The girl’s heart is a super power

I don’t know when it started, “girl heart” became a derogatory term.

However, the girl’s heart is obviously a superpower that can overcome undesirable things. Why do people who can’t fly, even those who can fly are all monsters?

When I was in school, I especially liked my female teacher in the novel class.

Quiet and intellectual, she wears a dress every time in class. The style of the skirt is similar, but the brooch is basically not repeated. When I saw her for the first time, I thought she was in her early 30s. Then I learned that she was 40 years old and the mother of two children. I couldn’t believe it.

When she talked about a certain romance novel, she said that male students who have never been in love may not be able to read it. At this time, a boy refuted why female students would understand. She said: “We girls are born to talk about feelings, and Male students need to teach to understand. Male students who don’t understand can ask girls after class. Of course, they can also talk about something other than novels.”

Once in class, she held a small doll and said to us excitedly: “I bought it new, it’s amazing. It looks like a doll, but starting from the zipper, it can become a long rope. “A classmate asked what this is used for, she replied: “Don’t do anything, fun is its purpose.”

When she said these things, she was dumbfounded, not to mention how cute.

An illustrator who has a good friendship, asked me to eat at her house when I was passing through her city.

Before going, she reminded me in secret, not to expect too much from the rental house of an unemployed “house girl”. It turns out that she far exceeded my expectations.

She used her expertise to decorate the rental house uniquely. I wonder why she should post money to renovate a house that does not belong to her. She said that even if it is a rented house, it feels like a monk.

She supports herself by drawing, and she actually insists on the habit of making a handbook. Every day, she records her experience of watching movies, watching dramas and watching exhibitions in the form of pictures and texts, which is almost a girl’s heart.

She said: “The paintings that support myself are used to please readers and customers, while the paintings in the notebook are to please myself. This notebook is a nostalgia I left for myself in my middle-aged and old ages. Reading material. When I think of the vicissitudes of life in the future, when I look through my pocketbook, I sigh with emotion, “When I was young, I was such an interesting person. That felt really good.”

Always growing, never growing up, this is the super power of the girl’s heart.

May all kind and lovely women become better while living their own little girl in their hearts forever, with the super power of a girly heart, to overcome the unpleasantness of this world.