Global new crown added more than 230,000 in a single day

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic began to show signs of rapid acceleration since July. Data from the World Health Organization show that on the 12th, the number of newly confirmed cases in a single day worldwide reached a new high, exceeding 230,000 cases. As of the early morning of the 14th, Beijing time, there were more than 12.97 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 570,000 deaths.

According to Agence France-Presse and other media reports, data released by the World Health Organization show that the newly confirmed cases on the 12th are mainly from countries with severe epidemics such as the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa. The number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States on the 12th was about 60,000, Brazil exceeded 24,800, India exceeded 28,000, and South Africa exceeded 12,000. According to Agence France-Presse statistics, since July 1, there have been approximately 2.5 million newly diagnosed cases worldwide. Since July 9, the number of newly diagnosed cases has reached a record high for four consecutive days. Judging from the spread rate of the epidemic, Latin America is the region with the fastest increase in confirmed cases. More than 76,000 new cases were confirmed on a single day on the 11th, and about 70,000 new cases were diagnosed on the same day in the United States and Canada. “Voice Deutschland” said that in terms of the number of deaths, Europe is the region with the most deaths from new coronary pneumonia, with a cumulative total of 202,399 deaths. As of Monday, there were more than 144,000 deaths in Latin America, second only to Europe. Cumulative deaths in Brazil account for about half of deaths in Latin America. Mexico has surpassed Italy to become the fourth most deadly country in the world, with a cumulative death toll exceeding 35,000.

New Coronary Pneumonia in Florida added more than 15,000 newly confirmed cases in a single day, setting a new high “. According to the US “Washington Post” reported on the 12th, the government’s weak epidemic has made President Trump’s support rate continue to decline, which has caused the Democratic Party to retake the White House and the Senate in the November election, while expanding the “power” in the House of Representatives. “Scope” is very confident.

Democrats want to win

“The tsunami is coming,” according to the “Washington Post” report, the former governor of Virginia and the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, McAuliffe, described the Trump’s weak epidemic as a change to the US political situation. Since this spring, Trump’s advantage has been steadily weakening. The results of multiple polls show that, whether in the country or in the “battlefield state”, the support rate of the US president is lower than that of the Democratic presidential candidate Biden, and the campaign fundraising in May and June is also less than that of the former vice-president. According to CNN, the latest Gallup poll shows that Trump’s approval rate is 38%, while the opposition rate is as high as 57%. The report said that the history book may list him as a president with a support rate below average. Even the Australian has noticed that Trump’s approval rating has fallen. The newspaper quoted a medical expert on the 13th as saying that the weak epidemic was a failure of the United States.

Some Republicans are also increasingly feeling that Trump will drag down his party’s candidates in this year’s Senate and House elections. Not only will the United States conduct presidential elections this year, but it will also conduct elections to both houses of Congress. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be re-elected. According to the “Washington Post” report, polls show that voters are dissatisfied with Trump’s handling of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and anti-racial discrimination protests, which in turn has prompted Democrats’ approval ratings to rise. The leader of the US Senate Minority Party (Democratic Party) Schumer said that the Democratic Party will win the seats needed to control the Senate in this year’s Senate elections. House Speaker and Democrat Pelosi said that if the House of Representatives elections are held now, the Democratic Party will win more seats and the majority party status will be further strengthened.

“War” against Fuchs

According to the British “Guardian” report, a survey of 140 fund managers conducted by Citigroup in December last year found that 70% expected Trump to win re-election, but 62% expected Biden to win last week. It is the Trump administration’s lack of resistance to epidemic changes that has caused dramatic changes in the US political landscape. On July 12, the number of newly confirmed cases in Florida in a single day was 15,299. This is the highest number of newly confirmed cases in a single state since the outbreak in the United States. Florida is just a microcosm of the epidemic in the United States. As of the early morning of the 14th, Beijing time, there were more than 3.32 million confirmed cases and more than 135,000 deaths. The New York Times said that in the past 11 days, the United States has broken the record of newly diagnosed cases in seven days, and the number of new cases in as many as 37 states is increasing. The average number of deaths in the past 7 days has also increased from 471 a week ago. Rose to 700 people on the 11th. In addition, in the past week, single-day deaths in eight US states have set records.

The epidemic is so serious that the US government has gone further and further on the way to dump the pot. According to CNN, an important member of the White House’s New Corona Virus Response Working Group and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Foch has recently become a new “target” for the White House. White House officials said on the 11th that several White House officials were concerned about the number of times Fodge made mistakes in certain things. The official then provided a long list of examples, citing Fuch’s comments early in the outbreak and attaching links to previous interviews with Fuch. The report said that the main point of White House officials’ talk was like “reverse research on political opponents”, which mentioned that Fuchs “understates” the new coronavirus at the outbreak of the outbreak, and even quoted Fuchs as saying in March that “people don’t You should wear masks and walk around.” “Washington Post” said that because of Fuchs’s outspoken attitude when talking about the epidemic, he has been marginalized by Trump. Trump retweeted several tweets against Fuchs on the 12th. The British “Daily Mail” described this as an escalation of “war” against Fuchs.

Trump “has a lot of room to rise”

“Washington Post” said that Trump recently said that as he launched a “cruel” attack on Biden’s character and mental acuity, his campaign momentum will be further strengthened. Barber, a former governor of Mississippi and a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, said that Trump needs to talk about the achievements made before the outbreak, why his policies have improved the economy, and the Democratic proposal does not work to increase the support rate. White House officials and members of the Trump campaign team said that in terms of economic reconstruction after the outbreak, the president has an advantage over Biden. In addition, Miller, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign team, said that the president’s supporters are more motivated to participate in the vote than Biden’s supporters, and Trump “has a lot of room to rise” in the election.

Biden’s campaign team believes that although Biden’s election is good, everything has not been settled yet, so they must be careful and not careless in any state. Pelosi said that Trump is still very popular in some congressional districts that traditionally support the Republican Party, so the Democratic Party cannot relax its vigilance. “USA Today” said the epidemic affected voter registration, and many people who expressed support for Biden in polls did not register as voters. In addition, there may be problems with postal voting. For example, during the 2018 US midterm elections, about 10% of registered voters in 29 states and Washington, DC did not receive votes.