“Heart” can sleep peacefully

  There are more and more people suffering from insomnia, and it is increasingly difficult to have good quality sleep. In the face of various sleep problems, listen to what the experts say.
  According to Chang Cheng, chief physician of the Department of Neurology, Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, many people have caused a series of negative emotions and sleep problems due to the epidemic some time ago. In the process of sleep, sleepy eyes are the standard, sleepy mind is the essence, so there is the saying “sleepy eyes sleep first”. For patients with insomnia, sleepy eyes first, then sleepy eyes. Only by paying attention to the “heart” first can you settle down. Have healthy sleep.
  Insomnia, traditional Chinese medicine calls it “insomnia”, “cannot sleep”, “no eyesight” and so on. Chinese medicine believes that the heart is the monarch’s official, it is in charge of the gods and blood vessels throughout the body. You can sleep only when your mind is calm.
  Sleep is controlled by the mind and spirit, and is the natural and regular transformation result of yin and yang. Once this law is broken, it will lead to insomnia. The disease involves multiple internal organs, such as overeating, stagnant food, spleen and stomach injuries, and stomach qi disorder. The treatment should focus on nourishing the liver and kidney and regulating the spleen and stomach, which can not only nourish the liver and kidney congenital insufficient essence and blood, but also help the fine movement and transformation of the acquired Tianshuigu, reconcile the qi and blood, and balance the yin and yang, which can achieve the goal of self-resting sleep.
  ”First, we must maintain a good attitude of optimism and contentment. We must have a full understanding of social competition and personal gains and losses to avoid psychological imbalances due to setbacks. Second, we must establish a regular daily life system and maintain a normal work and rest. Moderate physical exercise during the day helps to fall asleep at night. In addition, it is also important to develop good sleep hygiene habits, such as keeping the bedroom clean, quiet, away from noise, and avoiding light stimulation.” Chang Cheng said.