If you have a bad stomach, learn to be “picky eaters”

  Picky eaters can have symptoms of malnutrition for ordinary people, but for people with poor stomachs, avoiding certain “taboos” and taking the initiative to picky eaters can better protect the stomach.
Eat less flatulence beans

  People who are prone to flatulence should eat less or not soy beans, black beans, mung beans and other legumes, because these foods are more difficult to digest and easy to flatulence; it is suitable to eat kidney beans, red beans, chickpeas and other miscellaneous beans. It is recommended that people with a bad stomach soak beans for more than 8 hours before cooking; people with insufficient gastric motility can drink the ingredients in a paste to promote digestion and absorption. In addition, whole grain ingredients such as brown rice, millet, and yellow rice nourish the stomach. When making porridge, you can add lotus seeds, dried yam, etc., you can also add jujube and longan meat.
Eat less bitter vegetables

  People who have a bad stomach can choose vegetables that warm their stomachs consciously. For example, pumpkin is rich in pectin, which can protect the stomach from irritation; carrots can enhance the resistance of the spleen and stomach; cabbage not only can resist gastric ulcers, protect and repair the gastric mucosal tissue, but also keep the stomach cells active. And bitter vegetables, such as bitter gourd, lettuce, bitter chrysanthemum, etc., are mostly cold, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency should eat less. In addition, vegetables are rich in unsoftened fiber, and some also contain a certain amount of anti-nutrients, such as oxalic acid. It is recommended that people with a bad stomach do not eat vegetables raw.
Eat less acidic fruits

  Acidic fruits, such as lemon, bayberry, hawthorn, grapes, plums, etc., can easily cause acid reflux in people with chronic gastritis, and can also cause certain irritation to patients with gastric ulcers. It is recommended to eat less or not. In addition, people with weak spleen and stomach are not recommended to eat cold fruits such as pears and grapefruit. If you really want to eat, you can cook apples, pears, peaches, bananas, pineapples and other fruits before eating them, such as steaming, roasting, and boiling soup.
Avoid fried meats

  The temperament of the stomach is like dryness and dislike cold. People with a bad stomach can eat more meat that warms the stomach, such as beef and mutton. For fish, you can choose warm crucian carp, with tofu and mushroom stew directly. In addition, fatty meat with high fat content can stimulate the contraction of the digestive tract, slow down gastric emptying or aggravate constipation, and may also accelerate gastrointestinal motility, leading to aggravation of diarrhea. Similarly, fried meat is not good for intestinal health. Therefore, it is best to choose cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, braising, and braising, rather than frying or frying.
Control the intake of chili

  Ginger contains gingerol, which can stimulate the nerve endings of the digestive tract, cause gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and intestinal digestive juice, suitable for people with stomach cold; the main ingredient of star anise is fennel oil, which can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract Nerves, promote the secretion of digestive juices, increase gastrointestinal motility, people with poor spleen and stomach eating greasy meat dishes are prone to flatulence, adding star anise can relieve the effect. However, chili should be used sparingly. Excessive consumption will destroy the sensitivity of nerve endings. Over time, the gastrointestinal mucosa will be damaged, and it will also be easy to cause a burning sensation in the stomach and intestines, causing problems such as gastroesophageal reflux.
Do not drink cold drinks

  It is recommended that people with poor stomach do not drink or drink less cold drinks, such as Kudingcha, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency and cold. People with deficiency and cold of the spleen and stomach and weak spleen and stomach function can drink osmanthus tea to warm the stomach, but it is not suitable for people with dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach.