Extraordinary ceremony

People all over the world will hold various rituals. These habits, customs and ceremonies guide people in their lives.

In this ever-changing world, the new generation is constantly transforming and innovating rituals. Whether ancient or modern, rituals have marked the most important moments in our lives: birth, death, marriage… rituals have the power to change us and open a door to a new realm for us.

And exploring how to love, how to let go, how to find belonging… The answer may lie in extraordinary rituals.

——Gong Jun

Cattle races in Indonesia have a long history. They are generally held during the rice harvesting season that alternates between summer and autumn. They are divided into two types: dry field and paddy field. The cattle race was originally held by local farmers to celebrate the good harvest, but now it has gradually evolved into an event to attract tourists. Shown here are Sumatran paddy field cattle.

Compared with the long schedule of dry field racing cattle and the high risk of follow-up, the paddy field racing cattle only has a 60-meter schedule, so there is no need to run with the players and cattle during shooting. However, the cow sometimes “cannot stop the car,” rushing toward the shooting crowd, and if it can’t hide, it will be covered with mud. In such a situation, don’t panic or hug your head. The coup is like a traffic policeman making a stop gesture on the highway, stretch out your arm and show your palm to the cow’s face, and the cow will immediately change direction obediently from your side. Stabbing obliquely, this may be because they have been trained.

The cattle racing field is a rectangular paddy field that has just been harvested. On the right side of the starting point of the race cattle is a row of wooden fences to prevent buffaloes from running out; on the left side is a highland for people to watch. By the side of the stadium, there are constantly influx of villagers and tourists. The women are beautifully dressed. People’s chat and laughter and children’s romping are one after another. It is like a lively and jubilant party without the tension of the game.

Before the game officially started, one by one young and middle-aged men carried a bow-like frame and led the buffalo to the starting point. The curved bow is used to trap the cow. Two buffaloes must be controlled together during the game. A mature man stands behind the bow and holds the tail of the cow with both hands to control it. In the competition, the two cows need to advance in a straight line, and finally complete the game with a perfect straight line and the fastest speed to win. This is a competition of speed, strength and wisdom, and it is very difficult to control. Two bulls run side by side, mud splashes everywhere, and the scene is quite spectacular. The audience burst into cheers and screams from time to time.

In order to improve the running speed of the buffalo, the contestants will open their mouths to bite the tail of the cow. The buffalo becomes more painful and rushes forward more and more, but speeding up the speed also increases the difficulty of control, and some players will lose it. Balanced and face up to the sky or rolled and fell into the muddy water, watching the buffalo run away. There are very few players who really control the bull to the finish line perfectly.

In the course of the game, in addition to the situation where the players were thrown out improperly, there were also two buffaloes as if they were agreed upon. As soon as they started running, they all rushed to the railing and rushed over, or inexplicably mingled together to “fight” with each other, which is really dangerous.