The magical “Girl in the Rain”

“Girl in the Rain” is the work of Ukrainian female painter Svetlana Terets. She completed this portrait in a month. Once the work was exhibited, it attracted a lot of attention and was soon sold. Up. However, the painting was sold three times and was returned by the buyer three times because the buyer was frightened by the mysterious girl in the painting.

For a time this painting was called a magical painting, and Teretz was called a modern witch that can capture the soul. After three years of investigation, the Ukrainian police finally restored the truth about the magic of the painting.

Stunning paintings

Svetlana Terets is a Ukrainian impressionist painter. After graduating from university, she became a contract painter in a gallery. Compared with other painters, her paintings are full of haziness. Standing in front of the paintings often makes people imagine Linked. Because of her unique artistic style, her paintings are deeply loved by collectors.

Unlike Teretz’s career that went smoothly, the college classmate William Keith who lived with her was very bleak. She managed to draw a good work, even if she sold it for very little money. Terez often comforted William Keith, and if you persist, there will always be collectors who appreciate her.

One day, a young man stopped in front of Teretz’s painting. The gallery owner realized that there was a business and immediately introduced the painting. But the young man did not buy the painting, but asked the boss for the contact information of Terets. In the afternoon, Terets met the young man. He introduced himself as Baynes, a collector, and he was very interested in Terets’ paintings.

After negotiation, the two signed a contract for 20 works, and Baines paid 20% of the purchase price. After a while, Baines often invited Terets to drink coffee. As the number of meetings increased, Terets learned more about Bells. His father was the owner of an auction house, and Baines held The collection is over 10,000. Gradually, their emotions quickly warmed up and they agreed to get married in half a year.

According to the contract, it was time for Terets to hand over the paintings soon, but when Terets was excited to transport the paintings to the place designated by Baynes, he found that his phone could not be reached. Terez asked the surrounding merchants, but they all said that there was no such person as Baines at all. In the next few days, Terez still couldn’t find Baynes. Where did he go? Why deceive yourself? Terets has too much confusion.

One late night in the winter of 2006, Teretz, who was deeply emotionally traumatized, woke up from his sleep and vaguely saw someone sitting in front of her bed, leaning down and saying to her: “Get up, girl, there is a picture. The magic painting needs to be done by your own hands.” Teretz asked, who was half awake, “Sir, what do I need to paint?” The man replied, “You paint a girl in the rain, a girl in the rain…”

This voice lasted for a long time, and at the same time the silhouette of a woman faintly appeared on Teretz’s canvas. The sleepy-eyed Terets sat down in front of the canvas and began to paint with his brush. I don’t know how long it took, Teretz fell asleep again.

The next night, Terez woke up from her dream again, and she painted again in a daze. In this way, a month before and after, Terets finally completed the painting, she named the painting “Girl in the Rain”.

With the help of the gallery owner, Terets sent the paintings to the museum for exhibition. Once the painting was exhibited, it was immediately loved by people. When the reporter asked about the inspiration for this painting by Terets, she said that the painting was completed under the guidance of a mysterious man. Soon, under the reporter’s “play”, this painting was completed by Terez under the direction of God.

On this day, the exhibition hall was full of people. A woman stood in front of “Girl in the Rain” for a long time, and obtained the contact information of Terez through the staff, expressing her desire to buy this painting.

The woman named Kadrova is the owner of a gallery and also collects collections for an art gallery. “If you want, I can offer 15,000 hryvnia (Ukrainian currency).” Teretz naturally wanted it, and she promised to send the painting to Kadrova’s gallery after the exhibition.

As soon as the exhibition ended half a month later, Terets transported the paintings to the gallery and settled the painting funds.

However, before a week passed, Kadrova requested a return. “I hung the painting in my bedroom. Whenever I turned off the lights, there would be a mysterious figure who seemed to be looming and moving. I forced myself to get rid of distractions, closed my eyes, and fell asleep. There will be footsteps, moving objects… Even if I put the painting in the cabinet later, I am still terribly scared, so you should take the painting back!”

Listening to Kadrova’s almost absurd reason for returning the goods, Terets comforted Kadrova that it was likely that she had not slept well during this period of time, and this hallucination occurred. But no matter what Terets said, Kadrova’s attitude to withdraw the painting was very resolute, and Terets had to return the money that Kadrova paid for the painting.

Standing in front of the paintings, Terets could not see anything unusual about the paintings. She comforted herself that Kadrova must have a mental problem, so she continued to hang the paintings in the gallery waiting for buyers.

Successive returns

At the beginning of 2007, Terets received a call from the gallery owner, saying that a person named Kalinin was interested in her paintings and was willing to bid 16,000 hryvnia to buy the paintings, but wanted to meet her before buying the paintings. Teretz was suspicious. Before, collectors bought the paintings directly from the owner of the gallery, and would never mention meeting the author.

Terets met Kalinin at the agreed time and place. Kalinin, 32, is a banker who has been single since his girlfriend died in a car accident. After chatting, Terets knew why Kalinin wanted to meet with him. It turned out that he was a friend of Kadrova. As an atheist, he naturally did not believe that a painting was related to ghosts. His great curiosity drove him to buy it. Paintings and meet with the author once. Teretz admitted that “Girl in the Rain” was indeed completed in a daze, but nothing unusual happened during the period.

On that day, Kalinin asked him to hang the painting in the living room. He looked at the work carefully, except that the use of color was a bit depressing, nothing special.

Late the next night, when Kalinin got up in a daze to go to the bathroom, he unexpectedly found the “girl” in the painting walked into the bedroom and went straight to his side. He could even smell her. Kalinin ran to the living room frantically and found that the “girl” in the “Girl in the Rain” hanging in the living room no longer existed, leaving only an empty canvas. Kalinin wanted to shout, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t. In panic, he struggled to open the door, and the cold wind in the corridor made him shiver.

Kalinin gradually came to his senses, thinking of what happened just now, his hair standing on his head.

Kalinin contacted his friend Srigg. After half an hour, Sri Ge hurried over, and the two entered the room boldly. Everything in the room was normal, and the “girl” in the painting was still in the painting. Sri Ge laughed loudly: “I think you are too tired to have hallucinations.” After sending Sri Ge away, Kalinin was no longer sleepy. He felt that everything he had just experienced was definitely not an illusion.

On the third night, in the dead of night, the strange thing that happened the previous day repeated itself. At this point, Kalinin finally believed that “Girl in the Rain” was an unlucky painting. After struggling till dawn, Kalinin called Terets and asked for a return. After learning about Kalinin’s experience, Terets had no choice but to agree to his request.

After being returned by buyers one after another, the news that “Girl in the Rain” was a magic painting spread like wildfire. The gallery owner no longer wanted to hang the painting in the gallery, so Terets had to hang it in the studio. Some were bold. My friends came to see the paintings, but no one could see the way.

Just when the magic of “Girl in the Rain” became the focus of discussion throughout Ukraine, the man Ksbey knocked on the door of the Terets house and expressed his willingness to buy “Girl in the Rain”. Considering that Kadrova and Kalinin both retired the painting, Terets reminded him not to buy it. Ksby Ihaha laughed: “Even a villain will become cute in front of me. I can live with the’Girl in the Rain.” After Ksby’s repeated pleading, Terets had to sell the painting to he.

But only two days later, Ksbey came again with “Girl in the Rain”: “At first I didn’t notice, she had white eyes, and then these eyes appeared anywhere and I started to have a headache. Being emotional for no reason, this is not what I need.”

“Girl in the Rain” returned to Teretz for the third time, and the rumors began to turn into: the painting is cursed and can drive people crazy overnight. Facing the rumors, Teretz said optimistically: “Every painting comes out for someone. I believe that “Girl in the Rain” will also find its own owner. And, just like she is looking for, that person will also Looking for her.”

However, when Terets made a vow, she herself had an accident.

That day, Terez went to work in the studio as usual. Not long after, she became dizzy and saw strange people hearing strange sounds. Terez struggled to dial the phone of his friend Pries, who rushed to take her to the hospital. The doctor checked Teretz and found that she was not abnormal.

The news that Terets was hospitalized because of the hallucinations spread like wildfire, and it was even more panic. Some people who have not watched “Girl in the Rain” also said that they had auditory hallucinations after hearing the title of the painting, and a citizen named Douglas was hospitalized for it.

When talking about the painting’s discoloration for a while, Terets could no longer sit still. She decided to destroy the painting, but after all, it was her own effort. After much consideration, Terets decided to put the painting in the storage room of the studio. Even if someone paid a high price, she would not sell it again.

Uncover the truth

Because the various strange phenomena that occurred in “Girl in the Rain” attracted great attention from the Ukrainian government, an investigation team composed of police, medical experts and psychologists was formed to investigate. The representative of the police is the experienced sheriff Wiggs. In the past 30 years, he has successfully solved 22 criminal cases, including serial murders that shocked Ukraine.

Wiggs asked Kadrova, Kalinin, and Kesby separately. Through the conversation, Vigers found that these three people have one characteristic in common, that is, the work pressure is very high.

Following this line of thought, Wiggs borrowed her two works, “Clouds” and “Beautiful” from Terets. In “Clouds”, the natural sceneries are very exaggerated. The waves roll up high and the colorful clouds show brilliant light. The shape of the clouds is still a pair of lovers, while the men and women on the beach, even though they are holding hands, appear very small. Looking at the work, Wiggs was full of thoughts, especially when he looked at the huge waves, he felt a strong sense of oppression and felt very scared.

In “Sweet and Beautiful”, all the details are very hazy. The petals, stamens, and green leaves, including the large background of the painting, cannot be clearly distinguished. What is even more strange is that behind the white flowers, Terets arranged a large dark red background. Because of the light, the large background formed a black hole, and the whole work was also very depressing.

In order to confirm his speculation, Wiggs also went to the storage room to see the original “Girl in the Rain”. When his eyes fell on the screen, his chest tightness almost came out.

After analysis, Wiggs summed up four depressing reasons in the painting: the picture is very gloomy; the strong contrast in the painting sets off the face, making the pale face even less popular; not only the face, but also Even the entire painting uses strong contrast, which is easy to make people nervous and psychologically fluctuating; the atmosphere of the picture has a feeling of cloud and mist, which makes people feel very mysterious, which creates a sense of fear.

So far, Wiggs has found the answer for his reasoning, that is because Kadrova, Kalinin and Ksbey are under great work pressure, and the picture of “Girl in the Rain” gives people a very heavy sense of depression, which makes The three of them had hallucinations, and various weird phenomena appeared.

Regarding Wiggs’ conclusion, the psychologist Vikingsky raised objections. If three people have hallucinations, it can be explained by the high work pressure. So many people who visited have hallucinations, is it because they are under work pressure? Wiggs knew that if the reason for the hallucinations of the visitors could not be explained, then the conclusion was not convincing. For this reason, Victrex investigated several visitors.

“When I stood in front of the painting, I vaguely smelled a strange smell, and it didn’t take long before I started to feel dizzy.” Smell? Why does the painting produce a strange smell? Could it be that the decoration materials of the gallery came from? The staff of the art gallery that Victors investigated denied that the decoration materials had a peculiar smell.

Viggers’ on-site investigation confirmed what the art museum staff said was true. “The only possibility is that the “Girl in the Rain” emits a peculiar smell!” But it disappointed Wiggs. When he checked the painting with equipment, no harmful materials were found.

There was no progress in Wiggs’ investigation, and Terets had another accident. She fainted in the studio. Fortunately, a friend visited and took her to the hospital.

Wiggs rushed to the hospital, and Terez had just woke up: “At that time, I mixed the yellow and pink paints and smelled a faint fragrance. Soon I fainted.”

Wiggs went to Teretz’s studio and mixed yellow and pink paints together, and he smelled a faint fragrance, and the instrument in his hand also sounded an alarm. As time passed, Wiggs felt hazy before his eyes, and he quickly collected the gas and left the room.

The next day, the gas test results came out, it was a hallucinogen-two chemicals in yellow and pink pigments, as long as they mixed will produce a chemical reaction.

Under Wiggs’ investigation, the truth finally emerged.

It turns out that it was her boyfriend Baynes who started with Teretz’s paint. He bought the two kinds of chemicals into the pigment with the purchase of Teret’s classmate Wilhelm Keith, and only needs to mix the two kinds of pigments. Together they will produce hallucinogenic gases.

On that winter night in 2006, Baines put the prepared paint into Teletz’s tool bag. As the hallucinogen leaked late at night, Terets had hallucinations and then painted in a daze. “Lady in the Rain”.

Later, also because of the effect of hallucinogens, citizens and buyers who came close to the visit were also attracted. Later, Terez put the painting in the storage room. The storage room was damp and the hallucinogen quickly evaporated. Therefore, Vigers failed to detect it with the instrument.

According to the results of the investigation, the police arrested Baynes and William Keith, and they confessed to the crime. So far, the “Girl in the Rain” case has been solved, and the magical works are just man-made disasters caused by jealousy.

Knowing the truth, Terez also fell into contemplation. If he hadn’t been so conceited at the beginning, how could he incur unjustified disaster. But what surprised Terets a little bit was that after this tossing, “Girl in the Rain” had risen from 15,000 hryvnia to 100,000 hryvnia, but she never wanted to sell the painting again…

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