I want to find him

  Zhang Liang is a village doctor. During the Spring Festival, the epidemic was severe, and outsiders were forbidden to enter the village road. His clinic was next to the main road and could not be closed, so he could occasionally come to some patients from other villages.
  Early in the morning, a man broke into the clinic and said “ahhhhhhhhh!”, saying that the fishbone stuck in his throat. Zhang Liang originally wanted him to go to the county hospital, but this man was very panting and his face was ugly. It was probably uncomfortable. In an anxiety, Zhang Liang did a good job of protection and tried the operation with a laryngoscope and tweezers.
  ”After careful fish.” Zhang Liang told each other, “as well as your body, all the way will be able to smell a smell of fish! Fish is a good thing, but do not eat!”
  Zhang Liang temper straight talk from Don’t turn. No, the patient listened to him saying that he was not very happy, frowning and said, “How do I feel panicked?”
  Zhang Liang heard it and sent the patient out with a smile : “The puncture is gone, the injury is still there.” What!”
  Zhang Liang hurried out of the door to send away the other party. Since the outbreak, he has also been responsible for guiding the village’s disinfection, propaganda and protection. When he was busy until he came back at noon, he found that the man who came in the morning was still in front of the clinic. He was strange, he couldn’t help but threw a thin object at his face, and scolded him fiercely: “Liar! Obviously not pulling, why charge me twenty yuan? This is someone who helped me pull it, It’s also free!”
  Zhang Liangmeng waited for him to recover, and the other party had already gotten on the electric car, and he hadn’t seen it for a long time. Zhang Liang bent over and searched for a long time, and picked up the fine objects on the ground, only to find that it was a long and thin fishbone.
  Did you miss it when you just pulled it out? Since he became a doctor in the village, Zhang Liang confessed that he has never done anything bad, but he was scolded face-to-face today. He was so annoyed that he didn’t eat any food and fell down on the bed with his clothes depressed. Confused, he suddenly remembered something and jumped up: Oops, just forgot to register the name and address of the other party!
  Zhang Liang is well-known as a “one-strength confession of death”: under the epidemic, everyone is required to register and clear whereabouts. This is the top priority of mass prevention and management. If one of the potential leads is interrupted due to negligence, once the accident occurs, the crime will be worse. The more Zhang Liang thought, the more he shuddered: the morning when he saw that person was panting, wouldn’t it be really symptomatic? No, you must find him as soon as possible! How can I find it? Now the manpower is so tight, I can only rely on myself.
  Fortunately, it is not a full wireless cable: there is no special hospital for plucking, and most of the patients seek medical treatment nearby; plus the mileage limit of the other party’s electric car, it can basically be judged to be within a radius of 10 kilometers. Zhang Liang first contacted the nearby village doctor, and all his colleagues said that they hadn’t taken the prick job. He gritted his teeth, put on protective clothing, and pushed the electric car on the road.
  Epidemic prevention is now a top priority, with checkpoints at all intersections and entry and exit registrations. Zhang Liang asked all the way, either saying “no”, or waving his hand to let him go quickly, and some people even taunted: “At this point, you are still looking for people who have been stabbed by fish, are you stabbed in the head!”
  Zhang Liang heard it. He was not annoyed by this remark. He changed his tactics as soon as he moved. When he saw someone, he covered his cheek and asked, “Oh, I was stabbed by a fishbone. Are there any pricks near here?” Sure enough, an uncle pointed him to him: “Go straight and turn left. , The second in the southwest, ancestral, hurry up!”
  Zhang Liangman hurried away with joy, but dumbfounded: the closed door is the five characters “Zhiweiyutang”. Zhang Liang stepped forward and patted the door. A young man wearing a mask opened the door and asked the reason why Zhang Liang led him into the hall.
  ”You have found it, and my grandfather opened this fish restaurant. Because the main fish is fresh, and there are often customers who are stuck by the fishbone, so I summed up some small recipes.” The young man said, “Because of the epidemic, the store is temporarily closed. , I left to look at the store, you just call me Xiao Wu! You said you were eating crucian carp, I will see…”
  Xiao Wu looked at Zhang Liang’s throat with a flashlight and said, “The problem is not “Big”, to go to the kitchen to prepare for piercing.
  Zhang Liang looked around for a while, and saw that Xiao Wu came out of the back kitchen with a tea tray holding two paper cups.
  Zhang Liang pretended to ask casually: “Someone pulled a big thorn here from you today?” Xiao Wu shook his head. Zhang Liang wanted to go, but Xiao Wu handed over a cup of hot water at the right time.
  I was thirsty all the way, so Zhang Liang carefully lifted the corner of the hood, and as soon as he drank, he heard Xiao Wu said: “This hot water is mixed with osprey, specializing in fishbone.”
  ”Ouch!” Zhang Liangyi He almost vomited. Xiao Wu saw it, and offered another cup.
  Zhang Liang just suppress nausea, small Wu said over and over again:. “? This cup ice water painted Kowloon eliminate thorn character, to ensure that the water you used to stab eliminate mouthwash, to see if they feel better,”
  draw characters drive thorn, will afford encounter Jianghu liar! Zhang Liang’s spleen couldn’t hold his breath anymore: “What a joke, you’re a fool!”
  Xiao Wu smiled and said, “I’m not killing people at the fish restaurant once or twice. What is confusing? You see, your throat is pierced and your voice is louder, right?”
  Zhang Liang was more angry: “But I didn’t prick at all!” Xiao Wu passed the lavatory without a word. : There are really long thorns in it.
  How is this going? Zhang Liang muttered, and suddenly remembered something, he quickly took out a paper bag with the thorns dropped by the man-the two thorns were exactly the same!
  At this time, Zhang Liang confirmed that Xiao Wu had seen the patient, and he said excitedly: “I want to find him!” After listening to Zhang Liang, Xiao Wu recalled: “There is such a person, but he did not get stuck, the key , I don’t know who he is.”
  Seeing Zhang Liang frowning tightly, Xiao Wu pondered for a while, and then said: “You said he has a fishy smell, will it be some kind of basic disease? Some liver and kidney serious disease Patients often have a fishy smell.”
  Zhang Liang slapped his head: “I didn’t expect you to be a “Jianghu Langzhong” horizontal line!”
  It’s easy to manage the situation: only a few dozen miles away, only the county hospital can treat liver and kidney weight Diseased. When Zhang Liangtu asked his friend, there was an echo soon: in the village near Zhang Liang’s clinic, there was a man named Su Gang who had uremia. I had an appointment for dialysis in the evening, but somehow people haven’t come yet, and the phone doesn’t work.
  Zhang Liang shouted “not good” and jumped up. Xiao Wu had taken the car key and said, “It’s dark, I will drive you.”
  On the road, Xiao Wu told Zhang Liang about the fishprick In fact, what saliva and symbols are all pretend to be mysterious, mainly because of the hot and cold two cups of water, using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the pharyngeal muscles are stimulated and contracted, pushing the very shallow fish thorn into the stomach Melt away.
  Xiao Wu said: “Someone has a poor psychological quality and always suspects that the fishbone hasn’t been pulled out. We quietly put a thorn in the water that he rinsed his mouth to make him feel at ease.” Zhang Liang suddenly realized: “I think, crucian carp is not so good Big thorn!”
  ”I removed a box of intermuscular thorns from a big herring and soaked it in alcohol, which was enough for a year.” Xiao Wu said with a smile. “Sometimes it’s necessary to treat the disease. The patient’s mood is better, the cooperation is higher, and the doctor is better at diagnosis and treatment.”
  Zhang Liangzheng looked down at Xiao Wu’s words, and the destination arrived. After listening to Zhang Liang’s reason, the property did not dare to neglect it and called the police on duty at the door. Sure enough, Su Gang’s door could not open for a long time, and finally the police opened the door, but found that Su Gang had fallen to the ground.

  ”It’s him!” Zhang Liang was relieved after confirming. It seems that Su Gang was agitated by Zhang Liang’s unpleasant words after being diagnosed and treated by Zhang Liang. In addition, his throat was still aching, making him very unwilling to see this village doctor. After that, he went to the fishery. Although Xiao Wu used the fake thorn to cure his heart disease, he also made his resentment against Zhang Liang deeper. He went to Zhang Liang to settle the account, and his anger and long-term illness made him faint after returning home.
  Seeing that the patient’s breathing was getting weaker and weaker, Zhang Liang’s heart crossed, pulled off the mask, and leaned over to give Su Gang artificial respiration. Under the epidemic, this move shocked Xiao Wu and everyone on the side.
  Su Gang woke up with a mosquito sound: “What’s wrong with me?” If in the past, Zhang Liangzhun would say: “Brother, you are hypoxic syncope caused by uremic encephalopathy.” But when he thought about it, he changed his mouth: “It was accidentally dropped, don’t be afraid, small problem.” When the
  ambulance sent away Su Gang, everyone surrounded Zhang Liang and praised him. Zhang Liang waved his hand at everyone: “During special times, please stay away from me!”
  Xiao Wu stepped forward and raised his right elbow-this is a special tribute method popular in the medical community after the outbreak.
  Upon seeing it, Zhang Liang also
  raised the tip of his elbow. When two elbows touched gently, there was a warm applause around…