Mike Pence

Recently, the US election debate officially kicked off. What the majority of netizens are looking forward to is the confrontation between the old boys and the confrontation between the vice presidential candidates. The four big bosses involved in the U.S. election, the current political expert Chaoyang Ka has already analyzed the three for everyone. Today let’s talk about the fourth big boss: the man who accompanied Trump, the then U.S. Vice President Mike Peng S.

As the No. 2 figure in American politics, Pence’s path to leadership has been quite ups and downs. He was born in the home of the Democratic Party and regarded the Democratic Party’s Kennedy as an idol, but when he was a student, he was infected by the thinking of the Republican Party and turned to the opponent. After graduating from university, he worked as a lawyer and worked for several years. He resigned to run for Congress in the nude. As a result, he failed in both elections. He also found himself a job as a talk show on the TV station, and gradually embarked on the road of a political show host. After 10 years, he finally succeeded in making his face among the people. Relying on these popularity, he became a member of Congress.

The rising period of Pence’s career began in 2005 when he became the chairman of the Republican Party committee, and the glorious period of Pence’s career began in 2016 when he joined forces with Trump. Both of them were at a low point at the time. Although Trump was affiliated with the Republican Party, he was marginalized. Although Pence’s career has improved, he has reached the glass ceiling as governor. This year, Trump looked at Pence’s connections and conservative stance, and Pence looked at Trump’s campaign funds and acting personality. So a high-profile businessman with blond hair and a rational politician with silver hair formed the best combination, and the two connected the two hands of small cards into a pair of “Tong Tian Shun”.

In fact, with Trump’s character, the heroes in the initial campaign team have long since been separated, and only Pence monopolized Trump’s trust. Pence did what he was entrusted, basically what Trump said and what he followed.

In order to restore the economy, Trump wanted to resume the school, and Pence took the lead to mobilize. In order to promote “democracy”, Trump stated that he did not wear a mask. Pence visited the hospital and bravely became the only person in the crowd who did not wear a mask. As the epidemic fermented, Trump became an infected person, and Pence still said in the debate that the president’s fight against the epidemic was the best.

In addition to the perfect operation of the puzzle, the two often give each other various compliments. Trump said that Pence is a desperate Saburo who works 20 hours a day, and Pence said that Trump is the chosen son to regain the American dream; Trump said that Pence will deal with the media best, and Pence said that Trump’s ruling The US military has become the strongest on the surface.

People often say that Pompeo is the person in Trump’s heart, but Trump will praise him no matter how much he likes. To Pence, Trump would rather use his own contrast, but also sincerely praise him. Pence was not sloppy with Trump, and the admiration in his eyes could not be hidden.

After four years of baptism, Trump and Pence have both carried on their backs that made the people dissatisfied, and the momentum of their opponents has grown stronger day by day. In the past, it was possible to attack Biden’s age, but as the opposite party looked for Harris, he was slapped when he was older. Whether Pence can cooperate with Trump to continue writing the myth last time, let us wait and see!

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