let it be

  In this world, there is not so much owed and not owed. You have had a torrential rain for others, and sometimes you may not even be able to change the wet land. Even in exchange, it is a bone-thinning wind when you are cold. This is all normal. How can there be so many? Waiting for the peach to repay the plum, it is better to raise a few more plum trees and enjoy yourself. Waiting for the blessing of dripping water to return, it is better to let go of greed and nourish your heart with clear water.
  If you shout out in a loud voice, Da Shan may not give you an answer, let alone a person whose heart is upset. Don’t have so much hope, and there won’t be so much disappointment.
  Every effort in life is like splashing water on the ground, you can’t get it back. Afterwards, suddenly a piece of green grew there, but it was just the fortune of life. You meet a good person who has a kind heart and treats you wholeheartedly, which only shows that you have the best fortune.
  But fortune is sporadic. It is the most suitable axis of time and space, a visit or passing by you. After that, it will go, and it will create the next encounter. For fortune, if you stare eagerly and expectantly, you will only wait until despair until the cold.
  Still don’t have to wait, let everything go, put down all the good things you paid, and forget them all. It’s like never paying, like never being here, then the curtain hangs a small silver hook, and then becomes the stray person in Wollongong.
  Any deliberateness will be painful. Deliberately waiting for someone, deliberately waiting for something to happen to you, it seems foolish. Infatuation is a mean and unsympathetic towards oneself.
  It’s yours that will be yours, not yours, and you will wait for nothing.
  No one must be reliable and loyal for you, time will change many things. In the face of time, you have also changed a lot. If you see yourself clearly, you will naturally look down on all the changes and changes in this world.
  One leaf flat boat, one scull, while shaking, while watching the earthly country. Looking at you, you will understand that in the end you can clenched tightly, but this scull in your hand, everything else will go with the water. What beauty, fame and wealth are not yours. In fact, it is enough to have this scull, as long as you want to open it, it’s up to you to be happy, and it’s up to you to be calm, and it’s up to you for a lifetime.
  In the life of the dunya, everyone is like everyone else, no better, no worse. The narrowness and magnanimity, sincerity and hypocrisy, beauty and ugliness embodied in every mortal womb are average in the vast territory of human nature. In other words, no one is qualified to point fingers at others. In the world, those who like to stand on the moral high ground and criticize others are often very immoral.
  Of course, not being noble does not mean that others can’t do it either. At the time of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Li Ling surrendered to the Xiongnu. When he saw the same law that surrendered to the Xiongnu, he must forgive and forgive himself in his heart. It wasn’t until he went to persuade Su Wu to surrender, that he realized that there are really people in this world who swear to the death for the sake of national justice. Li Ling sighed and said, “Sigh, the sins of the mausoleum and the guardian law are connected to the sky.” His sigh was sincere. At that moment, the wretchedness saw the integrity, the cowardice saw the bravery, the darkness saw the sky light, and the flame of personality shined through. All the ugliness and cowardly in human nature.
  A similar group is in balance with each other, and such a balance easily produces happiness. You are no better than me, and I am no worse than you. Just like you, I am the whole of this happiness. At this time, the part that is slightly better than others becomes a sense of glory above happiness. People’s vanity is often spawned in this sense of glory. When vanity becomes an abyss, happiness disappears. When one cannot contain one’s vanity, the pain begins.
  There must be greed to live with vanity. Greed is a nightmare for all mankind. The two sides of greed and non-greed are tranquility and noise, perseverance and fall. Although there are very few people who live to the breeze and bright moon, it is these people who raise the altitude and purity of the human heart and become the last confidence and strength in this world.
  Don’t easily believe those who are bluffing. Such people are often anticlimactic at critical times and are not reliable at all.
  A moment ago, he was still an alliance and best friend following you. The moment later, he betrayed and alienated in the face of interests and interests. You stupidly ran ahead, he was already gone.
  Then, you will carry all the consequences alone.
  The sad thing is not that you suddenly lose such a person, but that you have lost the ability to trust others. Your doubts and fears will make you instinctively avoid this unreliable world, and then walk towards yourself and return to the deepest loneliness.
  Such people are often angry and young, seemingly upholding fairness and justice, and there is no room for sand in their eyes. You are attracted and moved by them. However, their anger is fake, and the cowardly inside will put everything before them to death in an instant or even vanish. Such people would advocate revolution, but soon after the revolution came, they became traitors again.
  It may be the best way to get to know people instead of being in danger. The people I see at this time are the closest to the essence. Only through such a comparison can you find that a person’s appearance and essence will be so different, and that when a person is bad and when he is good, there will be so much difference.
  In this sense, more people are covering themselves in more years and living in another appearance. Because of this, this world has always been lively, but it has always been fake.