Race against death for life

  He looked at his watch. It happens to be 7:30. At the same time, he heard the roar of engines in the distance. Eric knew it was an airplane. The roar made him a little annoyed, he and Lin spent two days walking to this wild land, but they were still awakened by the roar of the engine. He pricked his ears and listened more carefully, and he found that the sound was a little abnormal and very abnormal.
  Eric heard it right. Just an hour ago, a twin-engine Beecher took off from Albuquerque to Ta County, Colorado. This was a routine flight. And the roar came from it.
  The 31-year-old pilot Scott Street and his passenger railway engineer Bob Coleman never knew each other, but shortly after the plane rose into the air, they talked and laughed. It’s like a good friend who has known each other for many years.
  While Street and Coleman were talking and laughing, he suddenly felt a slight change in the sound of the engine, and then, the plane didn’t seem to climb up anymore.
  At this moment, Coleman, who was sitting next to him, glanced and saw his hands move quickly, moving the button here, and tapping the dial there. Coleman mistakenly thought that Streeter was making fun of him.
  Only Streeter knew the problems they were about to face. He was trying to get the plane back to climb, but in fact, they were falling at a speed of 200 feet per minute.
  Seeing the peaks standing in front of them, Strette knew that he had no time to fly over them. But below the plane are ocean-like forests, steep ridges and steep valleys of Pecos.
  ”It’s not a joke, is it?” Coleman asked.
  ”Yes, friend,” Street said as calmly as possible, “We’re in some trouble.”
  Coleman looked out the window in shock. He can already see the branches of the trees clearly. The god of death seemed to be beckoning to them.
  Suddenly, Streeter noticed something gleaming in his aftermath. It was the sun shining on the snow-covered grass. The grass shone like a lighthouse. That will be their only chance to survive.
  Street struggled to keep the plane from falling. He hoped that through a rapid ascent, the plane could fly over the last piece of wood around the grass.
  Just before the plane touched the ground, he put down the wheels, hoping they could absorb the impact. What he couldn’t predict was that a huge rock was hidden in the tall weeds. When he was about to land, the rock pierced the right wing of the plane and the fuel tank broke.
  The plane; passed through the grass and stopped at a sloping hillside. Orange flames rose into the sky. In an instant, the sky was also dyed fiery red.
  Hearing the terrible loud noise, Eric hurriedly got out of the tent.
  ”That’s an airplane!” Lin shouted to him, “The whole valley is on fire.” The
  crash site was just below them. Lin has been engaged in rescue and search work, and she prepared for the worst. No one can survive the crashed plane.
  The entire cabin was engulfed by fire.
  ”Climb out!” Streeter shouted.
  Coleman rushed through the burning door frame and onto the burning wing. Street also moved quickly to follow behind. They lie on the ground together, because the plane can explode at any time.
  The flames rushed into the fuel-soaked legs of Streeter’s pants. He threw himself to the ground and kicked off the remaining shoes with his other leg. He swayed his lower leg desperately and finally put out the fire.
  At the same time, Coleman rolled on the grass covered with hoarfrost, letting snow cover his wound.
  The two men glanced at each other. In each other’s eyes, they saw a scene of horror: their eyebrows were burnt out, and their faces were burnt. Streator’s face grew blisters the size of a golf ball.
  Coleman suffered serious injuries to his legs. There is something wrong on the back. Streeter’s first aid kit was left in the burning plane.
  He and Coleman had nothing but the pieces of clothes that were still smoking.
  Street tried to lift his head, looking around desperately.
  When Lin and Eric came to the edge of the grass, the flames rose 20 feet in the air. It is impossible to approach the airplane.
  In the next scene, Lin couldn’t believe her eyes: a man stood looking at the burning plane. The other man was kneeling on the wet grass.
  Lin was very surprised. My God, they must be the survivors in the plane.
  Lin knew she had to find someone to rescue them. They are now located at an altitude of 11,000 feet, in the middle of the vast wilderness. Her car was 18 miles from the crash site.
  ”I’m a long-distance runner,” Lin said, “I’m going to find someone to help.”
  Street and Coleman looked at each other. Can she really run down this steep and rugged mountain?
  Lin and Eric help the two return to their camp. Both of them have difficulty speaking.
  Lin found a pair of shoes in her travel bag, put them on in a hurry, and hung a small water bottle, compass, map, matches and granola around her waist.
  Glancing at the two seriously injured men, she said, “It will take me a few hours to get out of the mountain.” Although everyone didn’t speak, they were very clear in their hearts, and no one can guarantee whether they insisted on finding someone At that time. Lin looked around. It is 8:15 in the morning.
  At the age of 24, Lin broke a women’s record in the Pikes Peak Marathon, which was perhaps the cruelest race in the world. At the end of the race, she ran 26.2 miles. She climbed a 7815-foot mountain and then climbed down. Seventeen years later, no one has broken her record.
  Today, Lin will be a life race, this is a race for the lives of others. She had to travel 18 miles of wild land for help, and she couldn’t lose her way, slip or fall.
  Eric is doing his best to treat the wounds of the two wounded. He retrieved water from a stream for them to drink and soaked the areas that needed cold compresses. He used to be an excellent amateur actor, and took the initiative to find some cheerful topics to talk to them so that they would not fall asleep.
  At the same time, Lin’s legs are like a machine moving in Zone 9, and the road under her feet is constantly changing. The winding road in the forest is sometimes soft and sometimes hard, and the steep ridge road is sometimes easy and sometimes dangerous. But she didn’t dare to relax a little bit and ran down the mountain quickly.
  Running back in the Picos Wilderness area, the distance was indeed far, and the road became blurred. She didn’t believe her memory, she stopped to take out a compass. After recognizing where he was, he ran forward.
  Eric was trying his best to talk to the injured men, but he could see that their lives were running out a little bit. Streeter’s eyes met Coleman’s knowingly. Unless Lyn becomes Superman, they are not saved.
  Lin ran for 12 miles and came to a fork in a trail. She still had some impression of this place. There was a small house not far to the right, but she didn’t know if anyone was there. If there is a telephone or shortwave radio, the time to save people will be greatly shortened. Her muscles were already under pressure at this time, she put out the last bit of strength and ran to the right of the fork.
  Her heartbeat is slowing down. The hut is an abandoned house without communication equipment. She started running back down the path again, her sore muscles telling her that her heart was overwhelmed.
  She knew that she could not run anymore, and she could hold on for a few minutes at most.
  She finally saw her car parked in the distance. She looked at her watch: at 11:15 in the morning, it was only three hours before her departure.
  Lin got into the car, which sped forward. At 11:38, she came to a summer house and found a telephone. She knew she should call the New Mexico State Police.
  While waiting for the police to arrive, she walked back and forth, relaxed her legs and regained her lost strength. The helicopter will not arrive until 2 hours later. They also need her to do one more thing: show them the way and find the crashed plane.
  At 1:30 in the afternoon, Stellite and Coleman heard a roar of engines in the distance. This was the most beautiful sound they heard. It was the sound of a helicopter. They let out hoarse cheers.
  With Eric’s help, Street and Coleman stood up with difficulty and staggered towards the lawn. They looked at the still burning plane, and then at the two helicopters that were landing. They were impressed by Lin’s actions. Because it was this woman who raced against time and snatched them back from death.