“Save the Earth” is not “worried”

The allusion of “worry about the sky” is known to women and children. People ridiculed the unfounded man who was worried about the sky and worries all day long, because this is the illusion of mediocrity. If “worrying about the sky” is changed to “worrying about people”-terrifying human beings to endanger other biological species for their own survival and development, and put the earth in an eternal crisis, then it is not a kind of “worry”, but a person Worrying warning.

There are so many biological species on the earth, it seems difficult to count accurately, because some have not been discovered or recognized by humans, and some are “metabolized” as the ecological environment changes. But one thing is certain, that is, humans appeared on the earth much later than other creatures. After the Cambrian eruption about 540 million years ago, biological species such as trilobites, horseshoe crabs, giant nautilus, etc. began to emerge on the earth. As for human beings, although archaeological discoveries are constantly refreshing the history of mankind, such as the Lantian ape man 1 million years ago and the Yuanmou ape man 1.7 million years ago, there was a report in 1973 that the ape man fossil found in Ethiopia was about 3 million years old. Mankind has only experienced ten thousand years from the farming civilization of the Neolithic Age to the highly developed modern civilization. However, the posterity is terrible, but human beings dominate the earth and determine the rise and fall of all things. No wonder, history books named our generation “Anthropocene”.

Compared with other biological species, even mammals with very similar pedigrees cannot match humans. Human beings have the concept of diligence, the ability to change the world and the grand plan of creating miracles, but they have created an incomparably brilliant modern civilization, but they have also accumulated more and more negative factors in the earth’s ecological environment, such as water, soil, and air pollution. Increasingly scarce energy, exhaustion of resources, over-expansion of population, shrinking of pure natural space…Human activities have deteriorated the earth’s environment and caused the degradation of biological species. These two together promote the aging of human species!

It can be concluded that human beings are the only species on the earth that can change the ecological environment and the only species that can control the future environment of the earth. Modern mankind is duty-bound to take responsibility for the entire earth’s ecological environment. However, real life has gone to the other extreme, so that there are many laments of “saving the earth”.

Take the extinction of species as an example. A few years ago, a biological research institute in Europe posed an interesting question: Since humans appeared on the earth, as many as 300 mammals have become extinct, so how long will it take for the natural world to evolve to recover these creatures? How rich is the resource? ——The answer is 3 million to 7 million years (longer than human existence). Entering the 21st century, the development of human society can be described as rapid and rapid, accompanied by the frequent “bad news” of species extinction. According to statistics from the World Conservation Union, 467 species were declared extinct in the first 10 years of the 21st century. The United States “National Geographic” once used “The Last One” as the title, focusing on the theme of “Farewell 2010” such as the Panama tree frog, the northern white rhino, and the Hawaiian golden snail.

Although some biological species have not yet become extinct, they are already in an endangered dilemma. British biologist Millie Marotta compiled the 97,000 biological species assessed by the “World Conservation Union Red List of Endangered Species” in the book “The Lonely Animal on Earth”, of which more than a quarter are facing extinction Among them, only a few species such as giant pandas and polar bears have received widespread attention and practical protection. Another United Nations intergovernmental policy platform dedicated to biodiversity and ecosystem services estimates that as many as 100 species are currently at risk of extinction, of which 40% are amphibians, 33% are corals, and about 10% are insects.

At the beginning of this century, the Natural History Museum in London officially named 412 new species previously unknown to the scientific community. But scientists also issued a warning: “The rate of species extinction is much faster than the rate at which species are discovered and confirmed. Many species have disappeared even before they were known to mankind.” For example, the genus Homoptera and Stegosaurus were as early as the last century. Extinct in the 1950s.

On this planet, every biological species has the right to survive and multiply. It is the so-called “all things frosty and free.” Humans can never “dominate” the earth! If other biological species are weakened, endangered, and extinct due to the impact of human factors, not to mention the simplification of the earth’s ecology, even the break of the biological chain may not make it possible for humans to reach the end of life of the entire species. Biologists believe that the “species life” that a normal biological species should have is generally measured in “100 million years” (for example, dinosaurs existed for 180 million years). Let me ask: If the billion-year development of a species is described as the “long march of ten thousand miles”, then human civilization has just finished “one mile”. How can there be “9999 li”? If “unsustainable”, what will be the end? The British writer Dugor Dixon described the life on earth 100 million years later in “After the Extinction of Mankind: Future Zoology”, which seems to have responded to this, so read it.

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