Manicure, pleasure of vision and damage to health

The more “beautiful” the nails, the more likely it is to develop cancer
Nowadays, nail art has become an additional service in many beauty salons, cosmetic shops, hair salons, etc. It is often a “fast-food” beauty project, and it is a “vacuum zone” in terms of quality management in various aspects such as products, technology, and hygiene.

In a beauty salon, I happened to have a customer doing nail art. Among the nail polishes of various colors, the outer packaging of some nail polishes is displayed in Korean, and the Chinese logo can not be found. The nail artist said that it was imported from South Korea and the price was more expensive. Subsequently, the author did not find the relevant approval document number and sanitation license number on the so-called “common products”. Opening the nail polish, a pungent paint-like smell came over. The manicurist explained that the smell will disappear after a while after applying it to the hand.

According to dermatologists, in outpatient clinics, many young women often suffer from onychomycosis and paronychia due to nail art. The use of unqualified nail products can easily cause toxic substances to enter the human body through nails. Experts say that nail polish is basically made of a mixture of chemical dyes. This type of nail polish can make the nails bright and moisturized and will not fade for a long time. However, most of these raw materials contain benzene compounds and are volatile. They enter the body through the respiratory system and skin of women, which will increase the probability of women suffering from breast cancer; cause chronic poisoning, ranging from gastrointestinal discomfort and loss of appetite, to vomiting, anorexia, etc. ; Long-term use by pregnant women can easily cause miscarriage and deformities. The doctor reminds the love of beautiful women to avoid applying nail polish during pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

The more “beautiful” your nails are, the more likely they are to turn yellow and fragile
Although nails are bony, they also need to “breath”. No matter what kind of nail polish, as long as it is applied for a long time, the nails will have no “breathing” and will easily turn yellow. Dark red nail polish is more likely to change the color of the nails. If used continuously for 7 days, the nails will turn yellow. In addition, using nail polish can easily make the nails thin and brittle, cracked and broken. Frequent use of nail polish also tends to make the surface of the nail appear sunken streaks. Women who often do nail art will find that the beautician will first use a file to file the nail surface thinly to facilitate the application of nail polish. There is a deck on the surface of the nail, which is equivalent to a protective film of the nail, which can protect the nail. The nails damage this protective film and reduce the resistance of the nails; coupled with the incomplete disinfection of the nail tools, it is very easy to cause fungal infections in the case of cross infection.

In addition, some components of nail polish may also cause allergic reactions.

Choose nail polish carefully
To restore the vitality of the nails, there should be a period of time between two nail polishes, so that the nails have sufficient time to “breathe”. You can also apply a layer of maintenance oil before applying the nail polish and after removing the nail polish.

When buying nail polish, you should try to choose a reputable brand that meets the relevant national standards. Do not buy inferior products in small shops or stalls for cheap. Before purchasing, check whether the production batch number, date, expiration date, manufacturer’s name and other relevant signs are indicated.