Night ship

Over the years, the night is getting darker. I feel more and more that I live in the night of this era.

At the same time, I faintly felt that I used more waterways.

It’s the first time in his life to take a boat, 23 years old. In the evening, carrying a bag and holding an umbrella, I boarded the boat at the canal pier in Hangzhou, the whole night of the rainy season, the muddy river, the simple dam, the low sound of the motor… I am not depressed, I stayed up all night, beside my pillow It was “Night Sailing” by Zhang Dai from the Ming Dynasty. I thought of sentences such as “Jianghu night rain for ten years”, “The bell to the passenger ship at midnight”… When the dawn came out, I saw Suzhou and I saw her face.

This is the first time I saw her.

I fell in love with her at first sight.

When my feet left the deck and stepped onto the wet stone steps, I noticed my upward movement. I am very satisfied with this ceremony: I came by boat, I boarded her.

Yes, I boarded Gusu City.

I think that many years ago, those oiled paper umbrellas, those in gowns, should have arrived at her in the same way: this city. You have to take your time, silently and lonely, on a rainy day.

This is a city full of love.

The sound of the oars and the shadows of the willows, and in the depths of the lotus root, many beautiful women are coming in and out.

Xi Shi, Yu Ji, Ye Xiaoluan, Liu Rushi, Dong Xiaowan, Chen Yuanyuan… They all came on the waves and went on a boat trip. Beautiful, suitable for waterways, dry land is too rough.

They are lovers of literature and time.

All beauty is archived with tragedy.

Love makes people happy, but does it make people happy?

No, it is only in hindsight, it seems to the reader, it seems a kind of happiness. For most of its time, love is a state of messy life, a kind of dizziness, tingling and torture, similar to disease.

There are two types of intimacy between men and women, one embraces the flesh and the other embraces the bone. In online novels, in the late-night Guqin, in Suzhou Pingtan and Kunqu Opera, you often hear the sound of bones hitting, like jade broken, which makes people painful and faintly moved.

There are few participants in true love. Most people are just spectators, and they steal other people’s stories all their lives.