Old tortoise says frog

A frog accidentally fell into a well, which amazed the fish and shrimps in the well and praised the frog for being handsome and beautiful.

The old tortoise in the well heard this and said disapprovingly: “Don’t look at him now, he is dignified and decent. He was a tadpole with a big head and thin tail. Except for the head, it is the tail. I don’t know anywhere, as ugly as he is! He has become like this now, who knows if he has had plastic surgery?”

Later, the frog met the princess. Later, the frog became a prince.

Seeing that the fishes and shrimps were more envious of the leaving frog, the old turtle spoke again. This time, his attitude took a big turn of 180 degrees: “It’s not bragging. Since he was a child, I have seen that he is very talented and he must be very promising in the future! Have you seen him when he was a child? , If you want to say that you are as handsome as you are, you want to say that you are as cute as you are cute-the round head is like a small black bean, the thin tail is like a long brush, and the black head and body are connected together Just like a small comma, it looks like a good kid who loves to learn and has ideals! So, when I saw him turning from a tadpole to a frog, I knew that he would not be satisfied in the future, and that he would be enviable. Nowadays!”

Two skins on the human mouth make sense. Facing the evaluation of others, the wisest choice is to be calm and be yourself.