Road of no return

  Odeco and Prati are well-known marine biologists in Portugal. They are not only partners at work, but also couples who love each other in their lives. Each year they spend at least half of their time on marine research boats.
  In early 2005, Odeco and Prati received an invitation from a marine biology museum in Portugal, hoping that they could help capture a king squid that was at least 12 meters in length and place it in the museum for visitors. In early March, a nine-person fishing team set sail from the port of Lisbon on a scientific research vessel.
  Odeko and Prati are no strangers to the king squid. So far, the largest king squid discovered by humans is 22 meters long and weighs 3 tons. Odeko and Prati are determined to break this world record. They captured the larger king squid, and they did so in the hope to arouse people’s attention and protection of this exotic marine animal.
  The sea area that Odeko and Prati investigated is located in the high seas on the Atlantic Ocean, with an average depth of more than 2,000 meters, and is an ideal habitat for the king squid. Not long ago, some fishermen found traces of this giant ocean beast nearby. However, the scientific research ship cruised in this area for more than a week and dropped a lot of bait, but nothing was gained.
  On March 15th, the weather was fine. At noon that day, the crew had just had lunch and suddenly the hull shook. Aldeco was surprised and delighted, could it be that the stray trawl caught the king squid? According to the degree of sway of the scientific research ship, if the king squid is indeed caught in the net, then this behemoth of the ocean is at least 15 meters long. A crew member ran to the side of the ship to check. When he just poked his head out, a thick tentacle suddenly protruded from the sea and swept him into the water. He disappeared before he let out a scream. Soon, a few more tentacles clinging to the ship’s side, the entire scientific research ship shook, and the crew realized that the trawl did indeed catch the king squid, but what made everyone strange was that since the king squid was caught in the net, what happened to it? Can attack humans? You know, this kind of net is specially made to catch large marine animals. It is extremely strong and cannot be easily cut with ordinary knives, and it cannot be burned by fire.
  The terrifying tentacles of the king squid constantly swept all objects close to the ship’s side, brought them down into the sea, and stirred up waves. In order to maintain the integrity of the specimen. The crew did not dare to slash with knives, and could not shoot with guns. They could only use sticks to strike the tentacles and retract them in pain.
Life and death under the sea

  When the tentacles of the king squid clinging to the ship’s side were all retracted, Captain Nasanka quickly ordered the crew to start the machine and pull the trawl up. When the trawl net was pulled to the surface, people discovered that there was a 20-meter-long king squid inside. It was struggling hard, and the steel wire trawl net had several holes bitten out by it.
  At this moment, the scientific research ship suddenly shook again. Due to an operating error in the panic, the ship accidentally ran aground on a coral reef. What’s more unfortunate is that the machinery that wrings the trawl has also malfunctioned. It is unrealistic to manually pull the struggling king squid weighing at least 2 tons onto the boat. Everyone has to watch the trawl slow down. The ground was submerged in sea water.
  Judging from the turbulence of the scientific research ship, the king squid is still struggling in the trawl net. It has already bitten several holes. If it continues to struggle like this, it will sooner or later escape. They decided to stun the king squid with an anesthesia gun, so that they could tow it aboard after the machinery that wringed the trawl net was repaired. But who should be sent to subdue the squid underwater?
  Odeko and Prati volunteered to stand up. They are excellent divers, and they are familiar with the habits of the king squid, and they are relatively easy to deal with in case of any accident. Odeko and Prati put on diving suits, put on diving gear and went down into the sea.
  The sun is shining on the sea, but the visibility in the sea is not good. About 10 meters below the water, it’s pitch black. Odeko and Prati can only use the periscope lights on the helmets to distinguish the surrounding objects. All kinds of beautiful fish swim through the halo. The trawl depth of the research ship is about 60 meters underwater. Soon, they followed the tossing water and found the king squid that was bound by the trawl net. Only then did they see that it was a female king squid. At this moment, it seemed to be exhausted, no longer struggling violently, but curled up in a trawl.
  The situation looks more favorable. Odeko and Prati raised their anesthesia guns to aim at each other. At this moment, Prati felt her body being beaten heavily by something. She lost her center of gravity suddenly, and the anesthesia shotgun fell to the unfathomable seabed. When she looked back, she was so scared that she was frightened. A Grand Prince squid that was much larger than the one caught in the trawl net was behind her, staring at her with big vicious eyes, and stretched out hideous tentacles to her. Odeko also discovered the danger that Prati was facing, and he quickly swam over and quickly shot the king squid, but unfortunately, the shot missed in a panic. At this time, Prati was already wrapped around his waist by one of the tentacles of the king squid. The power of the tentacles was so great that Prati couldn’t escape. Odeko saw the king squid and Prati entangled, and was afraid to shoot casually, so he had to swim over, drew out the diving dagger used to guard against sharks and stabbed Prati’s tentacles, and the king squid released with pain. The tentacles were stabbed, but the other tentacles waved over again. Platy cat dodged his waist, drew out the diving dagger he was carrying, and made a strong backhand cut. The tentacles of the king squid were also cut Injured, a large swath of blue blood came out.
  Aldeko’s narcotic gun was knocked down by the tentacles of the king squid in a panic. In order to avoid being entangled by the tentacles of the king squid again, Odeko and Prati constantly wielded diving daggers. Because the pressure of the sea is relatively high, they wear heavy diving suits, so they are quickly exhausted.
A thrilling escape

  Odeko and Prati dodge around, and they can’t float up quickly, but the King Squid followed them with their teeth and claws, as if they would never stop without tearing them apart. In a panic, Prati swam to a nearby coral cave. The outer opening of this coral cave is relatively large and can accommodate one person, but the inside is getting narrower and narrower, and it is impossible to enter. Prati entered the cave backwards. As soon as she entered, the oxygen cylinder she was carrying got stuck on the narrow rock wall in the cave, and her whole body could not move.
  It was less than five meters from where Prati was stuck to the entrance of the cave, and the tentacles of the king squid could reach in and hang her. Odeko stretched out his hand to pull Prati, but did not pull, and he did not dare to use too much force for fear of pulling off the oxygen cylinder.
  Seeing the king squid approaching step by step, Odeko and Prati were desperate, but at this moment, they saw the king squid suddenly turning around, and then looking intently, it turned out that it was a huge sperm whale swimming over. Sperm whales like to eat the king squid, but when the two meet, there is often a battle of life and death. The huge head of the sperm whale is a super missile. It rushes towards the female king squid in the trawl, and the mouth of the blood basin has been opened. But the male king squid furiously blocked the sperm whale’s attack. Its tentacles and suction cups entangled the sperm whale’s head, while the sperm whale struggled to bite the king squid’s tail. The turbid waves rolled and the scene was spectacular. The king squid’s tentacles had been bitten off several times, and the sperm whale was also covered in cuts and bruises. Blood spewed from its wounds and stained the surrounding sea water.
  Just when the bloody battle between the king squid and the sperm whale was going on, Odeko finally rescued Prati, and they slowly floated up. When swimming to the top of the trawl, Prati suddenly ventured closer and took out a diving dagger to cut the ropes of the trawl. Fortunately, the female king squid was busy parrying the sperm whale and had no chance to attack them. Before the female king squid got out of the trawl, Odeko and Prati surfaced, and the people on the scientific research ship quickly pulled them up.
  It didn’t take long for the people on the scientific research ship to clearly feel that the trawl at the bottom of the ship was not moving. When they tried to pull it manually, they easily pulled the trawl onto the ship. There was no longer the figure of the king squid in the net. At this moment, Odeko and Prati also saw a blackness on the sea, and they knew that this was the weapon used by the two king squids to release their escape. Although Odeko and Prati nearly lost their lives in this fishing operation, and ultimately did not catch the king squid, they had a major gain, that is, they discovered that those seemingly inferior animals actually have humans. The same care and love!