Well in the front yard

The well is in the front yard and the kitchen is in the backyard.

Uncle and Dayuan used a big wooden bucket and a pole to carry water into the kitchen water tank. This is their daily work. Although my uncle was an old man, he held the water waist upright. In the front yard and the back yard, I live in my family’s five or six rooms, and my uncle helps Dayuan’s family to do rough work, and he also gets some “pockets” for a month—no wages. Dayuan went to school since childhood, upgraded year after year, graduated from middle school, but lived at home idle for almost a year. If you go to university in another place, given the family situation in front of you, your mother still feels that she can’t afford to “train”. If you are looking for a job locally, a middle school student does not have expertise, and even those with expertise have a way. Mother thought that this world is really difficult, and people who are not up to the bottom don’t know whether it is difficult or embarrassing.

There is a recent opportunity to recruit interns from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Everyone says it’s a golden rice bowl, I’m afraid it won’t be one in a hundred miles, but one in a thousand. My mother told Dayuan to close the door to prepare for the exam, and she didn’t care about the wall collapse.

A pole, with uncle in front and Yuan in back. Dayuan is only eighteen or nineteen years old, her body is developing, with her shoulders on her shoulders, she yelled easily, “Hurry up.”

“Let go, let go…”

The mother rushed over and waved Dayuan away. When Dayuan entered the house, she picked up the pole and put it on her shoulders. My uncle was puzzled to walk slowly and small steps, and he wanted to walk but couldn’t bear to walk… Although his mother was only fifty years old, she was already blessed. She can’t handle people who can’t handle her for half her life, and she works harder and harder. Heavy lifting and picking, never done it since childhood. One is not to do it, and the other is to avoid doing it for the sake of face.

The uncle is not tall, but a head taller than his mother. Most of the weight of the big wooden barrel rests on the mother’s shoulders. Mother often wears old cheongsam at home, and the slits only extend to the calf. A pair of “zoomed in” feet-after wrapping it, let go, only “outside the eight characters”. Her clothes and ankle bones couldn’t make her take the steps of carrying a heavy load, and she relied on twisting her body to help, but she was fat again, and her body was tight and twisted.

After walking a few steps, my uncle told her to put it down. Ben said that Dayuan was not tired at all. He looked at her mother’s face, but let her be in front and him in the back, so that she could push the rope on the barrel to her chest and stretch out her hand. Grasp the rope and don’t let the bucket slide back. The mother was a little more relaxed. She was ready to put a smile on her face. She met her family’s three aunts and six poems, four aunts and seven sisters all the way, only to hear “Ah-yo-yo”, no matter what they said, she laughed to herself:

“Good walk, good walk…”

“Neither heavy nor heavy…”

“One time, two times cooked…”

Between the front yard and the back yard, there is a one-foot-high threshold. When my mother walks here, she always has to turn sideways and let the cheongsam slits face forward, just to step across the “enlarged” foot. Lifting the barrel this time, the threshold has become a pass. Her fat became tighter, she twisted sideways, twisted like sideways, “zoomed” to the side before landing, staggering forward, the big wooden barrel knocked on the threshold, my uncle squatted quickly, and the barrel fell safely, mother The smile on his face also fell. Uncle said: “I’ll find two small buckets next time, I’ll pick them.”

The mother felt that her eyes were shining from the front, back and left, and swept over. She quickly picked up her smile and put it on her face, reaching for the bucket, as if she wanted to pass it. My uncle was already holding both hands, but his uncle was also old, bent his legs, and swung into the kitchen like a jar.

Mother sat in the room to rest, and when she relaxed, sweat came out all over her body. Dayuan walked quietly to her mother’s side and slapped it gently with a fan. Mother panted, and said nothing: “You go…you go…homework…homework…”

“Mom, let me lift the water so I can take a break. It’s like sharpening a dull brain and sharpening a knife without accidentally cutting wood.”

“Don’t be afraid of… ten thousand, just in case…”

“What if you want to check your shoulders? Mom, have you listened to the gossip? That’s the test of fame before, check the palms, check the shoulders, don’t carry burdens or lift the sedan chair…”

“There is a scar…and…picked out…”

“Mom, it was an air force test. I was afraid that the old scar would crack when flying high up. Mom, I’m afraid you can’t tell what you are afraid of…”

“Horrifying fear……”

“I’m afraid I won’t pass the test, I can’t say it, I’m afraid it sounds bad.”

“Horrifying fear……”

“Fear in case. A word of nonsense from the Qing Dynasty has become one in ten thousandths, so you will be desperate to carry water.”

“You are still young, and you don’t know how to be a mother…”

“I know, this is called a mother!”