Hobbies don’t have to be specialties

  Staying at home for a long time, I always feel that time is long and boring, so I decided to do something I like.
  My thoughts were wide open, and suddenly I found that there were too many interesting things to do. I want to learn painting, especially character sketching, and I want to record those cute and kind faces around me; I want to learn how to cook, and feel the happiness of a family sitting together and enjoying the deliciousness of cooking with my heart; I want to learn to edit pictures, video editing, and live life The goodness in the memory is meticulously stored and becomes a memory that can be read at any time; I want to learn the “memory palace”, understand its secrets, and feel the convenience brought by efficient memory… So I made a list and put it into action.
  I first ordered the pen and paper needed for sketching and the learning materials of the “Memory Palace” online. Retouching and video editing can be learned online at any time. As for the improvement of cooking skills, you might as well wait until cooking. Ask your parents for advice. I think you did the same before, looking at the grand plan you wrote in the notebook, and then hesitated. In fact, you don’t have to worry about how so many tasks can be completed, just do it right away! When you have these three minutes of heat, make the most of these three minutes. The worst result is that the time and energy that was originally spent wasting is spent halfway, and in this process, we will definitely make progress, which is very surprising.
  After half a month, I drew a simple sketch of my friend and sent it to her. She was surprised and asked: “Although the painting is more abstract, when did you learn to paint? Are you planning to be a painter?” I replied: “It’s just so-so, just a hobby.” I stitched photos of my previous trips together. Together, relived the happy time again in the process of finishing. I only learned the details of the “Memory Palace”, from the number coding to the selection memory of the location stake, but I can also memorize the 300 digits behind the decimal point of Pi.
  After learning cooking from my mother for a few days, I finally volunteered to prepare dinner. A few very common dishes made me feel a great sense of accomplishment. My father, who usually rarely praises people, said to me: “It tastes good, are you planning to be a cook?” I shook my head and replied, “Maybe I don’t want to cook tomorrow.”
  I marveled at my progress and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment and happiness. But I find that people seem to be accustomed to conflating hobbies with specialties. They think that I learn to paint because I plan to be a painter, I learn to cook to be a chef, and I learn to edit pictures and video editing to be a designer… All hobbies
  have become materialistic, rigid, as if if I did not think so, you should not spend time, if I could not learn something, it is completely a waste of time. But in fact, I didn’t want to make hobbies a specialty at all. I just feel that if I give up my hobbies easily, I lose many possibilities. If I don’t learn to paint, I won’t give a unique gift to my friend; if I don’t learn how to cook, I won’t have the deliciousness of expressing love with action at the table that day; if I don’t learn how to remember, I won’t believe that I can Remembering so many numbers…maybe there are many hobbies, I don’t know what they do, but because I love to learn, it’s a pleasure in itself.
  Apart from work, you should have many hobbies. These hobbies can bring you joy and fulfillment when you are bored, and can also give you the most solid support when you encounter setbacks. I love all my hobbies because they make me interesting, make me feel more joyful, and make me realize that I have the ability to make life more exciting.
  We don’t have to care about the opinions of others, just do what you love, and we don’t have to turn our love into a specialty. Because even if you have a wide range of interests and have no expertise, what about it?