I learned that the flight from Nanjing to Xi’an had been cancelled when I got the ticket.

This was unexpected. She checked the weather forecast before going to bed last night. The main destination for viewing is the small town where she lives. The small city is very small. If you don’t walk around, especially if you don’t walk around in the big cities around Suzhou and Hangzhou, you will rarely have the opportunity to strongly feel the small city. The small town has only 1.2 million permanent residents, but according to friends from Ningbo, their permanent residents in Ningbo have reached more than 8 million. Population data and density are a reference indicator, and a stronger reference is the degree of development. Especially when she walked through the streets of southern cities, and when she recalled the small cities in the northwest, she felt that the small cities in her impression were shrinking in circles.

Fortunately, she is a calm person. In the face of a huge gap, she basically maintained the calmness she should be, showing a calm and unhurried calm. This is a frequent business trip. I walk to the south and the north. If I see more, I feel calm. One time at a reception dinner at a brother’s unit in the south, when she heard about the total economic income of her family for a year, the female colleague who came out next to her was so surprised that she sprayed the water she had just drunk on her own skirt. That data is indeed amazing. It is the total amount of her province in one year, let alone the city where she is located. No wonder the female colleagues reacted strongly. She was not in a hurry at the time, just took a small mouthful of kelp shreds, put it in her mouth and chewed slowly, chewing it into a paste before swallowing, and slowly swallowing the exclamation into her stomach.

The flight from Nanjing to Xi’an was cancelled. She stood in front of the automatic ticket machine, took a deep breath, and turned to the artificial platform. After passing an information screen, I glanced at it and the information was clear, and the flight was indeed cancelled. She didn’t stop, still walking slowly. In fact, it is very convenient to check the weather forecast in Shaanxi, but she didn’t check it last night. She too believes in a sense of being quietly planted and fixed by daily experience. It is believed that Xi’an is a big city, and flights are generally not cancelled, and ordinary rain, snow and freezing will not have the power to affect the normal operation of the main air traffic of that big city. This is incomparable to the small town in my hometown. Even if the flight is cancelled, it should happen to the small airport in the small town in her hometown. Therefore, the focus she has been worried about is not in Xi’an. Besides, she never received any SMS notification of flight cancellation.

She was not reconciled. The footsteps kept going, until the artificial stage lined up. Want to get personal confirmation from the airport staff. While queuing, check the travel route with your mobile phone. Since this flight is closed this morning, we can only change the booking or change the route immediately. All roads lead to Rome. Between the two big cities, there are many alternative modes of transportation, such as shuttle buses, trains, high-speed trains, and planes. Of course, the most time-saving one is naturally the plane. Now she is already at the airport, and the most convenient and cost-effective way is to fly. Nanjing flies to Xi’an for transit, and then the road to Xiaocheng’s hometown is blocked, so I can only find another route.

She checked on the WeChat travel software and saw two alternative routes: Nanjing-Taiyuan-Xiaocheng; Nanjing-Hohhot-Xiaocheng. No matter which route she takes, the time in front of her is sufficient for her to change her visa now. The difference is that the former requires her to wait more time at the airport than the latter, and she arrives late. The additional time it takes is two hours and fifteen minutes. Fortunately, after landing, you can transfer to a flight that stops in your hometown. The difference is that the former is two hours later than the latter.

Fingers hesitated in the ticket booking column, and in his mind changed the words into the specific face of the destination, Taiyuan and Hohhot, two completely different provincial capitals. Being in it is totally different breath and feeling. But for the rushing passengers, it doesn’t make much difference where to transfer from, there is really no need to hesitate. Two hours later, two hours after flying from Nanjing to Hohhot, and two hours after landing in Hohhot, the flight from Hohhot to the small town in your hometown will stop in the small city. This should be the best route.

The fingers kept sliding, and she saw that there were more votes.

When the payment step came, she hesitated again.

In fact, if you cancel your scheduled flight, you can change to another flight later. There are flights from Nanjing to Xi’an at noon and also in the afternoon. Even if it is not certain when the fog will clear and the flight route will resume, it can be expected that the trouble caused by a fog will not be too long. Even if she sits at Nanjing Airport and waits until the afternoon, the probability of a smooth takeoff is 100%. Because I have never heard of a heavy fog that can continue to spread in a small area for a long time or even for most of the day. This is China, and it is not the historical fog capital of London. The fog in Xi’an is just a natural phenomenon, not Due to industrial reasons.

Then just wait, maybe three or two hours later, this route will suddenly resume. She can comfortably obey Nanjing and fly directly to Xi’an instead of dragging the box to and fro.

Thoughts circled in her heart, she shook her head for herself, forget it, don’t take this fluke, and don’t be afraid to transit to another city, in case the fog really lingers, this route is one It’s hard to resume flying all day, so don’t you want to spend the night here? It’s better to switch out as soon as possible.

She turned on the phone again. This time I won’t be cumbersome, just click on the Taiyuan flight, book tickets, and pay. After payment, there are still four hours before takeoff. With plenty of time, she walked out of the queue and stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling glass at the airport to look outside. It was bright and sunny outside. There is no trace of rain or fog. Because of—fog—removal—elimination—hang—ban—, she muttered these words silently in her heart. How big is the fog in Xi’an? How much fog can cancel the flight?

I opened the WeChat Moments to specifically check friends in Xi’an and Xianyang. I didn’t see any pictures and texts posted this morning. Think about it, she smiled, Xianyang Airport is not equal to the whole city of Xianyang, let alone the city of Xi’an, maybe the only part of the airport is foggy.

Fog, she wrote this word, and then looked at the phone screen. It was rain and not rain. It was a component that wanted to fall and turn into rain, but it did not fall. It’s just a touch of water vapor, faint and thin, floating in the air, like the sorrow that floats in a person’s heart when they are sad.

Take off in two hours and can pass the security check. After passing the security check, she walked to the boarding gate. At the boarding gate, she saw a flight to Taiyuan on the electronic screen, and her heart suddenly became quiet. Pick a seat and sit down and drink water slowly. The number of people waiting for boarding in the surrounding area slowly increased. Among them, there was a Shanxi accent. She was familiar with this accent and listened quietly. I caught the plane early in the morning and changed my appointment midway. She was exhausted during this rush. She closed her eyes and rested. Two Shanxi men were talking and laughing. She captures something from their words. This is a feeling, a hint of mood, a desire to sleep inwardly.

Good familiar language feel. One tune and one style, one fall together, between the ups and downs, she feels that she is retreating, time drags her back, step by step, year by year, step by step, back by year after year year. She remembered the first time she came to Taiyuan. Sixteen years ago, yes, sixteen years have passed. She stretched out her hand and closed her eyes to touch the joints of her hands. After counting the joints of her right hand, she borrowed her left hand and counted 16 joints with both hands. Sixteen years, a long period of time, seemed to have passed without knowing it. But I think about it year by year, and I feel that there are countless lengths and sufferings. Looking back now, how young I was sixteen years ago, compared to now, it was a great time back then.

She took out the powder box from the bag, and a small mirror with a handle was clamped inside the box. She saw herself in the mirror, the face of a middle-aged woman, her face sullen without smiling or frowning, her face was fairly smooth. But as long as he smiled, worried, and moved, countless flaws were cracked on this barely intact face, revealing the truth like a hard-to-maintain lie. The Sichuan character pattern between the eyebrows, the expression pattern on both sides of the nose, the crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes, the decree pattern at the corner of the mouth, and the neck pattern at the neck. The textures are like malicious and malicious organs. The broken truth-getting old. As a woman over forty, she can see her loneliness. This is a certain number that a woman cannot escape and must face in her life. Zhu Yan’s resignation from the mirror is the most difficult to keep in the world! And she is not a beauty, just the most ordinary look. Such facial features and skin, in the face of time, are far weaker than those delicate and charming features.

She looked obsessed in the mirror. The small diamond-shaped frame, the mirror is only large in the palm of the hand, because it is small, easy to carry, and unassuming, she has kept it for these years. In the past few years, she didn’t actually look in the mirror from time to time, but she kept it with her. This is the preparation that a mature woman should have, not to be hurried, and to keep the calm and tidy that this age should have. Mirror, lipstick, powder box, eyebrow pencil, light perfume, a small cosmetic bag. Whether to use it or not is one thing, and whether to take it with or not is another. She believes that this is a maturity and indifference that has been tempered for decades in the depths of the years.

The mirror surface is slowly inclined. She saw her sideburn, a sideburn that was quietly changed by time. Compared with the green girl in the memory, the hairline has moved up obviously, which is not the most worrying. Her hair was thinning. She switched from straight hair to perm, and when her head was perm, the strands of hair became thicker. It seemed that she could still maintain the thickness and luxuriantness that it used to be, but the white hair couldn’t hide it. It seems that they sprang out overnight, two or even three to five. Between the black that I have been familiar with for many years, a hint of snow-stained white suddenly appeared, this kind of panic was only known to me. Feeling that the white hair was so dazzling, she pulled it out in front of the mirror. Fortunately, after the first batch of white hair that emerged from the collective was removed, I don’t know if the growth rate of the white hair has slowed down, or if I have been forced to quietly adapt to the ever-increasing traces of the hand of time, I feel white hair and wrinkles. Her growth rate slowed down, and she was less afraid. Slowly pull out in front of the mirror. Just as the white hair was pulled from the scalp, I recalled the ruthlessness of the years. The smell is faint and hot. A woman of this age seems to be walking slowly in the water and walking slowly in the fire. This test of water and fire may not be visible to others, even when women are young, let alone understand. Only when I am in it now can I understand the mixed flavors of it every day.

This is his city. She saw the face in the mirror float a little bit, shining, clear, fuzzy…the mirror surface was covered with water vapor. Faint, thin, like mist. The flight was cancelled due to fog, so she changed her route. This change is because of a fog and also because of a person. She turned on the phone again. I searched out the map, zoomed in, and looked at several points. Nanjing-Xi’an-a small city is a straight line. Nanjing-Hohhot-a small town, turn a half circle. And the small city of Nanjing-Taiyuan has drawn more than half of the circle. Her gaze tried to bring the two semi-circles in different directions together and overlap. The second route is obviously half a circle longer. She used her eyes to measure the length of the half circle, and at the same time, recalled the actual length and width it represented in her mind.

There is a secret joy, and there is a trace of obvious pain, intertwined, torn, rubbing the heart. The boarding was notified in the broadcast, and the ticket check at the boarding gate started, and a long line formed in a blink of an eye. She sat quietly, not looking at the phone, looking at people. Among the more than 200 passengers, the number of people from Taiyuan, Shanxi is unknown, but there must be. She watched them move from her eyes one by one. From young people, look for him back then; from middle-aged people, to feel the missed him; from the young man who is approaching fifty-year-old, imagine him now.

It’s been sixteen years. Phone and WeChat are available, but I never contact them actively. Sometimes I think, think of idiots, and my heart hurts. The pain is smoke, fog, and air. Can’t hold, hold fast, drive away, drive away, like a touch of sadness embedded in the depths of life. This sadness accompanies life, and living it day by day, it also takes the life out of the normal life. WeChat was automatically added to the phone address book, and she added it easily. Plus, looking at his friend circle information, only to find that his friend circle is empty. Did he never post, or just set her up? Thoughts just flashed past. Regardless of the former or the latter, what is the difference, and what is the significance? Does she care, care, sad? It seems there is. A slight pain faintly drifted in my heart. Penetrate into the texture and penetrate the flesh and blood. Sorrow is too light, longing is thin, held in the heart, raised in the depths of flesh and blood, becoming a secret that is difficult for others to detect, and a treasure that is unwilling to share with others. She forgave him so easily and let herself go. In the ordinary days, continue to be the ordinary self, and even save the greetings under the previous festival. Even if a few words are spoken, there is no longer an exchange.

Love to the depths is not as good as the most common relationship between ordinary friends, even strangers. Looking back at this discovery, she was neither sad nor hurt, or pretended to be neither sad nor hurt.

Since then, she has rarely posted to Moments. Occasionally post one, which is entirely a work post. It seems that she has jumped out of the mundane, trivial and boring of ordinary women, she has only been related to work from then on.

She believed that he was paying attention to the posts she made, and he would pay attention. From her calm words, he would guess her current situation and state of mind. Although he has never liked her, or commented and interacted.

Can he think that she is going to his city today? To stay, walk, pass, and stay on the land where he lives for four hours?

After the security checkpoint was over, she sat alone until she heard her name being called on the radio.

Your flight is about to depart, please board immediately.

Your flight is about to depart, please board immediately.

She posted a post showing the boarding pass in her hand, and the word “Taiyuan” was enlarged. Like a pair of piercing eyes, looking affectionately at a distant place, they seem to be calling something silently.

The plane taxied smoothly among the clouds, and she was slightly dizzy. If there is a dizziness, if not, the water waves slide and rippling in my heart, trying to control her, but cannot completely control her. She closed her eyes and silently confronted the dizziness.

People on the left and right are looking at their phones. What can they be so devoted to? One wore headphones and could not hear the sound. The other is watching a cartoon. The big man actually watches cartoons? She suppressed her curiosity from showing the slightest. Soon she recognized from the sound that it was a young cartoon that had been popular for three years and hadn’t exhausted. My son loves to watch it, and it usually lasts a few hours on weekends. The adults didn’t stop him, he didn’t even know how to eat. She has watched it several times with her son, and determined that the audience of this cartoon should only be at the preschool level. And now, a big man is right beside him, indulging in the cartoon. He watched with great enthusiasm, and laughed from time to time. There was no one beside the laugh, heartless, just like her son. She felt that the absurdity that she couldn’t tell seemed not in reality. Secretly glanced at him, naturally he was not a three or four-year-old child, with a beard on his side cheeks, and he was a well-developed man.

The plane calmed down, and her dizziness was slightly reduced. She quietly took a long breath, closed her eyes again, thinking about the appearance of a person, but there was a blank in her mind, and she couldn’t remember. There is only a vague face, flashing, appearing, overlapping and separating. Who is it? Often accompany the husband around him? Look at the son who grew up a little bit? Or the stranger by his side staring at the cartoon obsessively with a grin? Or… She didn’t want to think about it anymore, leaning her head against the porthole, her eyes scattered and gliding across the soft white clouds. The past is like floating clouds, and the course of life is more like floating clouds. In this life, who is whose floating cloud, and who is the one in the floating cloud that provokes others’ skirts? She stretched out one hand, two hands, and soft fingers from her heart, just like a willow in the vernal equinox, stroking the clouds, feeling the softness and moisturizing water like silk. In the imagination of stepping on the clouds slowly, she saw time going back, one year at a glance, and another year at the same time. Backward year by year, her heart became lighter and transparent in this transformation.

However, she knows soberly that even if time goes back, this body will return to the girl, but this heart can never go back, and she doesn’t want to go back. In my heart now, there is only a pool of clear water, the breeze is coming, and the microwave is not happy. Qianfan saw it all, and then lived out the plainness and tranquility of this middle-aged woman. She needs to maintain the gift of this hard-won time.

The plane passed through the sea of ​​clouds, and there was a trace of remnant clouds hanging on the wing, which seemed to be Yiyiyi’s hand holding it. But flying non-stop, the front is already blue. The pure blue color made people dizzy, blind, obsessed, and fell into a slight madness… Suddenly her eye sockets were swollen and hot, she wanted to cry, she wanted to ignore it, and her face was covered with tears. miss him. Read him. I can’t forget him. Use day-to-day dullness to cover up, drown yourself, and bury the waves in my heart. Who in this world dare to say frankly that there is no grave in his heart, and no bones of his first love are buried deep in the grave.

The grave in her heart is now overgrown with grass. She also always walked around the tomb, rarely stepping on the tomb head to stroke the tombstone full of handwriting. Today, she waded through the weeds and stepped on the grave, making her condolences unconcealed and generous for the first time. Maybe it will really come out from then on, like an airplane driving through the clouds into the blue sky.

She wandered in her dream with a very complicated mood. There are unclear expectations, slight self-blame, shallow remorse, and a hint of abandoning everything and being open-minded. The complex emotions, intertwined, torn, melted, and split again, caused slight pain in my heart, like the entangled pain caused by chronic cholecystitis that entangled her all the year round. She swallowed slowly in pain, like unsweetened coffee, pure bitterness permeated her tongue, numb the taste buds. Has entered the Shanxi land boundary, right above Taiyuan. Sure enough, the crew broadcast sounded, saying that the plane will land at Taiyuan Wusu International Airport in 30 minutes. Please adjust the seat back and open the light shield.

She is very calm and her heart is calm. The water does not move, there is wind and no waves. She saw her face reflected on the water. A face studded with vicissitudes, and unwilling to be left by the vicissitudes. The vicissitudes of life are less than the heaviness of old age, but it is the half-light and half-heavy middle-aged vicissitudes that have more power to make people fearful. The middle-aged woman suppresses the panic in her heart with a flatness on the one hand, and on the other hand tries to temper herself from the fire, hoping to temper her true middle-aged calmness and maturity.

After landing, walk away with people. She hesitated in the middle of the journey, choosing the sign of “Domestic Arrival” to go directly to the exit, or to go to the counter in the opposite direction for the transfer connection? In fact, this is not a difficult problem that needs to be made on the balance of choice. But her footsteps were obviously slowed down, a little bit lagging behind, watching her companions go away like wind and wind, she was still swaying left and right. The former way is equivalent to going out of the terminal and coming in again, getting the boarding pass and going through the security check again, while in the latter way, you don’t leave the airport and complete the transfer procedures at the airport, eliminating several cumbersome procedures.

There is plenty of time. No matter how tossing, it is enough for her to take the flight that stops in the small town of her hometown.

She gritted her teeth and turned into the bathroom. Wash your hands, wipe your hands, look in the mirror and arrange your clothes and hair. Finally, he fixed his eyes on his face, took out the foundation box and puffed on a layer, then put on some lipstick. The action is always very light, as if it will wake up the sleeping powder in the powder box, and I don’t want the lipstick to rub too strong and bright. After receiving water to gargle, take another piece of chewing gum and let it melt slowly on the tongue, feeling a scent of mint overflowing the mouth, it is drowsy and sweet, and there is also the lightness of waking up from a dream. astringent.

Take a deep breath, look slowly, feel satisfied, pull up the box and leave. Going out of the bathroom door, suddenly turning around, putting things down again, and looking in the mirror again. Pull out a piece of paper towel from the bag, dab it on the powder that you just patted on, and see that the slightly conspicuous whiteness is finally faded, lighter, and the original color of the skin is almost exposed. This is satisfied. Then I put the paper towel on. On your mouth, press your lips slowly, then loosen them. A coquettish arc was formed on the white paper, which was her lip print. Lip prints are full, like petals, no signs of age can be seen. The obvious traces of artificial whitewashing were removed, her face returned to its natural appearance, and she sighed with relief.

When I walked out of the airport and walked towards the exit, my heart beat fiercely. She changed the Kun bag from the left hand to the right hand, and then changed the trolley case in the right hand to the left hand. During the exchange, she quietly pressed the left heart mouth to confirm that the heart would not pop out of her mouth, but she was really worried that it would really rush outside at once.

She didn’t have the courage to look up, and didn’t dare to see every face that passed by in the crowd. With his eyes down, he dragged away like a mopping on the floor tiles reflecting the shadows of people. She hurriedly scanned the faces waiting to be picked up from the reflection. Someone held a printed sign and stretched their necks to look around, some were shouting names happily, and some were waiting anxiously among the crowd… She was avoiding a face that might appear in it. I haven’t seen him in 16 years. Is he the same, or has he changed, what kind of change will it look like?

Her footsteps kept passing, she kept passing by. She walked very fast, and she was in a hurry to escape. She knew that such a rush made herself appear to be in a hurry. Others would definitely think that her husband was waiting for the pick-up at the door, but was busy parking the car and had not come in yet. Only she knows what kind of expectation she has concealed in this rush. Expecting to be like a balloon, as the pace moves forward, the balloon is being blown to the largest extent, floating lightly. With such expectations, she seemed to step on clouds under her feet.

Will there be a figure standing out from the crowd, standing still in front of her, blocking her path, smiling in her ears with a long-lost voice and saying hello.

Thoughts flowed, footsteps kept on, and his eyes did not have the slightest squint. His posture and demeanor maintained the calmness and indifference that a middle-aged woman should have, even with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth. It seems that this is the self-confidence to control the years and time, and it is a good weather vane of inner firmness and strength. Anyone who pays attention to her at this moment has reason to believe that this woman must maintain a good and gentle relationship with this city, with the entire world, and between the strong and the subtle.

She has suffered from cervical spondylosis during her years of office work. As long as she is affected by cold, it will cause her pain. The whole neck is stiff when she is in pain. At this moment, the cervical spondylosis has not attacked, but she can obviously feel her stiffness. She held on. Don’t let yourself turn around, don’t let yourself collapse, don’t let the disappointment in your eyes show even the slightest.

No one stopped her, no one was waiting to pick her up, walking through a sea of ​​people, there was a sense of suffocation of walking through deep water. It feels sticky, heavy, and fishy. She sipped a mouthful of the mixture of sticky wetness and fishy sweetness, an empty loss floating in her heart. He did not come. Sure enough, he didn’t come. It is the expected result. But why is it all lost in my heart? This loss has no taste, no bitterness, no astringency, and no sweetness. It is the taste of middle age.

Suddenly she turned her head, her eyes firm and clear, and quickly swept across the crowd of picking-up people. There were men and women, old and milky children. Meeting, reunion, laughter, greeting…

She turned her head back, no longer nostalgic, and hurriedly walked after going out, and re-entered the airport through another door.

The plane was on time. She dragged her luggage to board the plane. After sitting firmly, I opened the closed cell phone, and there were text messages and WeChat messages. She replies to her husband first, and he asks, are you flying at five? Am I on time?

She typed a line: No answer, I’ll take a taxi myself.

It was deleted before sending it out.

Rewrite: It’s late. I’m still waiting at Xianyang Airport at the moment. I’m not sure when it will take off. I will leave a message before the flight.

Send it out and let out a sigh of relief. This is the text message.

There is only one, he sent it.

Come to Taiyuan?

Four words, add a question mark.

Look at WeChat again, there is also his information.

Come to Taiyuan?

It is also four words, plus a question mark.

She looked repeatedly.

I felt the gallbladder contract suddenly, twitching slowly, secreting a bitter juice, and flowing backwards aggressively along the esophageal tube. The entire internal organs twitched and were wrapped in a huge bitterness. She swallowed bitterness, and then tasted a little sweetness, as if some kind of expectation was fulfilled. But it’s satisfying, it’s so light and thin, as light as a snowflake, and as thin as the fastest blade.

All the feelings are right and verified. Over the years, he has paid attention to her. Longing, worrying, never far away. It shows that he has not forgotten, can not forget. This is the same as her.

Taking ten thousand steps back, at least shows that he is following her circle of friends. He can see her dynamic, mood, and current situation as long as she is willing to show, vent, and post. He doesn’t leave a message, doesn’t take the initiative to like, and doesn’t show up, but like the most affectionate lover, he has been with him silently. Today’s post is the best proof. This post was challenging for both her and him, and was the only bait she took the initiative to cast out over the years. He responded, and he finally lost his breath. He was like a fish that had lurked for a long time, and finally bit the hook.

But-she looked at the phone repeatedly. SMS, WeChat. WeChat, SMS. Only those four words. There are always only four words. There is no surprise, joy, or happiness in the tone, nor expectation, anxiety, or waiting. It’s just four ordinary words. The most common four words and a punctuation mark.

He is as plain as water. His tone, the emotions reflected in his tone, everything was as plain as water.

She recalled repeatedly, but she couldn’t see anything.

The broadcast sounded again, saying that the plane will take off soon, please make sure that the communication tool is turned off or flying.

She deleted the SMS and WeChat, clicked on the WeChat friend, set it, and set the authority for him. From then on, he would never see any post she made.

He also left a message to her husband: it took off smoothly and landed at about seven.

Shut down and take off again.

The city of Taiyuan is getting lower and smaller, looking down from the small window of the cabin, the white clouds are drooping, and the city of Taiyuan is already far behind.

It was just a stopover from Taiyuan to Xiaocheng, and many of the passengers could be heard talking in familiar dialects. She closed her eyes and listened quietly. The folk accent that occasionally came to her ears felt unspeakably cordial, which made her heart turbulent all the way very secure. She kept the same position and fell asleep with her eyes closed. When he woke up again, the plane had landed and taxied.

Out of the cabin, a chill came, and he shivered, pulling the box and trotting quickly. The small city has a high altitude, and the temperature is much lower than in the south, especially in the morning and evening, with a large temperature difference.

The husband is waiting at the exit. He took the box and hurried into the car, muttering that this plane was too unreliable and could be delayed for so long.

She looked up tiredly against the back of the seat, saying that it was foggy, and the delay caused by the weather was normal.

The husband seemed absent-minded, maybe he didn’t have the interest in discussing this topic seriously at all, and the complaints were just raised casually, and there was no desire to talk about it. He concentrated on driving. The facilities in the car are as old, and even the breath is familiar. She opened her eyes and watched the night view of the small city flashing across her eyes.

From the sky to the ground, from the southern city to the remote town in the northwest, there is a gap, which is twofold psychologically and physically. The familiar breath and atmosphere before her eyes, like a soft hand, pulled her back to reality from the gap bit by bit. She is back, back to the reality that she once wanted to break free and now feels ironed.

The daughter rushed up with her little hand, and called her mother in a buttery voice. The son is already a student for the college entrance examination. He just glanced at his mother from a distance, pursed his lips, and went back to his room to do his homework. The daughter was born after the second-child policy was liberalized. The three-year-old little padded jacket. For the couple who had been in the middle of life, the little girl was not generally caring, but warmed to the internal organs. The daughter ran around the box with fleshy legs. Growing up in the small world of the room all day long, she is full of curiosity about the luggage that goes out with the adults, and most likes to search in a strange foreign atmosphere. She looked for delicious, funny, and something that she didn’t know what it was.

She allowed her daughter to go through it, and her luggage was nothing more than clothes, toiletries, and chargers. She kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the sofa. Husband lay on the other end of the sofa, watching TV lazily, while stilting his feet on the sofa. She could smell the smell coming from her big feet. She wanted to lift her foot over, but her husband suddenly took it back and asked, Xianyang or Nanjing is the fog today? How big is it to delay the plane for so long?

She closed her eyes lazily, replaying today’s route in her mind. She had a little regret, and she shouldn’t lie today, but the lie seemed to have been uttered unconsciously. As early as at Nanjing Airport, the moment she saw that the flight was cancelled and changed its route, she unconsciously thought of lying.

What is she worried about, what is she trying to avoid? Actually nothing happened, did it? And this changed itinerary made her suddenly walk out of a puzzle that had been trapped for many years.

Before Taiyuan took off, what was the matter if she told the truth, she said it openly, and she felt calm. Or say it now, it’s too late to say it now, but… she hesitated, forget it, it’s already back, it’s a thing of the past, why bother to mention it again.

She coughed and raised her voice consciously to make herself appear more real. She said, Xianyang, Xianyang is foggy, and the plane can’t land. When the fog clears, she will fly again. No, it will be delayed for three or four hours. After speaking, she coughed again, using the cough to stop the nagging that might still be behind him.

Oh, the husband’s stinky feet are back again, closer to her. She really raised her foot. This is a common movement between them. She kicked him off the sofa. He would not be angry, but would climb up with a smile.

Her feet did not fall.

She saw her husband holding two tickets in his hand.

The TV program being broadcast failed to attract him either. His eyes lingered on the ticket, devoted and persistent.

The ticket should be the daughter who turned out from the depths of her suitcase and gave it to her father as a toy. And the three-year-old daughter, with the special expression of taking the children to do good things and waiting for the parents to praise, looked at her father and mother brightly.

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