People? World? History

  Let’s talk about a master writer in the United States today. In his decades of writing career, this master has won more than 20 world-class science fiction awards before and after his sci-fi and fantasy works, and won the track award six times before and after. That’s right, he is – wait a minute, don’t you know who it is? Fine. Let me mention one or two: Have you always heard of the “Mars” trilogy and the “Coast” trilogy? Hey, yes, yes! It’s him.
  Kim Stanley Robinson, a good husband known as Lao Jin, was born in 1952, and since he was studying, he has determined to embark on the broad road of literature. Why do you say that? You see, this lord received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, San Diego in 1974, and a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Boston University the following year; in 1982, he worked hard at his undergraduate alma mater. With a Ph.D. in English, this literary love and scholarly mind can be described to the fullest. More than that, his doctoral dissertation is titled “Philip Dick’s Novels”. The main content is to study the novels of Mr. PKD. Let’s study. He even studied PKD’s works from two aspects: genre tradition and innovation. He analyzed and criticized, and put forward a lot of creative opinions; his thesis is still an important work that has made deep contributions to PKD researchers. Because of years of diligence, Lao Jin’s writing skills are very solid, his novels are very literary, the words and sentences are very beautiful, the narrative structure is exquisite, and the details are rich. Reading the stories written by him can give people an immersive feeling. Readers can’t help but think (nao) like (bu) everything that the characters in the story have encountered, and substitute themselves into it (nao) feel (bu) , The sense of reading can immediately rise to the next level.
  To get back to the subject, we deliberately selected seven stories from Lao Jin’s “Kim Stanley Robinson Short Stories” for readers, and let me give you a summary first: people in Venice are worried every year. He called Dashui to be flooded, and then Lao Jin really arranged such a story of the flooded city. What would Venice look like in his writing? In 1945, the United States dispatched a B29 bomber to drop an atomic bomb called “Little Boy” on Hiroshima, Japan. It had extremely significant significance in both historical and military terms. What would happen if the atomic bomb had not been dropped, or had not been dropped? If you meet the legendary Himalayan snowman, will you make friends with it? What was it like to remake “Escape from Tehran” on the moon? Everything is waiting for you in this issue of Kim Stanley Robinson album.
  Thank you for your great patience to finish this editor’s speech by the principal. As a master who has won so many awards, his strength is beyond doubt; his profound writing skills and accumulation of knowledge allow him to switch freely between writing style and subject matter. For this reason, as an editor who is happy to read his stories, plus a translator who reads his stories, I sincerely hope that all readers can read the works of Kim Stanley Robinson. Value, um. That’s it.