Minefield for eating with fat girls

In life, there will always be a few friends. It’s inevitable to eat together. If you eat together, you might eat a lot. If you eat too much, you might gain weight… It was originally a matter of your own responsibility, but if you often make appointments with you My friend is a fat girl, and there are bound to be minefields.

I have three roommates before and after, and they all have a place in the fat world without dispute. I sum up, these three girls usually have several characteristics when eating: Either they eat very fast, such as the sour cowpea that I am still in the snail noodles, she has already fished out the noodles in the soup like a storm, and beckoned for the boss to add Powder; or eating very slowly, such as eating while chasing drama, a meal can last for several hours, I walked back, finished exercise, ready to wash and sleep, she may still be eating. But no matter how fast or slow, fat girls have one thing in common: they eat a lot, and they eat too much without knowing it.

The third feature is that fat girls love food especially. They practice by themselves and are active practitioners of the CD operation. She must have cleaned the last piece of chicken wings on the plate, the last few peanuts, and the last piece of cake. She would still eat while scrutinizing the people next to her who didn’t eat: she knew it was a pity, what a pity.

However, once they ate and drank enough, full of energy, and resurrected with blood, they seemed to suddenly recall that they had eaten so much? very scary! Begin to regret, become anxious and even annoyed. At this time, the thin people who ate with her had better disappear from her eyes, otherwise they could not escape their fate. The reasons for their guilt can be said to be strange.

When I was eating snail noodles, the fat girl voluntarily added noodles while I was still squeezing the sour cowpea. After two servings of noodles were eaten, she turned her face: because you eat slowly, I add noodles to accompany you. I can eat more… During the drama, I unknowingly ate all the dishes on the plate, even the dishes I prepared to cook the next day (it is said that this is a delicious dish that Sichuanese people The highest courtesy: keep cooking noodles), the complaint is coming again: Who made you eat so little? Why keep it? Who told you not to take the plate away? The most frightening thing is that the ultimate black pot will still be stuck on the thin man in the end: I gained weight because I often eat with you!

Thin people are not so bully. When the fat girl stood barefoot on the scale, stared at the number in confusion for half a minute, and then said with certainty that the scale was broken, the scale must be broken. I will stand up quietly, the fat girl staring at the numbers, first waiting to verify the look of expectation that “the scale is really broken”, and then slowly switching to the anger of “you are not broken”. At that moment, the scale became my best comrade-in-arms.