May all kindness not be misunderstood

The rain is pouring.

The subway entrance was crowded with people without umbrellas.

At this time, a thin and short sanitation worker, holding an umbrella and two unopened raincoats in his hand, said to the crowd:

Who needs a raincoat? Who needs an umbrella? take it!

No one reached out. Everyone is on the sidelines and guards. They feel that in this case, sanitation workers must be trying to sell things at a high price.

Seeing that no one was paying attention, two minutes later, the sanitation worker was a little anxious. He stuffed the things to three people and turned away.

At that moment, people knew that he was just enthusiastic and that things were free.

And the person who was given did not even have time to say thank you.

The lady who got the umbrella was very moved and very ashamed.

The next day, she returned to the place where she wanted to find this kind person, apologize, and thank you.

After several setbacks, I finally found it.

Old Tang, a 60-year-old sanitation worker, didn’t take it seriously. He said: “Small things, just use them.”

The umbrella was picked up by him and it was very clean. Raincoats are not needed when a company moves.

Lao Tang collected everything and sent it out when he met someone in need.

He didn’t remember those cold eyes.

He only remembered that there was a sudden rain. Two young men walked with their bags on their heads. He hurried up and gave the umbrellas. “They were very happy.”

May all kindness not be misunderstood;

I also hope that all kindness will not be cooled by misunderstanding.