What kind of experience is embarrassing to “social death”

The “social death” that contemporary young people laugh at is not death in the traditional sense, but a kind of “being in an extremely embarrassing scene, having no face to see people, just wanting to find a crack in the ground to get in, and even want to get it right now. The mood of “death”. During this period of time, many netizens posted their experiences of “social death” on major websites, stupefied by turning the embarrassment in capitals into a source of happiness.

My experience of “social death” can basically write a book. When I was in elementary school, there was a time when the teacher enthusiastically told Liu Hulan’s heroic deeds on the podium, and the students were also substituted into the scene at that time. At this moment, the teacher called me up as the representative of the Chinese class and asked me to recite the most classic passage in the text. I cleared my throat and said in a loud and full voice: “Liu Hulan walked to the fried cake, knelt down, and lay down under the fried cake…” Before I finished reading, I heard the classmates burst into laughter. The teacher asked me, “What did you eat in the morning?” I said, “My mother made fried cakes.” The classmates laughed again, and I knew that I pronounced “Fried Knife” as “Fried Cake”. I wanted to find a crack in the ground to get in.

Encountering “social death” in the workplace is even more terrifying. Once, the boss asked everyone to work overtime in order to catch up, but the colleague Xiaolu’s family wanted to get off work on time. Seeing that the boss was not there, she hurried to hire a car, backpack, go downstairs, trot all the way, and act skillfully. When she arrived at the door, a black car happened to stop in front of her. It was too early to come. Xiao Lu thought that the car she had called had arrived. She hurriedly pulled the door, but found that the boss in the back seat was looking at her curiously: ” Why? Help me open the door?” Xiao Lu, blushing, stood there for a long time without a word.

I have a deep understanding of this kind of brain downtime. The first time I gave a report to the big boss after work, I was stunned that “the highlight of our jeans is adding velvet to keep warm” to “the highlight of our jeans is adding velvet to moisturize”. I originally wanted to reply to the boss in the WeChat group: “Ok, boss”, and the default input method was posted as “Ok, husband”. During a meeting, I used my mobile phone to display the PPT on the screen. As a result, everyone saw the chat records of the leaders and their friends. In short, when I first entered the workplace, I would go through this kind of public execution every few days. A set of three rooms and one hall was dug out from the ground!

Fortunately, there are many like-hearted friends around me, so I will not be too lonely. For example, my colleague Xiao Zhang, who recently became addicted to “Talk Show Conference”, saw his ecstasy, and stood up and applauded in the office; my friend Xiao Liu, who was attending a family gathering during the National Day holiday, accidentally blocked the toilet at grandma’s For the big holiday, the whole family went into battle and helped him out one by one. On that day, he felt that he had no face in this family.

However, with more experience in this kind of scene, you will find that your ability to resist is exponentially soaring. In fact, as long as you are human, you will inevitably encounter some embarrassing things. Investigating its origin, is there any way to crack it? Have. Remember: as long as you are not embarrassed, it is others who are embarrassed. After a short “social death”, it’s no big deal to laugh at yourself, we will be resurrected full of blood!

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