestly give the child to Aqin. Xiumei refused at first, why should my child born in October be handed over to others?

The idiom popped out by A Peng made Xiu Mei obliged. He said: This is just a stopgap measure. Still afraid that Mai Jianming won’t cover me a little bit? Women, the right time to have a baby is also a contribution.

When Xiumi was a little hesitant, a large group of people came to persuade her, including Bolan Bodhisattva, and even Xiumi’s mother-in-law, saying that the two of you are now in a difficult period. If they are in good condition, they will miss a child. What’s wrong with sending a child to the golden nest? A woman giving birth is like a hen laying eggs. You are young and you will get another one later.

They are bitter-mouthed and full-mouthed, all for beautiful things. Xiu Mei couldn’t answer a word, so she nodded reluctantly.

When Xiu Mei was received by Mai Jianming in the teahouse, her mother-in-law smiled and simmered several old hens for her daughter-in-law. The good angelica, longan, red dates, ginseng and so on were all put into it, so thick that the chopsticks stood in the soup. He didn’t fall, choked his eyes straight. The mother-in-law said that it is rare for me to be beautiful, Amitabha. If you can have a child for Aqin and his wife, it would be my Liu’s wife. If A Peng still dares to have a second heart, even the old lady can’t spare him.

Aqin hurriedly prepared all kinds of small clothes for the child. The couple even prepared the baby room.

However, who wants to get beautiful will fall? After everyone regrets, they no longer turn around the beautiful belly. The beautiful walk after abortion is neither, nor staying. She thought about going back to her mother’s home, saying that A Peng could not be reached. He was afraid that he would change his mind. But he was frightened by what Mom said: Are you stupid? Is your mother’s home so good? If you don’t say that you don’t have enough room to live, you will be thrown away by Liu Apeng in vain.

But where can she find Liu Apeng now? At this moment, Xiu Mei touched her incomplete finger, thinking that her brother-in-law, Mai Jianming, was talking and laughing, and was always making a siege for her.

When she was secretly distracted, Bolan Bodhisattva had stood up. The old sister glanced at Xiumei and stretched her neck to ask, which one is this? Lan Bodhisattva replied vaguely, what about my daughter. I told Ximei beautifully, and bought ten pounds of crucian carp, ten pounds of ribs, three pounds of fungus, and some seasonal vegetables. Our mother and daughter took a tricycle back to the teahouse.


When the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law returned to the teahouse, Jianming and Aqin were drinking in the box, saying they wanted to celebrate that he had just caught a thief in the vegetable market, and he also planned a gang.

Jianming started to shake his head when he was drinking and drinking. Laozi’s life was hard, because it was too fat to damage the image of the police, and it was difficult to promote. It’s all the fucking end of the world. Marrying a wife is not even a woman.

Lan Bodhisattva collected their wine glasses and whispered that the People’s Police could not talk nonsense. Aqin’s hair is so long, and his mouth is red, why is it not a woman?

Jian Ming answered unambiguously, if he can’t have children, he’s a shit woman. Aqin said, “If you have no conscience, do you want to be promoted with your three-legged cat?” They are too fat to walk, don’t accidentally be caught by the police as a client!

Lan Bodhisattva grinned angrily, and said to Xiu Mei, look, look, the cats urinated too much.

Xiu Mei knew she was stupid and was too lazy to sit back. Jian Ming talked and stopped, staring at Xiu Mei, and suddenly smiled, his face sparkling sparkling with wine thorns.

Aqin asked, why are you smiling? God’s ghost!

Jianming said that Xiumei’s whole head, like a big catfish, is very sexy.

Xiumi blushed. Aqin gave Jianming a sip, beautiful is your sister-in-law!

Jianming said, what sister-in-law, six years younger than you, should call her sister!

Aqin also laughed, agreeing, beautiful, you can stay in the tea house down to earth, including eating and drinking. My brother is an inhuman monster. You are all crippled and still counting on loving you forever?

Sumei suddenly lost her face and turned to leave, but she was caught by her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law “Bah” repeatedly said, “Xiumei, don’t listen to their drunken nonsense; as the saying goes, the wife of the bran will not go to the court. On the day when your roots are deep, even the Liu family shrine is seated firmly. When the mother-in-law finished, she went to the kitchen to help.


Xiu Mei sat behind the information desk and started to stay again.

This mother-in-law is too strange to her.

After breaking his finger, Xiu Mei is easily out of control. A Peng said, we must live separately for a while to see if we can reverse the bad luck. Polan Bodhisattva warmly sent an invitation to Xiu Mei, and said, come on, your brother-in-law Jianming will drive you in a police car to pick you up.

When Xiumei was on Mai Jianming’s police car, A Peng was obviously relieved, as if shaking a big burden, saying, your face is not small. How precious is Jianming’s time! As a policeman, I don’t know how many people have to stammer.

Beautiful and uneasy said, I am not familiar with your family… A Peng laughed and said, rest assured, who bullied you tell me, I will not care about you.

But after Xiumei arrived at her husband’s house, A Peng never came back. Even if Xiumei called him, he was evasive. After a beautiful abortion, he simply didn’t even bother to answer the phone. After repeatedly hitting the wall, Xiumei only felt that her heart was jumping in the chest cavity and jumped straight out. She felt that a crazy mood was exploding and she had to talk to someone.


After lunch, Xiumei quietly pushed open the door, but was stopped by Aqin, where did the sister-in-law go? Xiu Mei said to go out for a stroll. The mother-in-law shook it out, her face sank, why didn’t she wear gloves? How can you meet people like this?

Xiu Mei’s voice was so low that she could barely hear it, oh, I forgot, so I put it on.

The gloves were worn quickly and dazzled red. The mother-in-law glanced at the glove and said, you can just go around on the rooftop and stand tall and far away. Why bother pointing outside? Xiu Mei hesitated and answered in a low voice, okay.

As soon as Xiumei went out, she heard that Jianming was angry. If she couldn’t think about it, what would she do if she jumped from the top of the building? Aqin laughed, his voice sounded like a gong, jumping off the building? Rest assured, such a character who grew up in the crack of a stone, even if you push her down, she will cry for help. My mother-in-law is anxious, my ancestor living Buddha, you can’t do it with a little voice!


The sun was fierce, and Xiumei was standing on the rooftop of the teahouse in a weird posture: she held up her right hand in red gloves, like holding a torch, holding a colorful umbrella in her left hand, bowing her waist and curling her hips, Hold your breath as much as possible. A few sparrows rested on the top of the umbrella. They flew from under the eaves opposite, thinking of foraging, shit…

Suddenly, the Umbrella spun rapidly and was gathered with one-handed beauty. The sparrows startled, making innocent chirps. Xiumei waved her umbrella successfully, “bah” at these stupid things, and then he laughed.

It’s really hot. But a hot woman never died. Holding the beautiful “torch”, walking along the railing. Tired of walking, she squatted down and rubbed her feet, then looked up at the blue sky squeezed by the house, and then touched her deflated belly, and slowly began to flush her eyes.

Just when she was about to cry, someone behind whispered, beautiful!

Xiumei turned around and saw her brother-in-law Mai Jianming. At the moment, Mai Jianming said with a stretched face, the sister-in-law’s heels were quite high. Mai Jianming was always a policeman, and when he saw a woman, especially beautiful, she didn’t look right. At the moment, his words were very abrupt, which made Xiumi’s voice confused. Mai Jianming, however, chuckled and was amused by his own humor. Beautiful, if you jump off the building, you will surely slap your feet!

She was so beautiful that she took off her high heels and threw them at him, but he was firmly caught by him. Mai Jianming took a look at the shoes and said that these feet are really big! Sumei was flushed with embarrassment, and scolded him, because you are still a policeman! Mai Jianming held his smile and folded his hands, learning from the tone of his mother-in-law and the beautiful homelike Bodhisattva, Amitabha, sin. Then suddenly he became serious again. He asked Xiumei, you are so young, and you look good, how can you marry the nerd A Peng?


Why did Xiumi marry A Peng? Neither stupidity nor love. She is just like most women, she has to find someone to marry. When she was 20, she went to work in the provincial capital and met A Peng. She looks beautiful from the poor mountain, introverted and indifferent. The women in Mu Na are hard to be chased. A Peng is pretty good for Xiu Mei, so he gets better.

A Peng, who is eight years older than Xiumei, is black and thin, like a white fan. However, A Peng naturally does not take drugs, and he is reluctant to smoke. After he was demobilized from the army, he worked as a security guard in a shoe factory in a remote place in the provincial capital. Because he had studied in high school, he was able to speak reasonably and was appointed as the chief of the security team at the end of last year. Such a capable and sharp person, but he has a very heavy heart, and he doesn’t seem to be accustomed to his brother-in-law Mai Jianming! A Peng said that he was also wearing a uniform and defending the common people. Why did he lower his head? My sister is snobbish, and I despise my brother who is a security guard. The most unimaginable thing is that even the mother only cares about the son-in-law of the police and treats him as a son.

He said he was out of luck. Sure enough, shortly afterwards, the newlywed wife Suimei had an accident and her fingers were broken by the machine. A Peng replied with his boss about this matter, and resigned in a hurry, and had a lawsuit with the factory. The lawsuit didn’t go well, but she met a female lawyer. The female lawyer, like A Peng, was as thin as hemp. Both of them have bad mouths, and the orphans and widows often gather together and say that they are discussing the lawsuit. After the lawsuit was won, 150,000 compensation was received. A Peng, however, began to stay away at night and said that he wanted to do business in partnership with a female lawyer. Xiu Mei was really hindering his career, and he was sent to Aqin’s teahouse. As for the children, A Peng also thinks it is not the right time, saying that the current economic conditions are too bad, and giving Qin to raise is the best ending. After the beautiful abortion, he almost ignored her, and was busy talking about life with the female lawyer.


When Xiumi comes here, she tears her eyes and says, “Isn’t life just alive? Is there anything to talk about?”

Mai Jianming couldn’t help crying and laughing. People just need to communicate! Most tragedies in the world are caused by misunderstandings. A Peng’s mind is easy to use, but he is always defeated by an overly careless character. No wonder Aqin didn’t want to pull him into the house when he opened the teahouse. Hey, beautiful, when I first saw you, I knew you were a good woman! It’s a pity that the lost child, if it can be born, call my dad, call your mother, how beautiful it should be! After all, he put her hand on her shoulder, and the whole person moved closer and closer. There was a gust of wine. Sumei was so scared that she almost fell over.

But Mai Jianming suddenly let her go and smiled. Xiumi looked at him in surprise. He rubbed his hands, and his knuckles clicked. He said, “Xiumei, do you know what is the end of the world?”

Xiu Mei, who didn’t finish junior high school, couldn’t answer, so she looked up at the sky. There is no cloud in the sky. A sparrow flew over and over, a large group of sparrows flew over and over, their world had no end, wow, no end.

Mai Jianming laughed again, seeming to be magnanimous. No wonder you neither love reading books nor understand the Internet. There has been another earthquake in southern Mexico recently. When it comes to Mexico, Mai Jianming’s nose is humming, a little foreign-style.

Xiu Mei is a bit ashamed. She doesn’t know who Mexico is. Mai Jianming shook his head and expressed regret that an American wrote a book called “Mayan Doomsday Prophecy 2012”, which mentioned nine predictions about the end of the world in 2012. The first one said that the world will be destroyed on December 21, 2012. .

Mai Jianming said while shaking his shoulders. After shaking his shoulders, he shook his thighs again. His legs were not long enough to make him jump up and down, which was very funny.

Xiumi couldn’t help but flutter, and said, since the world is going to be destroyed, don’t you panic? Mai Jianming was serious, his hands spread out: What’s so scary? I look forward to it. When the end of the world came, Lao Tzu happened to take the place of Heaven. The madman on Dongsi Street who doesn’t need to go to jail, Laozi immediately killed him! The woman at West Third Street who was trafficked to Yunnan at the age of 16 was rescued by Lao Tzu immediately; if the Secretary dared not reimburse me for handling the case, Lao Tzu would dare to take a table with him…

Beautiful and puzzled, saying that the end of the world is over, do you still consider reimbursement?

Mai Jianming giggled and said, it is also true, beautiful sister-in-law, you are really smart, things are now, money is like dung, and benevolence is valuable! Imagine if the end came, leaving you and me standing on the roof, what would the world be like?

Beautiful thought, the ghost knows how. She frowned, and the slight pain in her broken finger bit like an ant. She glanced at him quietly, remembering the warmth of his hand on her shoulder when he picked her up at the station. Although the topics he talked about really did not understand her, she always felt that he was easy to get along with and was a good person.

The good man Mai Jianming couldn’t stop his rhetoric. He opened his arms and used his imagination to the fullest. It was very beautiful and infinitely beautiful. But his words were not over yet, but he was gone. The woman who lacked three fingers was extremely light and drifted away like a cloud.


Xiu Mei went downstairs and saw her mother-in-law burning incense behind the cash register, closing a pair of fat hands, and chanting words in her mouth, Amitabha, Amitabha. Aqin, the proprietress of the teahouse, was watching the cards, and she glanced at the beauty. You two had a great conversation. Xiumei is not natural. Say, let me pour tea.

The few rays of sunlight coming in from the window are lazy. The lobby is very quiet, with dozens of players scattered around the table at different positions. The office next door is full of idlers. Among the people who play cards and drink tea in this teahouse, there may be a chief of the department; some are old neighborhoods, sitting in the teahouse from morning to night, live impatiently, but win or lose for a few dollars. The face was red and scarred; there were also some squashed faces, but the eyes were slipping around, like a group of cats ready to catch mice at any time. Xiumei carried the kettle and passed her beside him, fearing who would accidentally step on the tail. She looks more and more confused, doesn’t she say that people in the city are under pressure? Why do so many people have the leisure to play cards? I’m afraid the end of the world is really coming.

Aqin laughed again and again, saying, don’t think that people who come to the teahouse are playing cards. Many of these mischiefs are ordered by a ten-dollar cup of tea to soak here for half a day, some to hide accounts, some to cheat, some are simply triads. As for why the triads gathered in the teahouse opened by the police sister-in-law, Aqin’s language was unclear, saying that the police should be okay, and the triads should be okay. Everyone was actually eating and waiting to die. Only the stupid treasure of Mai Jianming really looked at a police uniform that was bigger than the sky, and was in a hurry to solve the case all day long. This year is the end of the world. Life is short. What’s the point of being busy like this?

But Aqin himself has ambitious plans for the future. She said that the foot-washing city next door would also be taken down, and then Mr. Chen, the unit of Mai Jianming, would cut the ribbon. But Lan Bodhisattva couldn’t believe it: How could such a big figure support you? Aqin chuckled and said, Mommy is so ignorant. As long as I can make money, can he be unhappy? Most of the brand friends are leaders, just pull a few stocks, and then they can wash their feet or massage, and they are all covered. Cutting the ribbon is a fart? The leader might even want to get involved. Beautiful, when you recover, you have to be diligent. When you run, you will always have your own family. Bolan Bodhisattva shook her beautiful arm, squeezed her eyebrows and encouraged, you see, Aqin didn’t treat you as an outsider.


After a week, Aqin went back to her family for dinner, and Mai Jianming also came. The golden turtle son-in-law came to the door, and the whole door was lit with red lights. Lan Bodhisattva is in a good mood, busy in and out, like an old mother wobbling.

The meal was served and four people were seated. Taking advantage of her mother-in-law’s pleasure, Xiumei talked, Mom, I want to find A Peng. Both Lan Bodhisattva and Aqin stopped chopsticks. Only Mai Jianming continued to eat meat and drink. Lan Bodhisattva looked at the beauty and said, Are you crazy? Your abortion has not recovered. Besides, where can A Peng take care of you now? You are staying here in peace and quiet, and there are a lot of food and clothing for you. Why go to the rental house and suffer?

Xiumi turns her head, I am not afraid of suffering!

Aqin opened her mouth and choked Xiumei in one sentence. Don’t you go to my brother like this, you know? After she finished, she glanced at the beautiful left hand, which looked like an awl. Xiu Mei is anxious and her voice suddenly grows louder. How am I like this? Aqin laughed, his tone was very relaxed, and even showed tenderness and beauty. Let’s face it, it’s not that my family thinks you are crippled!

Her voice was still falling, but she was stunned. Xiumei lifted the table, and the dishes and chopsticks were all over the place.

The two women wrestled together instantly. Who is the opponent who can only exert strength with one hand? Soon he was crushed on the ground and could not move.

Mai Jianming couldn’t see, opened Aqin and lifted Xiumei. Xiu Mei made a series of crying, Lao Tzu is going to kill you!

Lan Bodhisattva made a speech. He coughed a few times. What is it about? Still not a family?

Mai Jianming also opened his mouth, first of all criticized his wife Aqin, how do you speak like poison! Ximei is not easy for her! You have to understand her! . Then he took Zhang Luo and took Xiumi to the hospital. Aqin followed with a fierce voice, crippling mother-in-law! Dead country gangster!

Lan Bodhisattva ran trembling, smiling with a smile on his face, beautiful, no one dared to bully you! I am a person who believes in Buddha. I’ll beat Aqin later! As a young aunt, how can you not be virtuous!

Mai Jianming was impatient and shouted at his wife, shut up! Just started the car. Lan Bodhisattva took a step back, but then came over and grinned at his son-in-law. But Xiumi struggled to go up. Mai Jianming had to jump out of the cab and slammed the beauty into the car.


In the emergency room of the hospital, the doctor said that he was slightly injured and needed some drip. He blamed Mai Jianming for saying, how is your husband, what age, and domestic violence!

Mai Jianming smiled awkwardly, trying to help Xiumi, but she threw her hands away. She gave a spitting bitterly, you are all bastards!

Looking at her pale and cold face, Mai Jianming smiled patiently and said, okay, the Liu family can’t hold you up and down, and I can’t take it off. You are a living ancestor now, so please do whatever you want.

But Xiumei said, I have no requirements.

Mai Jianming said, then, go through an inpatient procedure and let Aqin take care of you.

But Xiumei said, I don’t want to be hospitalized and I don’t want Aqin to take care of it.

Mai Jianming was embarrassed and said, let me call A Peng. Pulled out the phone, but was blocked by the beautiful. Xiu Mei said, maybe he is hugging other women with joy.

This is too vulgar and vulgar, not like it popped out of Xiu Mei’s mouth. Mai Jianming wants to remind her to pay attention to her manners, even if she is not literate. After all, she is still a woman. How can she not hold on if she is as gentle as water for so long?

The on-duty doctor also came to persuade Xiumi to be hospitalized, and she uttered a word. Xiu Mei’s eyes are wide open, don’t you ladies and ladies, watch out for your old lady! Does your hospital want to grab money? Will I die without being hospitalized?

The doctor was a fashionable and handsome guy, and his white coat couldn’t hide his coolness. The handsome guy couldn’t stand the shrew, and he laughed angrily, saying that of course he wouldn’t die without being hospitalized. Come home and rest. After that, she prescribed several medicines and arranged for her to make some drops.

It was late at night, few people had injections, and the corridor was empty. Mai Jianming sat aside and whispered the beauty of beauty. Aqin was sorry for you, but you were wrong. You are unfortunate, but others are not your punching bag. If you can’t think about it in the future, just come to me. I understand you!

Xiu Mei nodded, her eyes turned red instantly, and asked him, how do you understand me?

Mai Jianming was so good that he could not take it. He went to the provincial capital at a young age. The hard work of working, the marriage is not easy, the ruthlessness of A Peng, and the difficulty of claiming after injury, separation, the separation of the mother-in-law It feels longer than ten years. Your stupid tongue makes your pain impossible to dismiss. You are crippled and abandoned by A Peng. What problem can you solve by lifting the table and fighting with Aqin? Unfamiliar, the family is thousands of miles away. You have no choice, no choice!

Drop by drop, the medicine slowly flows into the beautiful blood vessels. Mai Jianming’s words, one by one, like nails, tapped into the beautiful heart, making her tremble with pain. It turned out that it was so hard and so hard for me to really wake up the dreamer.

The night was dim outside the window, but the hospital was extremely bright. The smell of disinfection water floats in the air, causing people to fall into a trance. When Xiu Mei was crying, a rough, generous man’s hand slowly reached into her sleeve, stroking her sore spot, warm, soft and intimate. Xiu Mei struggled a bit, but found another man’s bracelet on her shoulder. Her eyes flickered, then dimmed, and then cold, and the whole figure was like a frozen fish, forgetting to breathe.


The needle is finished. The two walked out of the hospital silently. They wandered at the entrance of the courtyard for a while, and Xiumi couldn’t stand still, saying, I don’t want to go back! Her screams were very loud, full of momentum, brutal and fierce, and was blown out by the wind and hit the opposite building wall, stirring up echoes.

Mai Jianming even dragged and said, Why are you more authentic? It’s so late, what can you do if you don’t go back?

But Xiumi, like drunk, laughed a lot, rooted at the bottom of her feet, and could not be dragged.

Mai Jianming let go and sighed, no wonder A Peng said you dare to hit the wall. The two stalemate for a long time, he tentatively asked, or else, I will take you to another place? Xiu Mei gritted her teeth and said, ok, very good. Mai Jianming smiled and patted her shoulder like a father, saying, beautiful, beautiful, why are you so cruel?

The two got into the car, but when they were about to start, they found someone in front of them. A shadow was getting closer and closer and almost stuck to the front of the car. Mai Jianming patted the steering wheel and continually honked the horn. Seeing the other party refused to leave for a long time. Mai Jianming shouted, go to your mother! The body is still sitting firmly in the cab.

Sumei stopped sobbing and said, isn’t it just a porcelain touch? Why don’t you tell him not to get off the bus. Mai Jianming chuckled. If I got off, I might be dead. Not only am I dead, I am afraid you will not survive.

The car confronted the people. Soon, the patrol came. The man left. Mai Jianming then quickly started his Buick car and said, fucking, driving his own car was all stared at. If you do me, I’m afraid someone will follow you. As for why others followed him, he was too lazy to say. The car passed through an alley behind the hospital, turned several turns, and passed a traffic light to a luxury residential area, parked the car in the basement, and then took the elevator to the 18th floor.


When all the lights in the room light up, the beauty is dumbfounded. The decoration of this house is so luxurious that it is much more particular than the house where Aqin lives now. She looked around and was attracted by a coffee table. How much did it cost?

Mai Jianming answered as easily as spitting melon seeds, 18 thousand.

So, what about this set of dining tables and chairs?

One hundred fifty thousand.

Aqin was stunned again, touching his residual hand, and three fingers happened to change the table and chair. She couldn’t help but take a breath. She was a little bit disturbed by the country woman’s voice, and she took the sternness of her sister-in-law’s sternness. Such an expensive thing, I don’t even know if Aqin knew it.

Mai Jianming said with a smile, man, cunning rabbit three cave, only concealed this matter Aqin. Who says Aqin can’t have children? He said, he pushed Xiumei into the bathroom, and said, you are still covered in dust, go take a bath, and find a set of women’s pajamas from the closet for her, smile and say, you should wear this . After all, take a step back and tilt her head to look her up and down. When Xiu Mei panicked and pushed backhand, he pushed him out. Since her left hand was injured, her right hand has become infinitely powerful. Mai Jianming screamed exaggeratedly, so he didn’t bother to come again.


Half an hour later, nothing happened in the bathroom.

Mai Jianming was lying on the sofa, calling someone, tilting his head, smiling with a full face, um, um, I shouldn’t be able to get rid of it, and I should come out in a few days. What’s wrong with you? What? But he quickly got up and blinked his eyes in surprise.

Xiumi didn’t take a bath, standing in the middle of the living room, looking left and right, and asked very seriously, you brought me here, is there something wrong?

Mai Jianming sat firmly, raised his head to think, and said with certainty, no! Then laugh, how are you talking so directly?

Xiu Mei asked again, if we two won’t go home all night, will Aqin watch?

Mai Jianming shook his legs, and said after a while, do you think she can control me?

Xiumi asked again, this house is where you are looking for women?

Mai Jianming denied it. Do you think I am a maniac? I only play cards here! Well, in his business, there are people asking for it from time to time. He thinks that he is a person with a bottom line. Under normal circumstances, he does not accept gifts, but it is reasonable to win some money at the table.

Beautiful and sighed again, do you know how hard your big uncle A Peng is working?

Mai Jianming said lightly, “A man, he has a responsibility, what can he do without hard work?” You rest and adjust here. Thirsty to boil water, go to the kitchen to find instant noodles. I’m gone, let’s talk about something tomorrow. In short, be tolerant, don’t be tolerant. Having said that, he stood up, opened the door, hummed and swayed into the darkness.


When Mai Jianming went out, the moonlight was sultry. The alleyway was shrouded in huge locust trees, light or dark. He saw his shadow slowly shorten, and soon disturbed the whirling land. A huge body swayed towards him, a middle-aged man with a gray face. This man’s surname is Dong and he is a contractor. Old Dong smiled wildly, Officer Mai, I saw you brought a woman in. This joke is ambiguous and simple, straight to the topic. Women are always the most pleasant and safe topic among men. But today Jianming is anxious to clarify and say right, she is my sister. Old Dong hummed, forget it, how many good sisters do you have? Let’s go for a drink and talk about something. My beautiful boss happens to be there.

A menopausal woman with a pleated face is also embarrassed to call beauty? It’s a natural match with Lao Dong, a country gangster. Women who are out of marriage at this age are particularly sturdy and particularly hermaphrodite. They drink wine and pour into the mountains, making jokes without scruples. And she especially likes to tease the police, Huang Duanzi endlessly, almost want to kill Mai Jianming alive. In the face of the aggressive half-aged milfs, Mai Jianming, a teenager younger than her, IQ is obviously not enough. But he still has to show a posture of solidarity. There is a handle in a case that has been pinched. Fuck, a couple of dogs and men! The end of the world in 2012, we must guard against villains. Mai Jianming thought about pulling back many times, but found that this is a vast ocean. With his three-foot cat’s skill, he could not climb ashore even if he jumped off the boat. He smiled painfully, reversed the car, and went with the old Dong.


Xiu Mei sat on the floor. After a while, her legs became numb and her lower abdomen was still cold. She slowly fell back and lay on her back on the floor. The log floor was irradiated by the ceiling light, like turbid lake water, with ripples circle by circle. And she is a stupid fish, wandering into the strange lake water, not knowing how to breathe. The fish crawled on the floor and leaned towards the phone on the coffee table.

Xiumi put the microphone on her chin, and a beautiful female voice came from the microphone. The other party is talking, please wait. At this moment, who is A Peng talking to? This guy is all good, but he has a big heart; he is actually pretty good to her, but he has no conscience now. As a woman, she had no status in her natal family with an older brother and a younger brother since she was a child. The mother did not like her father and loved her. In the final analysis, he is the only man who has hurt her, and he really is not easy. The humble rental house is less than one-sixth the size of the house. Ah Peng, Ah Peng, you are a ghost when you cut your head.

She shelved, dialed again, shelved, dialed again. Someone finally answered the phone. A Peng’s voice is tired, who? It seems to be unresponsive. Xiumi said, it is me! A Peng was silent for a while and asked her what was wrong. The beautiful tears fell off, saying that there was nothing wrong. A Peng is impatient, fierce, don’t bother me! Business is not easy to do, I have to find a job again tomorrow, I have to sleep well. Speaking, I hung up the phone with a click. Xiu Mei dialed it again, choked up without waiting for the other side, A Peng, I was very uncomfortable.

There was a “ah” over there, the voice was sharp and thin, and after a moment of silence, I hung up the phone again.


Xiu Mei called her mother’s phone again. It was the father who answered the phone.

My father’s voice was obviously old, and weary and asked, what happened to Sumei. Hearing about the beautiful mischief, Wuwu talked about miscarriage again, and his father said in an angry voice, “You are a stubborn child, and love to be horny.” It doesn’t matter if you are injured or miscarriage. You have to look forward. Your brother is about to get married. In the days of great joy, never mention the sad things again.

Xiumi said quickly that I was taken into a big room. Her voice was tense and excited, even a little flaunting. She wanted her father to understand that his daughter, who was unimportant in his eyes, was much more knowledgeable than him.

Father is not interested in this big house. He only knew that his house had to be built quickly and that money had to be moved everywhere. My father coughed a few times, his tone became a bit stiff, beautiful, didn’t you lose 150,000 when you were injured at work? Can you borrow two or thirty thousand, I ask your brother to make a loan. Before he finished speaking, Xiumei let out a roar. My father was also angry and said, “Look, your six relatives do not recognize the stubborn temper. How can you get along with your wife’s family?” He hung up the phone while speaking.

twenty one

The beautiful roar roared, wandering back and forth in the empty room. She made a circle in the house and went to take a bath. After washing, she put on the pajamas and looked at herself in the mirror. She raised her left hand to signal to the woman in the mirror, her left thumb and index finger spread out and straightened, like a pistol aimed at her temple. Xiumei leaned against the wall and smiled at the woman.

As soon as this remark came out, she was secretly surprised. Why is Mai Jianming’s tone? Oh, only he had never looked down on her, and talked to her about the end of the world. The serious look of her eyebrows made her unable to forget.

If she cried in front of him at this moment, he should not be disappointed. She wished to go to him at this moment, but her head fell down weakly, and her eyelids began to fight.

It was late at night, and the sound of cars driving on the road came out of the window, so far away, but so close, as if it sounded in my ears. Tiredness covered her like a tide. She staggered into the bedroom and saw an extremely large bed. She went up on the ground like she was stuck in the waves of the sea. After struggling for a while, she slowly fainted, sinking all the way to the dark depths.

Xiumei has been sinking and sinking, and she seems to never reach the bottom of the sea. Later, she was entangled in water and grass, unable to move her hands and feet, and her body was crushed by a heavy object. A big shark swam over and opened a big mouth of blood to her…

Xiu Mei woke up and saw a puffy face. She struggled so hard that nowhere could be beaten. He held her down, almost tearing her pajamas in half. When he crashed into her body frantically, she made a heartbreaking cry and said, it hurts, it hurts! He ignored it, and became more and more excited, and said with a trembling voice, ok, so good. I like it.

Slowly, she stopped moving…

twenty two

Afterwards, Mai Jianming’s wine woke up. There was an inexplicable conversation between them.

Mai Jianming turned on the bedside lamp to see her disabled left hand. Reluctant to be beautiful, she avoids saying, what good is a disability. Mai Jianming’s eyes glowed, saying that a few fingers are not a big deal. Look at Venus, who still lacks an arm. You are very beautiful in my eyes! Very pure!

Xiu Mei asked, why doesn’t A Peng want me?

Mai Jianming coughed and said, he is stupid, what happened to his broken arm? Nothing is delayed, nor is there any delay in giving birth. Speaking of children, Mai Jianming is excited, you have a baby for me, a child with my bone blood!

Xiu Mei’s eyes widened. Why should I have children for you?

Mai Jianming sighed, I think the kids want to be crazy. If you are pregnant now, you can still treat me as the successor of A Peng, and you are not afraid of gossip! A Peng fart will not put one.

Xiumi asked again, why didn’t A Peng put one fart?

Mai Jianming said, did you miscarry at the teahouse side plate wrestling? Let me replant it for you, can’t it?

When he said this, he was serious, not a joke. But Xiumi asked again, why should I talk to a child like you?

Mai Jianming was impatient and frowned, saying, why do you keep asking?

Xiu Mei replied, you don’t know me, I like to ask 100,000 why.

Mai Jianming let her go, whispering, neuropathy!

twenty three

At this time, his phone rang again. There was a female voice over there, telling him something. Mai Jianming continued.

When he finished the phone call, he turned and saw a woman with bloody eyes. Chen Xiumei stood in front of the bedroom window and stared at him intently. A small cluster of light shone brightly and suddenly darkened her face. This woman, she actually smoked the ninety-five on the bedside table, but the smoke did not dare to smoke easily.

Mai Jianming froze for a while, walked over, patted her shoulder, a trace of surprise and impatience in her voice, hello, when the day is light, you go back.

Xiumei smiled and said, this place is good, I’ll just stay here!

Mai Jianming froze, took a step back, and said strenuously, this house is actually not mine.

But Xiumi sneered, you coax! Your stomach is so big, you are a corrupt official!

Police officer Mai Jianming took a step back, scared repeatedly.

Xiumi said, you have long wanted to hit me, right? Isn’t it just stealing a love? If you make it clear, I might agree. Why bother to rape with so much effort? Suddenly she talked so calmly and calmly, making him a little bit uncomfortable, and unconsciously opened his mouth. Xiumei smiled and asked him, what about my gloves?

Mai Jianming noticed that the beautiful gloves were gone. Xiumi said, how can I go out without gloves? Your mother-in-law said, don’t lose her face!

Mai Jianming said, okay, I’ll go find your gloves. If I can’t find them back, I’ll help you build a golden glove, won’t it?

Xiumi said, okay, anyway, the money you spend is not your own hard-earned money.

Mai Jianming said, you are inexplicable!

Xiumi laughed, I am different from you. I didn’t think of this difference until I arrived here today. Then she sat cross-legged on the floor, like a meditating goddess of Guanyin, nodded at him, didn’t you say the end of the world? The old lady stays here, waiting for its arrival!

Mai Jianming said, do you really believe it? Beautiful, life is beautiful, how wonderful is the outside world, are you going to stay here all your life?

Xiumei said, I have to go out with all my hands and feet, and I want Liu Apeng eight big sedan to pick me up.

Mai Jianming said, are you embarrassing me? Can I manage these things?

Xiu Mei said, I blamed you for being a rogue and corrupt, what’s wrong?

Mai Jianming was so angry that his cheek gang was shaking. Once he gritted his teeth, he said, okay, then my goddamn Jinwu Zangjiao. Unfortunately, you are missing three fingers.

Xiu Mei nodded her head and smiled fiercely, saying, broken fingers, broken fingers, you can see the hearts of the world!

Mai Jianming squatted down in front of her, gritted his teeth, reached up to hold the monster’s chin, and looked down at her. She turned her face up like a pie, her voice was cloudy, and I broke my finger. Do you feel more irritating? Didn’t the previous men like to wrap their feet? When I was not injured, A Peng came once every three days. After I was injured, he could come three times a day. It’s been more than half a month since I aborted, and you raped me, and you are very interested in my disability.

Mai Jianming’s cheek was twisted, and he opened his hand and said, Xiumei, can it only be considered cheating? Since we two are so familiar, why are you talking so bad? Don’t you always say that I am a good person?

Ximei sneered, are you sure you are a good person?

Mai Jianming was stunned for a moment, and he replied weakly, not so sure. But I always respect you enough.

So, Xiu Mei said one by one, what do you say with so much bruise on me?

Mai Jianming laughed and raised his voice. Can I apologize to my aunt? Xiumei “Bah” took a sip, a smoke ring spit on his face, and soon shattered. Mai Jianming bounced at once, so stay here and think about it, I’m gone.

Xiumei pulled a long tone, not sending.

But when he walked to the door, Mai Jianming came back again and asked carefully, you will not be in trouble?

Xiu Mei shivered with laughter, didn’t your wife say that even if someone pushed me, wouldn’t I jump off the building? Rest assured, I want to fight against you with my spirit.

Mai Jianming wiped his face and said, crazy! Turning away, the footsteps quickly disappeared outside the door.

twenty four

When Mai Jianming walked out of the door, his face was green and his intestines were regretted. Why did she take her to that house? You know, the real owner of that house is actually their director. How can I be so vain, or so frivolous? To show off to a poor woman, to please a crippled woman? In short, I was crazy, and I thought she would go if I coaxed her. This woman is too boring! Conscience, Mai Jianming really sympathized with her. Fearing that she was hungry, he packed her up after eating, threw away the female boss who leaned on him, and took the wine to the road, almost driving the car into the pond. His wife Aqin is not virtuous, so he would rather wander on the street, and would rather go to another house. Although he was only entrusted by the director to take care of the rental of the house, the director sometimes tacitly allowed him to stay there for a few days while the house was vacant. The director said the house must be popular. So Mai Jianming went to see it from time to time, playing mahjong occasionally, and not having a secret meeting with women.

He admitted that it was indeed a sudden attack on Xiumi. He was drunk and a little too hard, as if slapping her a few times. Well, man, don’t be a man? The most fateful relationship between people is that with his usual relationship with her, it should come to fruition sooner or later. So, being a person must be graceful, and if you are too anxious, you will inevitably eat ugly. However, life is short, and sometimes it takes a little drunk to dream and die. It’s the end of the world, and the orphans and widows are deeper into the middle of the night. Even if something happens, it’s not evil. But no matter how lonely, you should not provoke beauty. Alas, it should have long been seen that she is a tendon. She was miscarried and suffered a grievance and was tempted to understand, but how could she not be ignored? Aqin was right, and Xiumi lost her finger and became psychopathic.


Turning out of the alley, his car was blocking the alley. An old beggar sat leaning on the tire and leisurely folded the plane with newspaper. Such a troubled person, still thinking about playing with this? What an open-minded attitude to life! Mai Jianming didn’t feel a little moved, and then he was moved by himself. He has always thought of himself as a person with a sense of morality, otherwise he would be particularly easily moved. So he even wet his eyes. Seeing him approaching, the beggar prostrate to the ground and say, pity me, the disabled person. The morning light was dim, and the beggar’s face was painful, and his thighs were wrapped in layers of gauze, just like a babbling baby.

Mai Jianming took out his wallet in a hurry and gave him ten dollars. A noble feeling made him mentally happy. Unexpectedly, the beggar suddenly stood up and said with a grin, hello! Then he walked steadily.

Mai Jianming laughed angrily, smothered his cigarette butts, humming, you are too soft, too soft. Immediately his soft and susceptible heart hung over his throat, and the body was severely stroked with a sharp weapon. He touched it distressedly and scolded angrily. Mom’s, the world wind is going down. This world is afraid that it will really be over.

He opened the cab and started the engine. A plume of white smoke spewed out of the car’s bottom. The houses and trees on both sides of the road receded quickly. The wind roared through his ears, Mai Jianming narrowed his eyes, feeling that he was riding a broom to fly to hell. Finished, he thought, he wouldn’t be ruined in the hands of a crazy woman.


Mai Jianming’s future is just right. He is a hardcore in the game. The Secretary is getting older and doesn’t want to take too many things. In a game, there are two and a half milfs mixed in the fourth mate, and the simple things become troublesome. The Secretary is in poor health. Recently, he has studied the Tao Te Ching, which has become somewhat negative. He has always imagined how to go to veteran cadres in the future. In management, he is focusing on big and small, but he is different from Mai Jianming. Mai Jianming used to be the driver of the director, and naturally he is also a celebrity. The Secretary regarded Mai Jianming as his son, and he would inevitably criticize him for the trivial matters. Because of this, Mai Jianming felt even more arduous and must bear the unlimited trust of the Secretary. Last night, the Secretary had an old friend who came to treat him. The old friend is also surnamed Dong, and the old foreman Bao Bao is a cousin. He used to be a small boss of a construction company in this county. During the demolition project, he asked the director to help get a triad boss. This person subsequently developed smoothly, and ten years later, Tiannandibei turned a circle to return to the village, is already the chairman of the billions of dollars. Using the relationship of the director, he won the bid for a construction aid project after an earthquake, and he voted for Li Tao to give a small piece of fat to the director. The secretary said nothing, but entrusted Mai Jianming to handle the matter for him. Just now Mai Jianming received a call from the director, who was waiting for him in the teahouse.

When Mai Jianming returned to the teahouse, he saw his wife Aqin drinking water very gracefully. His mother-in-law is burning incense to chant Buddha. At eight o’clock in the morning, the teahouse has not opened its doors to welcome guests. The hall was empty and there was a feeling that the song was all gone. When Mai Jianming walked in front of Aqin, Aqin stretched out a stunned compass leg and stumbled him. Mai Jianming stood firm and said angrily, you fucking crazy! Aqin trembling with a smile, what are you doing? Jianming didn’t dare to look at her, he only said that he went to play cards. Aqin stretched his nose over and sniffed, nodded viciously, and smelled!

She was so ridiculous at that time, and she was carved out of the old woman who knocked on the wooden fish. When Mai Jianming shook his hand, Aqin collapsed on the chair like a straw seedling that had fallen apart. She was not angry. She grabbed the calculator and reckoned it. She shouted loudly at her mom. It’s time to buy food, hurry up.

The director sat in the box in front of him, and an obsolete copy of the Daode Jing was displayed in front of him. When Mai Jianming entered, the director said slowly: Take the door…


Two hours later, Mai Jianming took the old contractor of the foreman to the airport. At three o’clock in the afternoon, they flew to the provincial city where the earthquake-stricken area was located, and then bumped all the way to the project site when the sun set. The next day, just as he and Lao Dong were holding papers and pointing on the side of the road, there was a loud bang on the hillside, a big rock rolled down, and the people underneath were scattered. According to locals, after the earthquake, landslides often happened. A person was walking on the road, and he accidentally saw Lord Yan.

Mai Jianming was shocked, and tremble to call the secretary, let the secretary quickly find someone to come over to replace himself, saying boss, I’m a good public official, I have a lot of work to do, but can’t be exhausted for this matter In this wild country ridge. The secretary pondered for a while and said, then come back as soon as possible. If there is a reliable person, let him bear it first…


In the evening three days later, Mai Jianming came back with a bandage on his head and went to the teahouse to see his wife Liu Aqin.

Aqin, dressed in red and green, squatted on the sofa in the box like a cockatoo, reading a book in exactly the same way. It was actually the Secretary’s Book of Morality. After a while, she would be sublimated, and she got it. Her eyes were fluffy, with a gentle and feminine flicker. A sudden tenderness rushed in Mai Jianming’s heart, and he reached out to touch her armpit. Aqin grabbed his hand. The players outside the door smashed the mahjong. But it doesn’t matter, the two are in a group, Mai Jianming buried his face in Aqin’s chest, and suddenly cried, saying, go and persuade Xiumi. She didn’t answer anyone’s phone and refused to go out. What if she had an accident in that room?

Aqin sighed, lifted a pale face, the lipstick was messed up, and there were blood-red things on his teeth, just like a sexy witch eating a person. In addition to being sexy, this witch is full of secrets, as if the privacy of a world has been clearly observed by her. Mai Jianming crossed her body awkwardly, but she bit her finger. Mai Jianming did not dare to move, letting Aqin work hard. Aqin bit for a while and whispered that we are a troubled couple, right?

Mai Jianming said fiercely, yes, we don’t care about each other’s past!

Aqin paused and said that this year and the month, I also looked away, don’t go outside and mess up. As for the beauty, you are a honest person. Don’t treat her too badly. If I can have a baby, I will keep it well.

Aqin’s expression was so tragic, she behaved so broadly. An extremely strong person is willing to compromise on this matter. Mai Jianming couldn’t help crying and laughing, saying, do you really think I am interesting to her? Aqin’s eyeballs rolled over and said, “Don’t pretend, just settle her down and don’t make trouble.” Mai Jianming stretched his face and murmured in his mouth that there are some things that I can’t help but you and me.


When Mai Jianming returned to the room, he saw that Xiomei was facing away from him, and the pale spine was almost all exposed, showing a kind of low-level porn that was left unchecked. There was a desperate turbid breath in the air that made him almost sick. He frowned patiently and pushed her back, saying that she had brought her a large bag of food and drink. He smiled all over the face, kind, friendly, and kind. He placed fruits, cola, and milk on the coffee table. He also took out a box of fried rice noodles. He said, beautiful, I am a person with a conscience and a bottom line. I will never Let go of what you don’t care about.

Beautiful clothes sat up irregularly and ate breakfast with a big mouth, and said vaguely, are you afraid that I will report you? This room is evidence of your corruption, there might be a safe under the bed.

Mai Jianming paused and smiled reluctantly, beautiful, I believe that you would not hurt me so much.

Xiumei smiled, that’s not certain.

After she finished eating, Mai Jianming reached out to help clean up, and said in an almost pleading tone, you should put your clothes on neatly. Aqin will come over later. Xiu Mei’s eyes widened, the shelf was like a lady, what is she doing here? not see! Mai Jianming smiled patiently. Who do you want to see? A Peng? Xiu Mei is even more angry and has a sharp voice, and he will just treat me as dead!

Mai Jianming persuaded him bitterly, A Peng is also in trouble? He kept thinking about saving some money and going back to his hometown in Hubei to buy a store, but the price of the store soared at the moment, and his money was not enough. Otherwise, let me call you?

Xiu Mei shook her head, no more, I had nothing to say to him. Jianming didn’t understand it. What do you want? Xiu Mei said, I want my parents to come to see me, to persuade me to divorce.

Mai Jianming had never seen the beautiful parents and did not know where they were sacred. He thought about it, and wanted to send her a sum of money to her maiden family, maybe she could let her hold high hands to herself. Bai Shan Xiao first, he said this, but she was so numb. He looked up and down in surprise. This woman seems to be hard-hearted and completely forgets shame, benevolence and morality. She was half naked, with pale skin, like a big fish with scales. Her body was not sexy, but crazy, scary and ugly. Mai Jianming backed his hands, circled around the house, sighed, and began to show her reason and emotion, beautiful, in fact, you are very beautiful. A beautiful woman must be graceful and reasonable.

Xiumi said, yeah, it is very beautiful, even more beautiful than Venus, so you were raped. Mai Jianming rolled his eyes, pretending not to hear, and said softly, in fact, I really liked you, from the first meeting. Sumei asked, what do you like about me?

Mai Jianming couldn’t remember it, so he said, sometimes, love doesn’t need a reason.

Xiumei’s snot bubbles burst out.

While she was stunned, Mai Jianming read aloud, beautiful! Beautiful! You were originally a good girl, pure, noble, and kind-hearted. He moved himself again, closing his eyes tightly and becoming intoxicated. At this time his phone rang. He stepped aside and began to answer. A sharp female voice came over, did you get it?

Mai Jianming replied with support. Xiu Mei’s ears were pointed and she heard Aqin’s voice. Her face changed a lot, saying, do you bully me in partnership? Mai Jianming hurriedly explained that nothing happened, Xiu Mei yelled out, corruption! Her voice was roaring and whirling around the room, sharp and high, and energetic.

Mai Jianming couldn’t make a call. When he went out, he was just stumbled, like a dog who lost his family.


As soon as he left, Xiumei rushed into the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and washed herself with cold water. After washing, she was covered with goose bumps and her clothes were not worn. She quickly got into the quilt. The quilt arched, she was like an ostrich escaping from suffering. When she was surrounded by warmth and security, a cold hard object touched her ankle. Reaching out, it was a book called “Mayan Prophecy 2012”. Xiumei turned on the light and read it word by word with her education level that read only to the second grade of junior high school: The Mayan calendar shows that the life of the earth is only five solar times, which also just represents the five catastrophes of human beings: first The solar era-flood catastrophe, the world was annihilated by the great flood; the second solar era-wind snake catastrophe, the buildings in the world were destroyed by the wind snake; the third solar era-fire rain catastrophe, the earth faced the sky The catastrophe of fire and rain; the fourth solar age-earthquake devastation, the earth was extinct by severe earthquakes; the fifth solar age-the end of the world, the sun will disappear, the earth will shake violently, disasters will happen… Materials for reading. Only after reading a dozen pages at this time, I felt dizzy. As soon as you put the book down, you will immediately be conscious. She still bare her body and saw her aborted lower abdomen, her belly button eyes were brown, like a surprised eye. This eye looked down at the hidden world in the triangle of the lower body compassionately, blinking from time to time. There were water droplets flowing on his lower abdomen, beautiful beauty cried, pulling his head like a female duck with a broken neck.

She sometimes reads books, sometimes laughs, sometimes cries, and falls asleep while crying. In her dream, she dreamed of playing wood on the hillside and her father plowing the fields at the foot of the hill. The elder brother and younger brother chased the rabbit on the ridge road. Suddenly the rabbit rushed over and said to her, why don’t you go to school? Suddenly a voice answered for her, the end of the world. The sun is very dark, the river is flowing backwards, the frog is on the tree, the snake is walking on the road, my child floats along the stream… Is this the end of the world, is it true?

At this point, she burst into tears in her dream. When she was crying out of breath, she woke up in the sharp laughter of another woman, it was Aqin.


Aqin’s face was pale, his mouth blood red, and his eyebrows were drawn like matchsticks. With a soup pot in her hand, she grinned and her face was wrinkled. She was only thirty-five years old, and she had a good life, but she couldn’t stand old. Aqin said, sister-in-law, I was wrong to hit someone, and I apologize to you. You get up, have some good food, I’ll pick you up. When you’re well, let’s go shopping, soak your feet, and massage.

Xiumi said, your husband raped me!

Aqin froze for a moment, supported me, and waved his hand, saying, I already knew, you two should be considered cheating, I don’t care!

Xiumi said, yo, so generous? Haven’t you always been a vinegar jar yasha? Are you afraid of me reporting? If he wants to go to jail, you won’t be able to enjoy it!

Aqin’s face can’t be hung, and the voice is low, what blessing do I enjoy? I can’t eat a bowl, but sleep a bed! Mai Jianming steals all year round, I can only bear it. Beautiful, beautiful, I am not easy! When I was 15 years old, I went to Pengcheng to work, and finally I found a local man. How hard was it to be unable to have a baby, do you know? Xiu Mei laughed and nodded her head and said poisonously, you are also called tough? Do you know the taste of a child who is pregnant or has miscarriages? You go! I am too lazy to tell you.

Aqin had to go on talking, and the tone became higher and higher, and he was gradually angry. How could you be exactly the same as my brother? We are a family, why should we separate each other? She was talking about the family in her mouth, but she almost threw her teeth open.

Xiumi raised her right hand and slapped her hard, and then stretched out her five fingers, both like a goddess of Guanyin and a dominatrix, a criminal!

Aqin froze for a moment, covered his face and remained silent for a while, put a bag of food on the head of the bed, and suddenly smiled. What is Mai Jianming? Why should I beat him? I will never forgive you, a couple of dogs and men!


When Aqin left, Ximei was like a wounded bat, stumbling around in the house; her eyes were bright, searching under the bed, in the closet, on the balcony, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or even on the balcony, vowing to find out Here comes a safe containing gold and treasure. But got nothing.

In the end, she was exhausted, like a fish lacking water, lying on the bank of the river and panting, dying to death. Just then, the phone rang. Beautiful is lying on her back on the sofa, her body is still, but she is listening to her ears. Who is it? Who? Which bastard? But the ringing soon broke, and the room was suffocating quietly. On the old locust tree outside the window, knowing it was very lively: knowing, knowing. Beautifully propped up the body one by one, sweat and tears gathered together, flowing along the neck.

Finally, Xiu Mei jumped up, rushed to the bathroom, stared at the mirror for a while, and saw a dull face. Just then, the phone in the living room rang again.

Xiu Mei walked over and pressed her chest to calm her heart before picking up the phone. Who? The voice was rapid and his eyes were alert. He looked around like a female spy in a spy movie. But when the other person smiled, Xiu Mei’s cleverness that couldn’t be put together easily collapsed. It’s A Peng. A Peng’s voice was still in a hurry, and he spoke out. He obviously knew what was going on, and said, “You are too much in love.” When I was in the factory, if it wasn’t you who were desperately looking for the boss, how could I let you go to my mother?

In a few words, Xiumi was described as an unreasonable person. She seems to have asked for all the trouble. Beautiful thinking stopped, and I didn’t know where to start with a thousand words. She had to sneer, do you know what they did to me? A Peng avoided answering, but repeatedly asked, beautiful, what are you doing? Do you really want to report? Do you have a deep hatred with them? Do you hate the officials Mai Jianming is not forgiving, why do you have to put people to death? Xiu Mei was blinded and asked with a trembling voice, Am I still your wife? A Peng sighed and said, beautiful, it is enough to beat him at most once, is it necessary to send him to prison?


In the teahouse, the air conditioner is turned on too fast. When Mai Jianming pushed the door in, he felt cold. The hall was well seated. Recently, the gambling is booming, and many young men and women are pouring in, chatting, playing cards, and rubbing fingers at the poker table to break their hearts. It seems that they are waiting for the end.

Aqin was dressed in a new dress today, sitting behind the bar with a smile on his face, looking down on all beings like a Bodhisattva. Mai Jianming walked over and said that today’s business is good, but the air conditioner turned on fiercely. Aqin sighed faintly, these cumbersome things, wrinkled wrinkles one by one to the outside! Although the business of the teahouse is long-selling, she is seeing more and more. This year, she has to feel distressed about herself. She should eat, live, and play cards. When the eyes closed, then the floods can be managed?

Jianming agreed, saying that my lady is a forehead.

Aqin finished talking lightly and lit a cigarette for Mai Jianming. Mai Jianming didn’t suck, caught between his fingers, and let it die. From time to time, some visitors came in and greeted them sloppyly. Aqin lifted her eyes and looked, nodded, shouted at the waiter, did the tablecloth wash? Is the stove cleaned? What hasn’t been cleaned up yet? My God, what is general hygiene? You folks, think that money is so profitable? After training the waiter, she sighed and said, “What can you figure out after a hard life?” In the end, it’s all idlers who are waiting to die. After all, she burst into tears.

The always powerful Aqin was so sad that Mai Jianming felt like a needle. The mother-in-law came over and said to her daughter, why are you suffering? All mistakes are not yours! After all, the old lady gave her son-in-law a meaningful look, and said, Jianming, be conscientious as a man, as the saying goes, the wife of the bran will not go to court…

Again. Mai Jianming’s eyebrows were frowned, and he said, “Let’s talk a little less about our husband and wife!

The mother-in-law had swept away her usual humility, supporting her waist and mumbling loudly. Who knows whether it will last for a long time or not? You come in the Black Cat Hotel today, and tomorrow you leave the White Cat Hotel, and give Aqin to no one, no ghost, no ghost! If Xiumei goes to report, the Bodhisattva can’t keep you!

Mai Jianming put the cigarette in his mouth and suddenly forgot to smoke.

Aqin drank her mother and waved Jianming away. She said wearily, the Secretary came to you just now.

Mai Jianming stayed blank and said, what are the old guys doing here?

Aqin said, how can I know that it will not promote you? You have been doing well recently, Gee, I heard that I have been involved with the female boss.

The one-night stand with the younger sister in the bureau is still a bit reliable. If you touch the two female deputy directors, it is pure slander. The woman said that if you change, Aqin is getting nervous again. Mai Jianming rubbed her ears with a shy face, but she was beaten. He laughed and said that Lao Tzu was not afraid of the oblique shadow, and then sat aside to drink tea, and suddenly became restless when drinking and drinking. The Secretary was on the phone without making a call.

What’s the matter? He took a notebook and took out a signature pen to write it mechanically, using hard force stroke by stroke. After a long time, Aqin leaned over to see, but saw three words pierced the back of the paper: Chen Xiumei.


Chen Xiumei was still sitting on the coffee table, holding her chin on the phone. Without a word, she seemed to be dozing off. A Peng persuaded him to persuade him, the general idea is, I want to join the foot washing city in the future, I have to rely on him to help. If you offend him, I am afraid that it will be ourselves that will suffer the loss. To get ahead, you have to be able to hold the boat in your belly. Beautiful, you are a free body.

He said that Xiumi is a free body, which means that he has nothing to do with Ximei. He is educated, his brain is active, and he speaks a set of words. Xiu Mei can see through his tricks at a glance, but she is speechless and has nothing to do. Yes, it’s irrelevant. Is a marriage certificate a fart? But he used to care about her more, even if she talked to a man a few words, he was frustrated. Since Xiu Mei broke her finger, he has changed since he met the female lawyer. Change it, change the beauty of three fingers off, her world is beyond recognition. A Peng talked dryly and didn’t hear the echo, so he was a little anxious. Beautiful, you really can’t think of it?

Beautiful but thoughtfully, the vast universe, the earth is only a drop of the sea. The vast sky, the star-turning star is only between the fingers. After a long life, human beings have experienced ups and downs. Are there inextricable links? Does it imply great meaning? Is there a mysterious luck? In today’s prosperous science and technology, the light of reason is so bright, can human beings have the ability to break away from all arrangements in the world?

Apeng over the phone couldn’t answer, stunned. Unexpectedly, one day he would make him speechless. Not only did Xiumi laugh, she put down the “Mayan Prophecy 2012” in her hand, and she asked A Peng that the end of the world is coming, do you believe it? A Peng hung up the phone.

Xiu Mei continued to laugh, tears came down with a smile.


So far, she was so sad that she could only talk to her mother. Although she knows, daughters have always been optional for patriarchal parents. But at the critical moment, the mother still inevitably distressed her daughter. Xiu Mei was forced to drop out of school only when she was in the first day of school. The mother said, “Women, do you want to marry someone sooner or later? Why do you study so much?” But the two sons are very different. Despite their poor grades, their parents tried hard to send them out of the farm. At the age of 13, Xiumei lived in her home and worked in agriculture. At the age of 17, she went to Shenzhen to work. Before marriage, all her hard money was given to her family. Now that she has nowhere to go, her family can’t just sit back and ignore it.

A thought bombed her mind like thunder and lightning. Sumei suddenly didn’t want to live anymore. She stayed silent for a while, then resolutely dialed her mother’s phone.

It was the mother who answered the phone. Beautiful and unspoken tears flow first, cry, mom!

My mother was so worried about the house recently, how could she be so sentimental with her daughter, whispering, you are full!

Suddenly paused, not to mention severing his palm, only talking about miscarriage. The four-month-old fetus suddenly disappeared. Her heart could not be broken.

There was an old woman’s sigh over there. She was clever and tragic. When Ximei talked about miscarriage, her mother was thumping her heart. How can she keep her marriage without having a baby? You have to go to A Peng and try to get pregnant again.

Xiumi said that A Peng ignored me. Mother is angry and anxious, then you have to go find him to coax him! At a young age, what is the matter of staying with my in-laws? You stupid thing, you shouldn’t let him pass away! What? divorce? Don’t even think about it! You just rely on Liu family. My mother’s family can return? What’s the benefit of coming back? Besides, your younger brother is getting married. If you live in your family, your younger brother-in-law must gossip!

Mother Zhenzhen has a word and thinks about her everywhere. When she said beautifully, she nodded again and again, saying, I know, I know. The mother said irritably, your mother-in-law also called me by phone last night, saying that you are fighting with your little aunt! How old are you? When people come under the eaves, they have to bow their heads, you might not understand? Your brother-in-law eats official food, what good do you offend others? I’ve buried half of the people in the loess, can you make me live a little better?

In her mother’s life, she has never been to a table for dinner, but she has only been a hundred miles away. If she knew that Xiu Mei was sitting on a coffee table worth 18,000 yuan with her legs crossed, her mother would surely even drop her eyes. Xiu Mei feels that if she is involved in her again, she will be deeply guilty and will be busy. After she finished speaking, her mother was satisfied and assured that she was going to work on the ground. The pumpkins in the shed were growing fast. If you didn’t hurry to pick them, they would grow old in a blink of an eye.

Xiumei didn’t want to live anymore, and her mother was still concerned about her pumpkin. Xiu Mei was out and said fiercely that A Peng’s brother-in-law raped me! The mother was silent, and after a while, the tone was low, angry and beautiful, which man does not pick flowers, which mother-in-law does not cheat? You are not a girl with yellow flowers, and two are not golden branches and jade leaves. Orphans and widows, they fell asleep when they slept.

Beautiful and horrified, the seriousness of my mother’s life is not necessarily pretend? Without waiting for her mother to finish her talk, Xiumei hung up the phone and made another dumb moment. The whole person slid down to the floor like a cooked noodle.


Mai Jianming sat in a daze in the office.

The director’s gloomy eyes could also pass through five walls, so he had nowhere to run. A Peng’s eyes are high and his hands are low. It’s really not a big deal. For the old director to talk about Mai Jianming’s raising a woman, he actually fought with the old director. When the two fought hard, the flying stone smashed down, and the old Dong folded his leg. He and A Peng had flowers on their faces. The boss of Dong Da, as the cousin of the old Dong, turned his face for this matter, and the project was also yellowed. The secretary was very annoyed and spread all his anger on Mai Jianming, saying, okay, Mai Jianming, be bold! Even thinking about eating rebates! How many people have reported you have been suppressed by me. I regard you as a son, but you are so unkind! I heard you are in my house, Jinwu Zangjiao? Huan do you welcome me to visit this live evidence?

The Secretary even knew about Xiumi? Mai Jianming wanted to hear Aqin’s opinion, but received a call from Aqin and said, let’s get together. Aqin said that it was easy to get together, but took away all the passbooks and bank cards. A woman who can’t even give birth to a child dares to be so arrogant! Jianming regretted that she had spoiled her for all these years. Women are hard to raise. Mai Jianming hates that his heart is too soft and too easy to be moved. He even hoped that the stupid woman Sumei would be moved by him sooner or later. But the frustration now made him almost breathless. Beautiful, beautiful, you are the culprit of all this, your appearance and existence will only accelerate my destruction. Mai Jianming was lying on his desk, breaking the waist with his signature pen, grinning his teeth.


All the instant noodles are finished. The house was clean and tidy. Xiomei put on her clothes back, sitting in a deep daze on the toilet lid. At thirty, she felt it necessary to make a summary of her life. But when she used the book, she hated it a little, and if she wanted to break her head, she couldn’t think of any wonderful powerful sentences.

Finally she asked, is the end of the world coming?

When Ximei was meditating hard, the living room was a little aware of it. It seemed that there were mice gnawing, wild cats fluttering, wind blowing, and lights shaking. The shady scene has already arrived, and when dozing off and covering her beautiful eyes again, one thing she still wants to do is to go to the mirror again. According to the photo, her mind was awake, she was out of anger and suddenly shouted, bastard! Then he lifted a chair and smashed it. With just a bang, the huge mirror cracked, the crack spreading like a spider web, the woman in the mirror twisted and almost broke her waist. She touched it gently with her finger, and a piece of debris fell in response to a black hole. She was taken aback for a moment, and she hurried over to see that she was empty behind the mirror. Because the left hand couldn’t work hard, when Xiumei took the screwdriver with her right hand to remove the entire mirror, the mirror rushed towards her, only a clatter, a piece of glass penetrated Xiumei’s face, and the sharp pain made Xiumei retreat. , But hit a person.


Turning his head, he saw his mother-in-law standing at the door of the bathroom like a big Buddha. Beautiful, but not like this. Look, I found your gloves. As she moved away from Xiu Mei, she stepped into the bathroom, her expression stiffened, and Xiu Mei’s red gloves fell from her grasp, like a dying red frog, bouncing a few times and finished. Xiumei looked at her mother-in-law’s line of sight and saw that the ground was shattered and shattered, and a metal box suddenly appeared.

The mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law confronted each other in the bathroom. Lan Bodhisattva asked, Amitabha, what is this? Xiumei hummed, safe. The tone is relaxed and sophisticated, like she has seen 100 safes.

Lan Bodhisattva’s face was white, Shen Sheng asked Ximei, Aqin was mad, said he would never come back, do you know? What are you going to do? Are you forced to die? Without waiting for an answer, Lan Bodhisattva sat on the toilet lid and cried, and it was not easy for my family to survive today. Beautiful, you have a grudge against my previous life. You want my life, I am a sick wife, and I deserve it even if I die.

Xiumei was so stunned by her cry that she reached out to support her, mom, what am I going to do with your life? As soon as the words ended, Lan Bodhisattva knelt down with a thump, so beautiful, you spare your brother-in-law. Without my family, the sky will collapse, and A Peng will work with him to build roads.

Beautiful and stunned, thinking when A Peng went to repair the road? She quickly picked up her mother-in-law, but shook her head involuntarily. The mother-in-law slaps herself angrily, and then she weeps.

Xiu Mei exited the bathroom and sat on the expensive coffee table for a while, whispering back to the door, isn’t it just a broken box? As for being so nervous? Before she finished, she felt a tight neck and strangled her with a touch of cold.


When Xiumi woke up again, it was a week later, she was lying in the hospital. A beam of sunlight poured in from the window and shone on the floor in front of the bed. A skinny old woman squatting on the floor was her mother. Mother smiled at her, but her eyes were red.

What’s the matter? Xiu Mei struggled to sit up, but was soft and weak.

My mother reached over to support her, whispering in her mouth, beautiful, I got a call from your mother-in-law and hurried all night. For the sake of your dead woman’s head, everyone became a mess of congee.

Xiumi still doesn’t understand. Mother sighed and said that two thieves followed your mother-in-law’s house and hid in the closet all the time. After she left, when she was about to kill you and robbed your fortune, Mai Jianming happened to come in, and he desperately arrested the two men. He himself was stabbed a few times. He only called an ambulance and said he should never call 110. The doctor looked at his blood, could he not call the police?

Xiu Mei’s mind was blank, and it took a long time to recover. She wanted to speak, but found that her throat was hoarse and sore that she could not make a sound. The mother didn’t care what she asked, and continued, the two thieves stared at Mai Jianming for several days. The house was led and was sealed off yesterday. Mai Jianming said he went to see the house temporarily, and he saved you. Now that the leader is under investigation, he is afraid that he will not be able to get out of it; your mother-in-law heard this and was so scared that she stumbled on the threshold of the teahouse. She suffered a stroke and is now lying next door; I said that I originally planned to divorce, but I still have to live with you if I think about it.

When my mother said this, she couldn’t help but whisper. He heard that he lost money in his business. As the saying goes, the husband and wife were originally birds of the same forest, and it was difficult for them to fly independently. When you are all done, go back to my mother’s house with me. The family received a donation from kind people. The house should be built brightly, and you will live in a room by then. If your sister-in-law is gossiping with your younger sister-in-law, it’s a big deal.

The mother said nothing, her face was full of smiles, but her tears fell off.

Xiu Mei was dumbfounded, only to remember that her left hand was missing three fingers when she wanted to wipe the tears for her mother. Stroking the broken finger, the more beautiful Xiumei thinks, the more difficult it is for the teahouse stall here? Who will serve the mother-in-law? So a fat person doesn’t turn over on time, won’t he lose his skin? Even if there is an old sister coming to take care of it, it is not a long-term plan; someone who buys a chicken stew must have someone stare at the fire; when Aqin comes back one day, someone has to respond.

A few sparrows were frolicking outside the window, chattering. The mother opened the curtains, and the beauty of the world punctured the beautiful eyes.