Bloodthirsty Lion

  In June 2006, the South African savanna, which was in the dry season, ushered in the best tourist season. There is little rainfall, not strong sunlight, frequent animals, and sometimes lions. On this day, Tommy, the engineer assigned to the dam project there, took his family off the plane. He wanted his 14-year-old daughter Cici and his 9-year-old son David to also appreciate the scenery of the South African grasslands and the majestic lion. I hope this trip will ease the tension between Cici and her stepmother Ai Mei.
  Because Tommy still had work to be busy, Ai Mei had to take David and the extremely unfriendly Cici on her own into the zebra-striped sightseeing car. The car drove along the road to the depths of the grassland, and did not see an animal for a long time. Cici, who was in a bad mood, couldn’t help but attack the tour guide: “Should we only listen to your introduction or do we really have animals?” The tour guide was a bit irritated. He suddenly turned the car around and plunged into the path. It is much more likely to see animals on this deserted path. No—for a while, I saw zebras and antelopes grazing leisurely, and David took the camera and took pictures happily. But after a while, David wanted to go to the bathroom. The tour guide is a bit embarrassed, there are often lions around. He couldn’t stop the car, but the grassland at this time looked so peaceful and beautiful, and David’s appearance was really anxious, so the tour guide picked up the rifle and accompanied David out of the car. The shy David stood still under a tree, turned his head and said, “Don’t look at me…”
  At the moment David turned around, the tour guide’s face changed suddenly. He trembled and raised his gun, panicking. Point behind David. David slowly turned around, and a lion more than one meter long and covered in yellow hair was looking directly at David greedily, with fangs faintly visible in his mouth. The tour guide raised his gun and confronted the lioness, but what he didn’t know was that not far behind him, a strong male lion with a body length of two meters also raised its body. Its muscles were already tense. There was a cruel light in the eyes. And in the grass on the other side, there is a lioness also eager to try.
  Aimei and Cici in the car saw all this in their eyes, they were anxious and afraid. Ai Mei jumped into the driver’s seat and tried to drive to David’s side, but the car key was in the hands of the tour guide. Seeing that the guide and David’s life were hanging by a thread, Ai Mei suddenly opened the door and jumped out of the car. She desperately shouted at the lion: “Come here, I am here!” Aimei’s exaggerated posture caught the lion’s attention, and it rushed towards Aimei quickly.
  Three lions rushed towards their prey at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour. Panicked Aimei and David ran to the car. The tour guide retreated while raising a gun to shoot at the lioness, but none of the bullets hit Lioness. Ai Mei was the first to jump into the car, and at the moment when David finally got in the car and escaped from danger, a tragedy happened. The crazy lioness clung to the tour guide and overwhelmed the tour guide on the car. The tour guide struggled and yelled outside the car window, and was bitten by the lion’s sharp teeth to become bloody.
  Then, the lioness dragged the guide’s body away. Not far away, the three lions gnawed wolfishly.
  Ai Mei hurriedly took out the phone, but she quickly became desperate, the phone had no signal at all! Cici had already cried: “We are over!” Ai Mei shook her head and clenched her fists: “No, we will not be over, your father will come to save us.”
  Cici stared at Ai Mei angrily. Say loudly: “Don’t dream, we deviated from the road, we are dead when they find it!”
  Aimei persuaded Cici: “No, it’s safe in the car!” But before the voice fell, there was a sudden sound in the ear Loud noise. When they raised their eyes, the lion roared and jumped onto the roof of the car. The huge body of several hundred jin weighed heavily on the car, squatting on the iron sheet. Looking at the broken car windows, their heartbeat almost stopped in fright. At this moment, a huge lion head suddenly hung from the roof of the car and stared directly at them. As long as the lion slams the broken car window with its front paws, they cannot escape the lion’s mouth! Fortunately, the lion lingered outside the car for a while, then walked away angrily.
Lions raid! Bloody Valley

  When night fell on the grassland, Tommy, who returned to the hotel, found that his wife and children had not yet come back, and his mobile phone could not be reached. He hurried to the police station to request rescue, but the answer was that the search could not be carried out at night. A high-altitude search team was dispatched early in the morning.
  For Tommy and his family, it was a long night. Tommy could not fall asleep after tossing and turning, and Aimei and the others couldn’t close their eyes. Unknown when it rained heavily, David, who was thirsty and unbearable, opened the car door secretly and swallowed the rain greedily with his head up. At this moment, a flash of lightning in the sky instantly illuminated the earth, and among the sparks of lightning, they saw a lion rushing towards the car. Aimei and them understand that the lion always wants to conquer this car fortress, they can only hold on with trembling.
  The long night finally passed. A hot light shone on David’s face and awakened him from his dream. He opened his eyes and felt particularly dazzling. Looking through the light, there was something shining like metal in the grass not far from the car. “Key! Car key!” David exclaimed in surprise. “No, it’s just broken glass.” Ai Mei looked at it and shook her head.
  The clever Cici immediately turned on the camera, zoomed in and zoomed in, that’s right! That is the car key. Aimei decides to get off the car to retrieve the key. That is their hope of survival. Seeing Ai Mei risking her life to open the car door, Cici was speechless. She hated Ai Mei, but she didn’t want her to die. Ai Mei approached the key quietly. The moment she picked up the key, a lioness jumped up from her sleep. Ai Mei ran back to the car desperately, blocking the lion out of the car in time, and she started it immediately. The car took the road and fled.
  The overly alarmed Ai Mei drove on the ground, just trying to get away from the lion and death as fast as possible. “Slow down! Slow down!” No matter what Cici reminded, Ai Mei just couldn’t stop the car. Finally, they rushed down a valley with the car and hit a rock at the bottom of the valley. The engine instantly failed.
  Just now escaping from the dead, now she is in desperation again, Ai Mei almost collapsed, Cici yelled: “What now? Who can find us in this valley? I want to go out for help!” “I won’t allow you to leave. Half a step in the car!” The war between Ai Mei and Cici broke out again, and the two were in a stalemate.
  Aimei’s zebra-striped car is very conspicuous, and the lion’s eyesight is excellent. Now they are looking down at the car from a height, waiting for a favorable opportunity to attack at any time.
  At this moment, there was a huge roar in the sky. Cici heard it for a while and suddenly jumped up and shouted: “It’s a helicopter!” It was indeed a helicopter sent by the police station. As long as it found a car in the valley, love Enchant them to get out of danger.
  They dare not get out of the car for help, so they can only hold their breath and wait to be discovered. However, the sound of the helicopter is getting farther and farther. Cici suddenly screamed like crazy, “Don’t go! Can’t go!” She opened the car door, jumped out of the car, and shouted on the ground: “Come back! Come back! We are here!” But it was no use, the helicopter did not It was gone in a while.
  Cici was so depressed, she sat slumped on the ground, crying loudly, without noticing the danger approaching. Aimei ran out of the car immediately, comforting her while pulling her back. But it was too late, and a strong lioness suddenly rushed out of the grass.

  This female lion was only a few tens of meters away from them, and it was too late to run. The two of them could only stare at them with horrified eyes, watching the fierce lion pounce. At this critical moment, the gun went off and the lion fell in a pool of blood. Not far away, two indigenous African hunters were walking slowly with their guns in their hands.
  These are two poachers who saved the lives of Ai Mei and Cici. Ai Mei and Cici returned to the car, while the native hunters immersed themselves in skinning the lion. But after a while, a shocking scene appeared again. A lion rushed out of the grass and knocked down a hunter with a gun, and the other man rushed towards the car in fright. Ai Mei quickly opened the car door and pulled him in. Several people huddled together and trembled. But the bad luck didn’t end there. Suddenly asked, another lion rushed into the car frantically. The broken front window glass could not withstand such a heavy blow, and finally shattered completely. The lion who broke into the car bit the native hunter’s Throat, desperately pulling him out, Aimei and Cici tried their best to hold his feet, but in the end they only left a pair of shoes stained with blood.
Life and death battle! Escape from Lion’s Mouth!

  It was getting late, and it was another sleepless night, and the spirit and physical strength of the few people in Aimei had reached their limits. At this moment, Tommy, who had been separated from his relatives for two full days and two nights, could no longer control himself. He was going to conduct a ground search with his friend Gao Hut himself, who was an expert in finding ground information. On a piece of grass, Goholt picked up a few pieces of lion feces and checked the temperature and hardness of the feces. Goholt said: “This season, it is rare to see a lion eating so full. If it eats It’s not an antelope, it’s probably a human…” Gao Holt’s words gave Tommy a chill. He didn’t know if he could find his relatives, and if he did, would it be just a bunch of bones.
  In the valley not far from Tommy, the flustered Cici and David were staring blankly, falling into extreme panic. Aimei knows that she is responsible for protecting them. Cici’s unreasonableness once made her irritable, but when the children showed a pitiful and desperate look, she suddenly realized that she was a mother and had to do her duty as a mother. Thinking of this, Aimei’s strong fighting spirit instructs the children to count the debris for use. She cut the seat belt, tied the seat to the window, and then blocked the window with a carpet. She knew that these could not stop the lion’s attack, but now her strength and composure were the only source of hope for the children.
  While counting the sundries, David found a lighter in his Aimei bag, “Do you smoke?” he asked in surprise. Ai Mei smiled embarrassedly; “Oh, yes… I have to admit, sometimes you make me very upset.” Upon hearing this, Cici smiled: “In the future, I mean if there is a future, We won’t do this again.” Cici said it very sincerely, Ai Mei’s eyes moistened.
  At this moment, Tommy and Goholt outside the valley were attracted by a group of vultures in the sky. There must be carrion in the place where the large group of vultures gather. If someone is killed, this implies the direction of his bones. In the valley, a large group of wild dogs were also attracted by the leftover meat from the lions. David secretly watched the wild dogs eat, only to find that they suddenly dispersed like they were frightened by something. On the grassland, only lions have strong body scent and amazing power, which will make wild dogs frightened. Sure enough, a male lion was slowly walking down the hillside.
  At the same time, the sound of a motor came with the wind, “There is a car!” Cici sat up, “I’m going to stop them!” Aimei held Cici, she said firmly: “I Go!” Aimei decided to take the risk for the sake of David and Cici. Ai Mei got out of the car, her legs trembling, she shouted in the sight of the lion: “Hi! Help us! We are here!” Ai Mei’s shout immediately caught the attention of Tommy and Goholt outside the valley. They rolled over the valley excitedly and hurried to the sightseeing car. At this moment, a lioness approached Tommy quietly, and the conspiracy was about to succeed.
  ”Dad! Watch out for the lion!” David’s shout caught Tommy’s attention, but when he turned around and found the lion, everything was too late. The lioness was only a dozen meters away from him. Tommy didn’t dare to move, any of his actions might make the lion attack him early. He could only keep whispering: “Goholt, shoot!” But Goholt just pointed the gun at the lion close at hand, and refused to shoot. The time passed by, the lioness. Finally launched an attack two meters away from Tommy. Pounced viciously.
  ”Tommy, bend down!” Goholt suddenly yelled, and Tommy immediately bent down. The moment the lion crossed the top of Tommy’s head, the gunshot rang, and the experienced Goholt hit the lion’s heart with a shot at the nearest place. It fell heavily to the ground and quickly stopped breathing. After the danger, Tommy ran to his wife and children, and Goholt also smiled. But everything is far from over. A crazy lion suddenly jumped up from the grass and pounced on Gao Huote. It madly bit Gao Huote to pieces, as if avenging his companion.
  Tommy was frightened. He ran to the car quickly, but the lion immediately dropped the non-human-shaped Goholt and rushed towards Tommy. Tommy rushed to the car door, and before he could open the door, the lion had already rushed forward. Seeing that Tommy was about to die in the lion’s mouth, Ai Mei closed her eyes in fright. Anxious, Tommy got under the car and avoided the lion’s claws. Tommy is out of danger temporarily, but this is by no means a long-term solution. The lion may divert attention at any time and get in from the broken front window to hurt the children in the car. Ai Mei, who has no guns or weapons, must think of a way to defeat this crazy lion in the shortest time.
  Seeing that the whole family was about to bury the lion’s belly, Ai Mei told herself to be calm. Shaking her hands, she turned out the toolbox in the car, took out an awl, and went to the fuel tank with all her strength, and screamed, “Honey, bear with me! David, give me a lighter!” It was chipped out, gasoline came out, Ai Mei used her clothes to plug the loopholes, then raised her head and said to Cici and David in a calm tone like never before, “Do you believe me?” Looking at Ai Mei firmly Looking in their eyes, Cici and David nodded without hesitation, and Ai Mei then said loudly, “Listen to my instructions later, Cici, David, you guys should climb out of the front window and run as far as possible! Tang Mi, you get out of the car and keep up with the kids! Move fast, there is no time!”
  Said that it was too late and then fast, Ai Mei suddenly opened the back door of the sightseeing car, and she stood in the car and stretched her head out towards the outside. The lion shouted: “Here! Come here!” Seeing the new prey, the lion rushed over without hesitation. As soon as the lion got in the car, the two children and Tommy ran out under Ai Mei’s instructions. Facing the lion so close in the car, Ai Mei has no other choice. She can only be strong and brave. She backed back quickly until she came to the side of the fuel tank. Seeing that the lion was about to pounce, she took out the lighter and lit the clothes on the fuel tank. The raging flames burned inside and outside the gasoline tank, followed by a loud noise, and the car exploded!
  Not far away, Tommy and the two children were stunned, the smoke billowing from the car, and the flames blazing. The lion was blown to pieces in the car, and Ai Mei could not escape bad luck. Tommy rushed into the fire frantically…
  Just when Tommy and the children were crying together, on the other side of the car, a figure gradually stood up. It was not someone else, it was Aimei! Because that dress prolonged the explosion time, she was able to survive.