20 things you didn’t know about ants

  1. On the earth, with the exception of the north and south poles and the snow-covered peaks, there are almost all the footprints of ants on the land. Ants are a kind of insects, and there are many kinds of arthropods. There are more than 15,000 species known in the world.
  2. Their habitat ranges from tropical rain forests to the Sahara Desert. Most ants live in hierarchical groups. Ant colonies generally have 5 levels of queen, female, male, worker and soldier ants. The queen ant, also known as the queen ant, is the largest in the colony, especially with a large abdomen, well-developed reproductive organs, short antennae, small thoracic feet, winged, wingless or wingless. The main responsibility is to lay eggs, breed offspring, and manage this group of families.
  3. The male ant is also called the parent ant, whose main function is to mate with the queen. The female ant is responsible for everything else. Worker ants are underdeveloped females, generally the smallest in the group, but the largest in number. The main responsibilities of worker ants are to build and expand nests, gather food, feed larvae and queens, etc. Soldier ants are common names for large worker ants of certain ant species, and they are female ants without reproductive ability. Queen ants can live to 30 years old, in contrast, worker ants only live about a year.
  4. Ants may be considered pests, but they are an important cleanup team and play a very important role in handling garbage: a 2014 study on the streets of New York City estimated that arthropods are in 150 blocks each year The food residues that can be consumed in the roads of China are equivalent to 60,000 hot dogs. If these residues are not eaten, they will attract and nourish many rats.
  5. Sometimes, ants will also appear on the menu. In the South American country of Colombia, there is a kind of ant called big butt ant, which is an indispensable part of the local diet. This ant is a queen of a large leaf-cutting ant. The back part of the queen’s body is particularly fat, so it is called a big butt ant. It is pickled and roasted and eaten. Ants have been used for edible and medicinal purposes in our country for three thousand years. According to records: ants are listed in the special recipes of the emperors of the Zhou Dynasty.
  6.Because the high protein, low fat, and nutrients in the ant insect body are easily absorbed by the human body, and the amino acid contained in the ant body is complete and reasonable, the content of vitamins and mineral elements such as copper, iron, zinc, and selenium are also high. Loved by the world. Today, ants and centipedes, earthworms, and snails are known as the four famous dishes in the world.
  7. In Kerala, India and Venezuela, the queen is considered an aphrodisiac and a good gift for marriage. Tribes in Kerala, India crushed ointments made by weaving ants to treat joint swelling and skin infections. It is generally not recommended to rub the body with ants, but if you do, be careful about the formic acid contained in the venom of many ant species, including fire ants.
  8. The jaws of South American leaf-cutting ants are amazing, and they can bite leaves that are huge compared with their size. The weight of a leaf can reach 50 times its body weight, which is equivalent to a person lifting a weight of 2 and a half tons.
  9. Natural antibacterial, formic acid will not only give you the stinging pain of bites, it also has a natural antibacterial effect. Humans put formic acid in laundry detergent and hand sanitizer, while wood ants mix it with resin to make sanitary paint for their nests.
  10. Maintaining a tidy ant nest requires a lot of work. About 60 species of ants “enslaved” other types of ants, making them obey their orders, usually stealing young chicks, and raising them as their own worker ants . But sometimes, slave ants will resist, attack their owners, try to mate and lay eggs, and even run away for freedom.
  11. “Vampire ants” are a type of ant found all over the world. They drink the hemolymph of their larvae (essentially the blood of the ants) but will not kill them. One of these species, the queen of the ant ant, seems to survive only on the blood of the larvae or at least the blood lymph.
  12. If you have ever killed a common invader “smelly ants” in North American families, your nose will not feel good. When being crushed, the smelly ants will release a chemical substance that comes from the methyl ketone family of blue cheese, giving it a unique smell.
  13.The Kaigang tribes of Brazil believe that the souls of their ancestors will continue another life in the form of these humble arthropods. Speaking of ancestors, a piece of amber that was 100 million years ago found in Charente, France contains the oldest ant fossil ever discovered.
  14. Ants do not always march. Melissotus ants living on trees cannot walk on flat ground. This widely distributed but elusive African ant has evolved a pair of middle legs that extend upward rather than downward-which is inconvenient for walking on flat surfaces, but for them to dig tunnels for their nests. The words are perfect. Melisotarsus worker ants are the only ants that can spin silk, they use silk to seal the tunnel.
  15. Trap jaw ants can be called acrobats. In addition to jumping forward, you can push yourself to eject backwards by quickly closing your spring-like jaw on a hard surface, jumping over a distance 100 times the length of your body.
  16. According to incomplete statistics, there are a total of two to three thousand species of animals that live closely with ants. These animals are called ant-loving animals. They coexist with ants for different purposes, some for feeding or for their own safety. Others are to entrust their offspring to the ants.
  17. For example, aphids, the nutrient solution of plants can form “honeydew” under the catalysis of enzymes in the aphid body. Ants like to eat “honeydew” very much, which makes aphids and ants symbiotic. The aphids provide “honeydew” to the ants, and the ants carefully look after the aphids eggs and are responsible for the safety of the aphids.
  18. Ants are definitely construction experts. There are many sub-chambers in the ant nest, and these sub-chambers are useful. Among them, the queen has the largest compartment. There is a kind of ant in the desert. The nest built is like a castle from a distance, 4.5 meters high. After the dens are abandoned, some animals will use them as their own dens.
  19.The researchers documented how Argentine ants formed super colonies around the world. Studies have shown that around 1920, Argentine ants accidentally flowed into Europe, possibly by ships with plants to Europe. Generally speaking, ants in different nests will fight. However, the researchers concluded that in these huge, interconnected nests, the ants cooperate and will not compete with other colonies.
  20. The largest super ant cluster discovered so far is about 250¨D miles. It first runs along the Atlantic coast and then towards the Mediterranean, from northwestern Spain to northern Italy. Researchers estimate that this super colony has tens of millions of queens, while worker ants have billions. This way of socializing sounds very worthwhile for us to learn.