25 secret recipes for sex upgrades

1. Let’s make a small game. Give him a riddle, and then write the riddle on a part of his body, and then wait for his active exploration.

2. Pretend that you are meeting for the first time. Recall that when you first saw his knees shaking and his back trembling. You can relive the scene, call him and go to a romantic place to date. Remember to wear formal clothes and wear sexy new underwear inside.

3. In his spare time, let him do massage, pedicure or facial treatment for you. Don’t care if his technique is familiar. During this time, he will spend more time focusing on your body.

4. Actively participate in physical exercise. The benefit of exercise is that blood will flow more smoothly to key parts of sex. In the course of sex, you will feel that the blood is concentrated in the secret zone, and it brings incredible pleasure.

5. Frequently do Kegel exercises. This is a pelvic gymnastics that uses urination to stop urination when urinating. Diligent exercises can not only treat urinary incontinence, but also make the pelvic floor muscles strong, increase the strength of the vagina, and prevent the occurrence of urinary incontinence. Doing 20 contractions each time 3 times a day can strengthen the strength of the pubic muscles, which is very necessary.

6. Supplement him with nutrients containing ginkgo ingredients every day. It can promote the blood flow in his body. Consult a doctor before taking it and take it strictly according to the doctor’s instructions. In addition, foods containing arginine, such as pine nuts, can also increase male blood flow.

7. Take 15 minutes alone to discuss with him other things besides children, money, and work. Talk to him about the dream you made last night, talk about the cute boy you saw at the banquet yesterday and look like your high school-age dream lover, a very successful thing in the company today. After 15 minutes, your partner will tell.

8. The wonderful use of fragrance. In order to make your partner more “sexual”, you need to learn to use fragrance. Alan Hodge, a well-known olfactory expert in Chicago, said that the use of licorice essence will speed up the blood flow of the vagina by 13%. When women smell the smoke of barbecue, the excitement index immediately drops by 14%, which can be described as “strangling sexy smell”.

9. Give yourself a vacation and travel alone. When you are alone, list the advantages of your partner that are worthy of your love and admiration. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being intimate with your partner, then give him a call and say something lingering. After returning home, you will see a pair of longing eyes.

10. Before going to bed every day, spend a few minutes with him to write down the things to be done tomorrow, and list the things you are worried about. Doing so will make you more relaxed, and your sexual desire will be more easily aroused.

11. Specially made a CD of romantic songs for him. Let your partner listen to him when he returns home and light a few scented candles. What will happen next? No one can guarantee it.

12. Watch erotic movies with him. Listening to those hot love words and watching those hot shots can inspire your source of sexual inspiration.

13. Develop a smoking cessation plan for him. Tell him that the toxic substances in tobacco will slowly block the blood vessels of the penis, just like blocking the arteries of the heart.

14. Appropriate use of sexual cues. Make a secret code for sex and send him a text message when he is about to leave work.

15. Pull him to buy sexy underwear together. When the soft silk underwear touches his skin, it will evoke the infinite desire of his sexual nerve endings.

16. Use his usual way to tease you and in turn tease him. Imitate the tone and movement of his speech, and touch the part where he usually harasses you. Wander around his body with the tip of his tongue, but try to avoid touching his genitals, as this will keep him firm. Although it may be embarrassing, this warm-up is very effective.

17. Supplement folic acid and zinc tablets. Folic acid is not only good for pregnant women, but also good for men. An authoritative American Journal of Reproductive Medicine stated that men taking folic acid and zinc tablets are very helpful for the quality of semen.

18. Every time you pass by your partner, please touch her or kiss her. Sexual desire can be increased through simple physical contact.

19. Use hair tonic cautiously. You may be troubled by thinning hair, but we still have to warn you to use hair tonic with caution. Be aware that the chemical composition of the hair restorer will reduce the level of balanced peptides in the body, which not only causes your libido to plummet, but also is not conducive to the maturation of the egg and may cause infertility.

20. Yoga can speed up the blood flow of female genitals. In addition, certain yoga movements can stimulate the pelvic diaphragm energy center and the pubic energy center. Only when the energy in these two parts is unobstructed can the creativity of sex be fully exerted. In addition, yoga can also enhance the flexibility of the body. In this way, you can try difficult sex actions that ordinary people can’t do.

21. Massage the soles of the feet. If his sexual interest has not been evoked, try massaging his feet. Sexual organs are connected to both sides of the heel, and a skilled massage will make the other person very excited. Of course, you can also ask him to massage for you.

22. Set goals. Record the duration and feelings of each sex, sum up the highest record, and then slowly break it until a new record is born.

23. Find his G point. It is not only women who have G-spots. After careful exploration, they will find the location of G-spot, which is about 3 to 5 centimeters on the prostate, gently stimulating his part, let him defeat without a fight, and beg you for mercy.

24. Check your family medicine cabinet carefully. There are many drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, such as drugs to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and stomach problems. Of course, if you have these diseases, you can’t stop the medicine suddenly, you can consult your doctor, change the brand of the medicine, the dosage and the time of taking the medicine will make the situation improve.

25. Selfie. In his free time, let him be your director. Take a passion photo or selfie. As long as your computer is not sent for repair, you can rest assured that privacy will not leak.