Loves vegetarian food and refuses sweetness. British centenarians can still teach ballet

  Henry Denton, now 100, is still teaching ballet and has no plans to retire. He has performed on stages all over the world and later became a senior coach to guide a new generation of ballet dancers.
  This centenarian who was born in the UK has a healthy body and mind. He lives alone, drives himself, uses smart phones proficiently, and loves to travel around the world. He recently completed an internship in the Dance Department of Berhanwen University in Mississippi, and then began teaching ballet throughout the state.
  In an interview with reporters, Denton said: “I’m nothing strange, I just can take care of myself. The body is my own capital, and I can’t play anything without it.” When he thought of retirement, he got angry: “I see When some people retire, they are bored and don’t know what to do. As a result, their health will naturally decline. I like teaching and don’t want to retire. The trainees are the driving force of my life.” Previously engaged in dance performances and performances in Europe, South America and Australia. After teaching, Denton moved to Mississippi, USA in 1996. Christa Bauer, director of the dance department at Berhanwen University, said: “Mr. Denton’s professional skills are unmatched in our state, and students look forward to him coming to class.”
  Denton talked about why he lived so old. My own experience. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma more than 50 years ago, and Denton has become a vegetarian ever since. The disease also claimed his brother’s life. Since the age of 49, Denton has never eaten red meat and poultry, only fresh fruits and vegetables, plant seeds and nuts. He drinks a lot of carrot juice every day, eats a small amount of dairy products (including cheese and milk), and occasionally eats dark chocolate, but never eats other sweets.
  Denton believes that dancing is one of the main reasons to help him stay healthy. Besides dancing ballet, he also likes swimming. Before getting up every day, he would give himself a deep massage, starting from the scalp, moving down to the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet for a full hour, which fully stimulated blood circulation. He counts every part of the body when he massages it, which helps to concentrate and promote active brain function. Another part of Denton’s busy morning exercise is stretching with elastic bands to stretch the muscles and bones all over the body.
  Denton is an optimist and can see everything. He believes that there is no point in living pessimistically, and emotions absolutely affect physical health. He is full of curiosity about the world, constantly learning the new functions of various electronic devices, and browsing the news on the Internet every day. He only smoked a cigarette once in his life. When he first came to the United States, he saw that everyone around him was smoking and couldn’t help trying it. Since then, he has never touched a cigarette. And he hasn’t seen a doctor in 10 years. He was only vaccinated against flu at a community hospital a few years ago.
  In addition to teaching ballet every day, Denton also wrote a memoir. The centenarian said: “A good body is a gift from heaven. I must take good care of it and live healthy.”

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  It is sometimes difficult to judge a person’s actual age just by looking at it. An international scientific research team has recently developed a “blood test age” method, which can determine a person’s actual age and physical condition more reliably by detecting the level of certain proteins in the blood.
  A research team led by Stanford University analyzed the plasma samples of 4263 people, who were between 18 and 95 years old. It was found that the level of certain proteins in plasma will change significantly with age. The researchers measured the levels of approximately 3,000 proteins and screened 373 proteins that can be used to determine age.
  The researchers said that by measuring the levels of these 373 proteins in plasma, a person’s actual age can be judged more accurately, and the error is usually within 3 years. However, sometimes the measured age differs greatly from the actual age. If the measured age is much lower than the actual age, it indicates that the subject is very healthy.

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  Most people with autism have sensory processing problems, and simple behaviors such as shopping can cause physical pain. A large supermarket chain in New Zealand will start in the near future to implement a one-hour “silent period” every Wednesday afternoon to facilitate the elderly who prefer quiet shopping, people with anxiety or autism.
  According to reports, this supermarket called “Countdown”, which has 180 branches in New Zealand, will implement a “silent period” from 2:30 to 3:30 pm every Wednesday. During this time, the supermarket will dim the lights, turn off the radio, check out as quietly as possible, reduce unnecessary sorting of goods, and leave only emergency notification broadcasts.
  An employee who has a son with autism allegedly put forward this idea. Supermarkets implemented this measure in selected stores for one year and then began to implement this measure to other branches. Hanniffin, general manager of the supermarket, said that this approach has been well received, especially by older customers. “We know that shopping is an anxiety-inducing experience for some customers, and we hope to provide assistance.”