Lever ratchet effect

Electricity is the lever ratchet. Once the community has a small amount of electricity, such as solar lights, people will soon find that they need more electricity. Therefore, the increase in production efficiency brought about by the use of electricity increases people’s income, which allows people to have more money to buy electricity. This leverage of production efficiency and income (plus the electricity they actually control) opens up a one-way path to the future.

The lever ratchet effect is also suitable for professional occasions. Your first speech is difficult, and your tenth speech is much easier. Every speech, if there is a wonderful performance, will generate more speech demand. Every speech will give you more leverage to make a better speech, and a better speech will generate more demand.

The lever ratchet effect also applies to universities. A small amount of learning will generate more learning needs. A beneficial degree as an effort to label provides leverage for those who earn a degree, and the demand for more learning and more leverage allows universities to expand their resources and do more.

When you are in doubt or hesitant, look for a ratchet, look for a lever!