A trip to the top

  Three men are sitting on the rock. This is a piece of moist granite, the snow is slightly melted, just out of the top of the rock, and the surrounding snow spreads out in all directions. In the east, the snow has spread to the tree line; in the west, the snow has climbed up a towering rock wall. The cobblestone on which the three men sit is the only bare footing between the tree line and the rock wall. The footprints of the snow boots cross the hillside from the north to the rock wall. The three men bathed in the sun, just like three groundhogs.
  A man chewing on a block of snow—he has a short chin and sturdy arms and legs—reaching out to adjust the blue nylon leggings wrapped around his boots and calves. He was wearing gray sports shorts with bare thighs, and leaned over to tie a boot to an orange plastic snow boot.
  The man sitting next to him said: “Brian, I think we should go to lunch.” This man is tall, wearing sunglasses customized according to the doctor’s prescription, and the lenses are inlaid with metal rings.
  ”He–yes,” Brian said slowly, “we can’t eat well here, we almost have no place to sit. As long as we go around the shoulder of the mountain”-he points to the south-“the journey is over, We’re at the pass.”
  Peter took a deep breath and spit out: “I have to rest.”
  ”Okay,” Brian said, “you rest. I’m going around the pass, I’m tired of sitting.” He He picked up another orange snow boot and stuffed the boot on his foot into a bag.
  The third man is of medium height and very thin, and has been staring at the Xue Hao stuck to his boots. At this moment, he was knocking on the ground with a yellow snow boot and wanted to put it on. Peter watched his movements, sighed, bent down, and pulled out his aluminum rope-bound snow boots that were stuck in the snow.
  ”Look at that hummingbird.” The third man pointed happily.
  He pointed to the empty snow. The two companions looked in the direction he was pointing, and exchanged anxious glances. Peter shook his head and looked at his boots.
  ”I don’t know that there are hummingbirds in the Silas Mountains,” the third said. “It’s so beautiful!” He looked at Brian hesitantly, “Are there hummingbirds in the Silas Mountains?”
  ”Well,” Brian said, “Actually I think there is, but…”
  ”But not this time, Joe.” Peter cut off the conversation.
  ”Ah,” Joe stared at the dot on the snow. “I can swear…” Peter looked at Brian with a worried face, sullen. “Maybe it was just a hole in that piece of snow.” Joe was puzzled. “Oh, forget it.”
  Brian stood up, carried a sturdy blue backpack on his shoulders, and stepped down the boulder. , Step into the snow. He leaned over to adjust the laces: “Let’s go, Joe,” he said, “Don’t think about that.” Then he said to Peter, “This Haruyuki feels good.”
  ”If you are a goddamn polar bear.” Peter said .
  Brian shook his head, and the reflection of snow and Peter flashed in his silver-plated sunglasses. “If you come with us in January or February, you will know that now is the best time on the mountain.”
  ”Summer!” Peter said, picking up his long inner frame backpack, “I like summer. ——Baking in the sun and looking at the flowers, walking around as he pleases, without wearing these damn dumb shoes—” He dangled his backpack and slung it on his shoulders, quickly stepped back to maintain his balance (the aluminum shoes hit the granite, sending “Kaka” sound). He twisted his belt and looked at the sun. It’s almost noon. He wiped his forehead.
  ”You don’t come with us in the summer,” Brian hit the nail on the head, “How long is it, four years?”
  ”Time,” Peter said, “I don’t have time at all. It’s the truth.”
  ”I have been like this all my life. “Brian sneered. Peter frowned, shook his head in annoyance, and stretched his legs onto the snow.
  They turned to look at Joe, who was still squinting hard to observe the snow.
  ”Hey, Joe!” Brian said.
  Joe moved around and raised his head.
  ”It’s time to go, remember?”
  ”Oh, remember, it’ll be fine soon.” Joe began to prepare to leave.
  The three men were wearing snow boots, one step at a time.
  Bryan took the lead, sinking a foot deep into the snow with every step. Joe followed closely, carefully placing the yellow snow boots on Brian’s footprints, so he would hardly sink. Peter didn’t care about the footprints. Sometimes the snow boots fell in the hole and sometimes fell on the snow. His snow boots tilted to the left and often slipped when going down the mountain.
  The hillside became steep, and the three men were sweating. Brian always slipped to the left, so he stopped and took off his snow boots. The hillside is so steep that they can’t even see the rock wall above it. Brian tied the snow boots to his backpack and carried the backpack again. He wore a glove on his right hand so that he could insert his fist into the rock crevice of the hillside when he leaned forward.
  Joe and Peter also stopped where Brian had just stopped to make some adjustments. Joe pointed to Bryan in front of him, who was crossing a steep slope with an angle of more than forty-five degrees.
  ”Strange three-legged mountain creatures,” Joe said with a smile, “snow beasts.”
  Peter rummaged in his bag for gloves: “Why don’t we go down the mountain to the woods and have to cross this fucking hillside?
  ” The scenery there is not so good.”
  Peter sighed. Joe waited, rubbing the snow, looking at Peter curiously. Peter had applied tanning oil on his face before, and sweat ran down his forehead, and his stubble cheeks were shiny and shiny. He said, “Is it my illusion, or did we really have to walk very hard?”
  ”We walked very hard,” Joe said. “It’s difficult to cross the mountains.”
  They looked at Brian and he had reached the steepest. The middle of the road section. “You two do this kind of snow activity just for fun?” Peter asked.
  After a moment, Joe said: “I’m sorry,” he said, “What were we talking about?”
  Peter shrugged and looked at Joe carefully. “Are you all right?” he asked, putting his gloved hand on Joe’s arm.
  ”It’s okay. It’s okay. I just…forgot. Forgot again!”
  ”Sometimes everyone forgets.”
  ”I know, I know.” Joe sighed in frustration, stepping on Brian’s footsteps, and Peter followed.
  Looking down on the mountain, they are just a few small spots, the only moving objects in the black and white ocean. The white snow is reflected in the sunglasses, emitting a prismatic light. They wiped their foreheads, taking a breath from time to time. Brian was far ahead and Peter was behind. Joe muttered to himself, taking every step cautiously. Their gloves were wet, forming a ring of ice on their wrists. There was not a trace of wind on the hillside, even a bit hot, but the few lone trees at the foot of the hill and the tree line were swaying in the breeze.
  The slope slowed down and they had passed the shoulder of the mountain. Bryan put down the backpack, took out the cushion and sat on it, as if rooted in the backpack. After a while, Joe also sat over. “Huh!” Joe let out a sigh, “It’s not easy to walk through this time.”
  ”Actually, it’s not difficult,” Brian replied, “It’s just boring.” He ate a few M&M chocolate beans and raised his hand. Sprinkle a handful on the ridge. “However, it is true that I am tired of crossing the mountains. I want to go up the ridge so that I can follow it down to the pass.”

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