Precautions for the use of chlorine dioxide disinfectant

Chlorine dioxide is an internationally recognized new generation of safe, efficient and broad-spectrum disinfection and sterilization and deodorant, and is the most ideal substitute for chlorine preparations. Its effective chlorine is 2.6 times that of chlorine, its oxidation capacity is about 2.5 times that of chlorine, and its sterilizing effect is about 5 times that of hypochlorous acid; especially, it reacts with organic matter in the water without generating trichloromethane and other three causes (carcinogenic, Teratogenic, mutagenic) substances are listed as A1 safe and efficient disinfectants by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In 1987, the Guangdong Food Hygiene Supervision and Inspection Institute of my country approved for the disinfection of pipelines, equipment, containers and tableware in the food industry and food preservation. In 1992, the China Food Additives Committee approved that chlorine dioxide can be used in fish processing to control the pollution of bacteria and coliforms. In 1996, my country included chlorine dioxide as a “preservative” in food additives. In 2002, the Ministry of Health’s “Disinfection Technical Specifications” notice [Health Law Jianfa No. 282] stipulates that chlorine dioxide can be widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical processing, space environment, pipes and containers for sterilization, drinking water and industrial circulating water , Sterilization and deodorization of swimming pools, industrial wastewater, hospital wastewater, medical treatment and sanitation, bleaching and disinfection of fabrics, tableware, and supplies in the hotel and catering industry.

There are the following precautions when using:

1. When preparing, put water first and then add powder, the order cannot be reversed.

2. Plastic and glass containers are suitable for dilution.

3. It should be prepared for immediate use, and each package should be used up at one time. If it is not used up, seal it tightly.

4. This product accidentally contacts the human body and immediately rinse with water.

5. The high-concentration product has bleaching properties.

6. Please store in a low temperature, dark and dry place.