Low profit life

A new friend asked me: Do you think you are lucky? I thought about it a little bit and answered: it’s not very good, it’s a meager profit. As a middle-aged person, my evaluation of myself for so many years is indeed that I paid more and got less. Like some business people, they put in a lot and are so busy all day long that they only have a little money to support their families.

It’s finally good, it’s something I can masturbate. Compared to those who worked hard but no results, struggled and failed, I was lucky. I have been like this since I was a student, and I have been diligent enough to study. I only entered a two-year college in the college entrance examination. Fortunately, I didn’t fail the exam. Compared with the classmates who failed, I have no regrets. When I work, I am very dedicated. I think I am not worse than others in every aspect, but it is difficult to get appreciation. Fortunately, with a skill, there are always opportunities to come in handy. I still adjust my job position from time to time, and my personal situation is in a spiral upward trend.

I envy people who have better luck than me, but I don’t blame myself. Some people don’t usually read books, and the articles they write are obviously better than mine. I read a lot, practiced repeatedly, and progressed hard, but I still have inherent deficiencies in my bones. Who do you blame? No one can complain. People are different, and I have to admit this difference. I believe that diligence can make up for one’s weakness, and people cannot always passively accept everything that is given by nature. When you have to draw a conclusion to this life, as long as you have the courage to say to yourself “I have worked hard”, you will be satisfied.

I never give up easily. When I am not as good as others, I am still learning; when I encounter unfairness in my work again and again, I still adhere to the bottom line of doing what I should do; when I submit a manuscript like a cow into the sea, I still Keep writing. If I give up, I will have to turn to another goal. Who can guarantee that it will not be the object of my giving up again? I crawled like a snail. Although slow, I was moving forward after all. The rabbit was good at running and took a nap on the way, but it still fell behind the tortoise.

It’s up to people to get things done, and to get things done in the sky-this “scheming” is the degree of personal effort, it is the amount of sweat that flows out more or less; this “day” is personal fortune, all kinds of outside opportunities. I believe this.